10 Best Educational Subscription Boxes For Kids And Teens

Anyone who hasn’t enjoyed receiving wonderful mail will agree. The popularity of subscription boxes can be attributed to this. Every month, something fresh is delivered to your house, and the excitement of opening the box is unmatched. There are several variations available, including kid-specific instructional subscription boxes. They’re perfect for group activities in the classroom or at-home enrichment because there are alternatives for every interest and age group. Here are some of our top picks for young students in your life that are eager to study.

The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

  • Book Subscription Boxes
  • Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids
  • STEM Subscription Boxes
  • Travel and Adventure Subscription Boxes
  • Kids Cooking Subscription Boxes


Readers under 12 who enjoy discovering new books should pick this up.

In-depth literary exploration by Bookroo reveals the best-undiscovered treasures, cherished classics, and contemporary bestsellers that young readers might not otherwise come across. Board books are available for young children and toddlers, picture books for children aged three to six, junior chapter books for children aged seven to ten, and middle-grade chapter books for children aged nine to twelve.

Amazon Book Box

Best For – Teachers and readers in the early grades.

Amazon’s book box is ideal if you want to create a library of reputable books. Receive two brand-new hardcover books per month at the age level of your choice. You can choose from both oldies and recent arrivals, and you can switch things up monthly to avoid getting books you already own.


Best For – Middle and high school students who are voracious readers.

There is frequently a queue to join OwlCrate, a subscription box for young people. Readers receive a new book each month to savor, along with many related goodies. There are no duplicate copies of these books in your collection because they are new from the publishers. Young adults should subscribe to the original OwlCrate, while upper elementary and middle school readers can subscribe to OwlCrate Jr.

Little Feminist Book Club

Who Should Read It: Anyone looking to expand their collection of books with more female and diverse protagonists.

Only 31% of children’s books and only 13% of them have characters who are people of color, according to the business. With monthly book deliveries for children up to age nine that encourage compassion, plurality, and tolerance, they hope to change that.

Reading Bug Box

Best For – Serious readers who value individualized additions to their library.

Based on each child’s age, hobbies, and reading ability, this book box makes its personalized picks. The personalized touch may even convert non-readers into voracious readers!


Ideal for – Students who enjoy reading and making crafts.

This monthly box aimed at readers between the ages of 3 and 8 really brings books to life for young readers. Each delivery comes with a hardcover picture book and an activity that ties the story to practical crafting.

KiwiCo Doodle Crate

Best For – Artistic children ages 9 to 16.

Contrary to the name, this box includes much more than drawing techniques. Young artists will enjoy working on various crafts each month, including making a felt succulent garden, designing faux leather accessories, and blending their homemade soap.

Green Kid Crafts

Ideal for: Earth-conscious, creative elementary school students

Art and science are combined to produce fantastic projects in Green Kids Crafts educational subscription services that protect the environment. Each package includes 4-6 nature-based STEAM activities and a themed magazine for added learning. Green Kids Crafts welcomes inquiries from teachers and educational institutions about group order discounts.

We Craft Box

Best For – Creative Pre-K and older elementary school students

This box is perfect for your children if they enjoy arts and crafts. Each month, a brand-new themed box with an engaging tale and unique art supplies for various projects shows up. Each box contains enough materials for two children to make crafts, making it ideal for sharing across families. Additionally, you may save 15% on your first We Craft Box by using the coupon code CRAFT21.

Orange Art Box

For: Young artists between the ages of 5 and 10

The vivid orange box includes various materials based on a shifting theme. Children can follow concept prompts or let their thoughts and designs run wild.

KiwiCo Tinker Crate

Best For – STEM-obsessed children and teens aged 9 and up

Tinker Crate is one of many educational subscription services offered by KiwiCo (you’ll see them again on this list). You get a brand-new STEM project to construct and engage with each month. We’re talking about very interesting things like trebuchets and walking robots! Kids may accomplish these creations on their thanks to the combination of video demonstrations and detailed written instructions.

KiwiCo Eureka Crate

Best For – Creative high school students

With this box, the company ups the tinkering ante for older kids who enjoy creating and engineering. Their minds will develop as they build musical instruments, technological devices (like the lamp in the picture above), and other things.

Steve Spangler Science Club

Ideal For – Elementary school students that wish to engage directly with science

Scientific experiment videos and materials from Steve Spangler are well known. Each month, a brand-new assortment of themed science projects with all the necessary materials is included in their subscription box. Teachers can use this box’s materials to conduct practical demonstrations with their students.

Groovy Lab in a Box

Best For – Children with a nascent interest in science and engineering

The Young Creator box is for children ages 4 to 7, and the STEMist series is for children ages 8 and up. Groovy Lab provides two separate boxes. Each features enjoyable crafts and exercises based on a fresh monthly scientific theme.


Ideal For: Elementary school pupils that want to learn how to code

These days, a basic computer understanding is assumed, but many kids will require more sophisticated skills, like programming, in their career pathways. Start young with Bitsbox, which introduces children to coding and other computing principles in an approachable manner. Each package includes a Grownup Guide so non-programmers like parents and instructors can learn and assist.

Creation Crate

Ideal for: Technology-interested middle and high school students

Future engineers, take note! Learn how to construct electrical items, such as mood lighting and alarm clocks, hands-on with Creation Crate’s instructive subscription boxes. You receive all the required materials with online classes to guide you through each component step-by-step.

KiwiCo Koala Crate

Best For – Young children eager to begin learning through STEAM activities.

It’s never too early to appreciate the many innovative ways that science and art may interact! This box will assist in igniting children’s enthusiasm for the wealth of learning that awaits them.

Little Passports

Ideal For: K–4 pupils that are interested in learning about the world

Use Little Passports to expose young people to the vast world. Each month, they get a box containing letters from their “pen pals,” Sam and Sofia, detailing their travels and activities. Literature, trinkets, national coin collectibles, and other items are included in the package. Toy luggage, global map, and passport are included in your starter box, and you also get fresh stickers every month to track your trips.

KiwiCo Atlas Crate

Ideal For: Elementary school kids who are curious about various cultures

Little Passports and Atlas Crate are comparable. However, Atlas Crate is preferable for somewhat older kids due to its larger focus on culture and practical learning. Atlas cards with information about traditions, foods, history, and other topics are included in each box. Additionally, kids receive a variety of STEAM activities that are themed after the nation and have deep links to its history and culture.


For elementary school students who enjoy doing hands-on projects

Another entertaining tool for pupils to use their imaginations to discover the world is WompleBox. Monthly boxes for children ages 6 to 11 have two imaginative STEAM projects, an early-reader chapter book, postcards, and stationery from a “pen pal” called Womple, maps, guides, and a memento.

Hola Amigo Early Learner Box

Students who desire to learn or develop their Spanish skills are the best candidates.

According to the business, this box is ideal for anyone who wants to learn Spanish or keep using their native tongue as they age. It includes interesting stories and activities in Spanish and English for children in pre-school through first grade. The business also provides a special toddler-focused package.

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