10 Apps to Teach Your Child a Second Language

Exposing children to language acquisition at an early age will have lifelong benefits. Studies show that “bilingual children outperform children who speak only one language in problem-solving skills and creative thinking.” Understanding the wealth of opportunities available to those who speak multiple languages should make you want to foster this learning in your own home. To help you get started, here are my favorite ten apps to teach your child a second language:


Dic-Dic is a multilingual app that focuses on helping children learn to a foreign vocabulary, as well as spell and learn phonetic sounds for other languages. It is a game-style app with multiple difficulty levels and includes four languages.


Duolingo is a free language learning app for all ages. This fun app is unique because it is uses games to teach over twenty languages. It is consistently rated the best language learning app.

Gus on the Go

The app, Gus on the Go, helps children learn thirty languages by using familiar classic stories. Plus, it includes games and interactive lessons.

Kids Learn Mandarin

By encouraging children to play games and earn stickers, this app teaches kids how to speak, write, and read over 200 words in Mandarin. The app also includes lessons and music videos to make the lessons even more fun.


MindSnacks apps are well-loved by the educational community because experts design the games. Currently, you can download apps for seven languages.

Lingu Pinguin

The Lingu Pinguin app is designed for preschoolers. It combines images and sounds to make learning a new language fun and easy.

Little Pim

These language learning apps are made for children. With over twelve languages to choose, the Little Pim apps are based on the popular Little Pim language learning DVD series.

Montessori Letter Sounds

The award-winning Montessori Letter Sounds apps works to phonics in five languages. The app includes lessons followed by learning games to help children practice what they have learned.

Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Word Builder

Disney fans will love the Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo because it includes animation from “It’s a Small World” to teach Spanish and English. A combination of games and speaking activities make this app a hit!

ASL Kids – Sign Language App

This free app is a terrific way to teach children American Sign Language. Your kids will be able to watch other child experts use sign language. Plus, there are several games and lessons.

It’s easier than you think. While exposure to other languages is critical, you can take advantage of the numerous educational apps designed to help children learn another language.

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