10 Amazing Pac-Man Bulletin Boards for Your Classroom


Bring the excitement of the classic arcade game, Pac-Man, to your classroom with these amazing Pac-Man themed bulletin boards! Engage students and brighten up your space with these creative and interactive ideas. These 10 bulletin board designs not only serve as decoration, but also inspire learning and foster a sense of fun and nostalgia.

1. Pac-Man Maze

Create a maze across the entire bulletin board using colorful borders or strips of paper. Place a small Pac-Man character at the entrance of the maze and let students help him navigate through it by solving classroom challenges or accumulating points for good behavior.

2. Pac-Man Ghost Wall of Fame

Adorn your bulletin board with differently colored ghost cutouts representing each student in your class. Add their names and achievements to each ghost for an interactive wall that celebrates student success.

3. Power Pellet Boosts

Design your bulletin board around the power pellet theme to motivate students to “power up” in class. Award students with small power pellet stickers as they demonstrate positive behaviors or reach academic milestones.

4. Pac-Man Grammar Board

Transform your English Language Arts bulletin board into a fun grammar lesson using Pac-Man characters! Create grammar rules cards, each represented by a unique Pac-Man character, so students can visually connect grammar rules to the game.

5. Pixel Art Mosaic

Use pixel art to create a colorful mosaic of the iconic Pac-Man characters on your bulletin board and surround it with key terms or concepts from lessons you’re currently teaching.

6. Class Progression Race

Have each student represented by a Pac-Man icon racing through a map filled with obstacles, such as cherries and ghosts. Track progress on assignments and unit tests, moving each student’s icon forward whenever they complete a task or succeed in an assessment.

7. Waka Waka Attendance Tracker

Inspire perfect attendance among your students by using Pac-Man as an attendance tracker. Each day of perfect attendance earns a “waka waka” sound, marking their progress as they move around a game board-style bulletin board.

8. Pac-Man Question Corners

Divide your bulletin board into four corners, each housing a different Pac-Man character—Pac-Man, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. Assign each corner to a question category or level of difficulty to encourage students to seek answers to classroom questions and challenges.

9. Pac-Man Math Chase

Turn math lessons into a fun game by incorporating Pac-Man icons into word problems or equations displayed on your bulletin board. Students can solve exercises by “chasing” solutions through the mathematical maze.

10. High Score Hall of Fame

Encourage healthy competition among your students with a high score hall of fame themed around Pac-Man’s iconic gameplay. Reward top performers in various subjects throughout the school year.


Incorporating these unique and exciting Pac-Man bulletin boards into your classroom can truly ramp up student engagement and learning. With designs that serve multiple purposes – from tracking progress to reinforcing academic concepts – these ideas help create an enjoyable space for everyone in the class.

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