10 Best Beaches in Monterey, CA — The Top Beach Spots!

Searching for the most wonderful place to relax and relieve yourself—complete with straight access to the blazing sun and calming waves?

If so, have a day or a holiday at any of those charming holiday places on our curated list of the most wonderful beaches in Monterey, CA.

California, with over 99 miles of amazing shoreline, offers a lot of exploration sites; whether you want to swim below the waves or stay and get sunbathed in the sun’s light.

So, why the wait?

Get a pen and notebook, and start writing that dream holiday route, and let’s turn it into a real experience!

  1. Lovers Point Park

Desire to have a fun holiday with your loved ones or lovely moments with your partner?

Spoil yourself by adding Lovers Point Park to your list of the most wonderful activities to do in Monterey.

Why We Recommend This Beach

A place for the most wonderful beach locations in Monterey where wholesome romance and red sunset intense bond is simply one of the many things Lovers Point Park provides to its visitors.

Not only is it beautiful with its white sandy beaches, cypress trees, and craggy boulders, but it’s also a perfect opportunity to try SUP boarding and soak up the sun while watching the waves crash in.

From bathing to fishing to other water sports, you’ll explore inexpensive and rewarding activities throughout the park.

Expert Tip

Experience a calm picnic on the devoted tables all around the beach.

Be sure to cook all your favorite food to have a dining experience while watching the park’s gorgeous sights, specifically during the night when all the stars mirror the pure surface of the waters.

  1. Asilomar State Beach

If you are searching for California’s enthusiastic side where dramatic headlands and tidal pools exist, see no further than the extraordinary Asilomar State Beach.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Asilomar State Beach will extremely give you rare enjoyment.

Here you’ll enjoy a worthwhile beach escape full of all kinds of activities like water sports and tanning.

This shore is recognized as a lot more distant among all the shores in Monterey, that means, by simply walking around within half an hour or by driving within 5 minutes along the path of dunes, you can feel the quietness and serenity specifically with the close sanctuaries of butterflies.

Expert Tip

Being around the dunes, be sure to do a detour within the 0.25-mile boardwalk trail near Asilomar Dunes Natural Preserve for many impressive sceneries of the Pacific Ocean.

  1. Carmel River State Beach

Carmel River State Beach is one of our top favorites, with beautiful shores in Monterey, specifically for nature enthusiasts.

Why We Recommend This Beach

For those who truly love nature, Carmel River State Beach is the most proper spot for you to unwind and be with other natural living things.

This place gears organized methods in keeping the environment protected that you might find exciting.

Many people come here for the features of this spot, which is to watch large groups of birds such as Terek sandpipers and Californian brown pelicans.

Expert Tip

To avoid confusion and getting lost when visiting, you just have to follow Highway 1 south for 15 minutes, and go past the Comstock cottages of the charming Carmel-By-The-Sea.

  1. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Point Lobos is recognized as one of the most famous shores in Monterey, considering its place at the upper tip of the world’s outstanding Big Sur.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Be ready with your cameras because this spot is known as a top sightseeing spot in Monterey which provides a diversity of amazing views like Coal Chute Point from the North. You are welcomed by its pure waters.

A lovely Whaler’s Cove that enhances aesthetics will additionally be seen through hiking, and Sea Lion Point features will be your much-loved because of its enjoyable coastal inhabitants.

Expert Tip

One of our top suggestions is to bring a few extra things that are excellent for hiking because you shouldn’t miss out on trekking the paths of Paint Lobos; a sea of lush sceneries that will overwhelm you in an overjoyed experience different from anywhere else.

  1. Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach is a family-friendly spot that has charming views for everyone to admire.

Why We Recommend This Beach

This perfect beach has 18 unique holes on its Golf link course over the water, beside a rare and new view toward a shore escape.

With many charming spots to experience, such as the Lone Cypress, exist on a granite hillside within a 17-mile-drive.

Another is the existence of white-sand shores with bright-blue water offering the best experiences for everyone to love.

Expert Tip

Just by only driving to the Cannery Row within 15 minutes, you will explore the fascinating and charming spot where the fairways see the sea beyond Del Monte Forest.

  1. China Cove

Who would reject a fascinating trip to the famous landmark in Point Lobos Reserve?

China Cove is one of the best shores for a holiday you, your loved ones, and your friends should pay for a trip to it.

Why We Recommend this Beach

The outstanding sight of Big Sur’s coastline will flawlessly welcome you, together with the coastal landforms that are poked with white grits and chunks of sand.

Including the loveliest shores in Carmel-By-The-Sea, Gibson Beach will provide you with an irresistible sense of relaxation, with its sand bluff, pine trees, and mythical dry ocean.

Expert Tip

Your seatbelts should be fastened for an exciting road trip at the far end of the state park.

The spot can be accessed through the Bird Island Path from the Pacific Coast Highway.

All connected paths can be your extraordinary location to start your findings with the view of unique seabirds and sea lions at the spot.

  1. Del Monte Beach

If you desire a calm shore location from all the diverse Monterey shores, Del Monte Beach will be the perfect spot for you.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Different from any other beach, Del Monte Beach is far unusual and can be recognized as the most wonderful shore for swimming in Monterey for its peaceful and gentle waters.

Along with the fresh ocean water, this charming location also provides a moment of peace to contemplate and stroll along the dunes.

Not just that, the region flawlessly has magnificent sea cottages near the beach through the Pacific and many seafood restaurants which add taste to the beach life energy that you’ll love.

Expert Tip

Since Del Monte Beach features a long sandy trail, it will just take you a 40-minute walk to the northeast of Old Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey before you get to this calm heaven.

  1. Garrapata State Park

Why not go for a marine safari experience in Garrapata State Park, one of the most wonderful shores close to Monterey?

Why We Recommend This Beach

As you hit 12 miles in visiting this park, simply sit down, unwind, and savor the diverse light-hearted, and comforting landscapes along the way.

After you get there, Garrapata Beach Park offers you a sole sandy area, energetic grasses winding to the wind, and a yellow-tinted seaside that is unquestionably fascinating.

Also, the area displays towering rock stacks and amazing sights over the Pacific.

Expert Tip

While relieving in Garrapata State Park, be sure to be alert and don’t close your eyes for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with sea otters and whales.

  1. McAbee Beach

Certainly, the beach life and the face of history in Monterey are correspondingly captivating and remarkable.

Why We Recommend this Beach

Smell the craving-inducing smell coming from freshly cooked seafood that welcomes you through the unique walking street of Cannery Row.

Unexpectedly, McAbee beach may be the perfect and safest beach for children, considering that it offers relaxing salty picnics along the beach, original murals with vibrant colors, and fascinating historical plaques that your children will find enjoyable at their ages.

Expert Tip

Be sure to have some time looking around the broad collection of fascinating murals inspired by Steinbeck, a well-known novel writer, after eating a tasty lunch.

  1. Salinas River State Beach

When it comes to deciding, among the most fascinating Monterey, California beaches, this spot covers wide and broad sandy dunes which are excellent for a family to try several shore adventures.

Why We Recommend this Beach

If you want to isolate yourself from big crowds, Salinas River State Beach is broader, wider, and less crowded, which makes it a wonderful place to be, a great holiday destination listed among the most wonderful beaches in Monterey, CA.

Also, this spot has become a public and tourist much-loved for surfing, hiking, horse riding, and also sea kayaking.

Expert Tip

Although it may take 3-miles worth of driving along the California coastline, the route and the atmosphere you will witness have a quiet feel alongside open-hearted surroundings on your way here.

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