10 6th Grade Reading Fluency Passages For Extra Practice


Reading fluency is a critical skill for elementary students, especially as they transition from learning to read to reading to learn. Ensuring that children have proficiency in reading fluency is essential for their academic success. To help you boost your students’ or your own child’s reading fluency, we have compiled a list of 10 engaging and age-appropriate reading passages for 6th-grade students. These passages cover varied topics and genres, ensuring that the child remains interested and finds the experience enjoyable.

1. The Mysterious Island

This passage follows the adventures of a group of friends who stumble upon a mysterious island during their summer vacation. With elements of mystery and intrigue, this story keeps young readers engaged while practicing their fluency.

2. Space Explorers

Encourage your students’ interest in science fiction with this passage about a group of astronauts exploring the universe. They’ll love learning about futuristic technologies while reinforcing their reading skills.

3. The Great Bicycle Race

In this passage, siblings Jenny and John embark on a thrilling bicycle race against their neighborhood rivals. With its exciting plot and relatable characters, this story is sure to resonate with young readers.

4. The Haunted House

Foster an appreciation for spine-chilling tales with this spooky story about friends visiting an abandoned haunted house on Halloween night. The suspenseful plot will keep children eagerly anticipating each word while honing their reading fluency.

5. Samantha’s Talent Show

This heartwarming story follows Samantha as she nervously prepares for her first talent show performance. Students will empathize with her emotions as they become more proficient readers.

6. A Day at the Zoo

Students will enjoy learning about different animals and their habitats in this entertaining passage that takes place at a local zoo. They’ll practice their reading skills while expanding their knowledge about the animal kingdom.

7. The Time-Traveling Adventure

Send your students on a journey through time in this engaging passage about a young inventor who accidentally discovers how to travel through time. This story combines elements of history and science fiction, appealing to a wide array of young readers.

8. The Royal Tournament

The Royal Tournament is an exciting tale set in a medieval kingdom, where knights compete for glory and honor. With vivid descriptions and high-stakes action, this passage will inspire children to practice their reading fluency.

9. The Lost Treasure

In this passage, young archaeologists embark on an expedition to find a long-lost treasure hidden deep below the earth’s surface. With elements of history and adventure, this engaging story will keep students hooked as they improve their reading skills.

10. The Resilient Student

This inspiring narrative follows a student who overcomes challenges both inside and outside of school. Through determination and hard work, the protagonist becomes a role model for others while demonstrating the importance of perseverance.


By incorporating these 10 reading passages into your classroom or at-home practice, your 6th-grade students will be well on their way to becoming fluent readers. With captivating stories that cover various genres, these passages provide excellent opportunities for students to hone their reading skills while being entertained and engaged in the process. Give them a try and watch your child’s or students’ fluency soar!

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