10 Awesome Inauguration Day Activities for Kids

There’s no need to be a tech expert to plan inauguration day activities for your children! Here are 10 awesome activities you and your kids can do together on inauguration day.

  1. Inauguration Day
    Introduce students to what Inauguration Day is with this informative video.

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  1. U.S. Presidents
    This fun little song goes over all the different presidents and the years they were inaugurated.

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  1. When is Inauguration Day
    Using a Sesame Street-style puppet, this is a very informative video about Inauguration Day.

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Inauguration Day Books

  1. Inauguration Day (U.S. Presidential Elections: How They Work) by Danielle Haynes
    Finding child-friendly books about inauguration day can be difficult. There isn’t much on the subject, and the available ones are for older students.
  1. The Big Book of American Presidents by Nancy J. Hajeski
    Get students excited about our next Inauguration Day by telling them true stories about our past presidents and their families. Find out our favorite President books for kids here.
  1. Inauguration Day Boom Card Game
    This enjoyable activity helps them with color recognition as they are introduced to presidential inaugurations and the concept of one president moving out and another moving into the White House.

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  1. Inauguration Day Bingo
    If you are looking for hands-on activities, you can turn Inauguration Day into an actual game with these free printable bingo cards.

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Inauguration Day Activities

  1. Kindergarten Worksheets
    This packet of worksheets from EdHelper.com offers multiple free worksheets for kindergarten students to complete to teach them about Inauguration Day.

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  1. Our Hundred-Day Plan
    Keep this activity in your inaugural activities toolbox and use it with any grade level.

More Information: Learning for Justice

  1. American Flag Craft
    Get students feeling patriotic during craft time with this craft that utilizes popsicle sticks, markers, and stickers. Get more July 4th activity ideas here.

More Information: The Resourceful Mama

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