10 Best Family Beaches in Alabama

Alabama, often known as the Yellowhammer State, is known for its white sand beaches and azure waters that give the impression that you and your loved ones are really on the Caribbean coast.

Many birds congregate on the beaches, and whales, dolphins, and other marine life may be seen there.

Your family will undoubtedly create many happy memories when visiting one of Alabama’s stunning coasts as you play in the beautiful seas or romp on the sandy beach.

Get ready because you’ll find Alabama’s top family beaches and enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

  1. Gulf Place — Gulf Shores

The primary beach in Gulf Shores is called The Gulf Place.

It is renowned for having white beaches and clear seas ideal for families.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Gulf Place boasts stunning, unpolluted seas ideal for ocean enjoyment with the family.

It is one of the greatest beaches in Alabama for kids because of its vast shorelines, absence of rocks and stones, smooth sand, and calm waves.

This seashore has on-site facilities and showers, which makes cleaning up much simpler, particularly if you have children.

Parasailing, riding banana boats, and jet-skiing are all activities you may do with your loved ones.

Also nearby are some of Alabama’s top family lodgings, including The Lodge at Gulf State.

Expert Tip

You could see flags on the beach before going swimming.

They are there for your protection and will act as a warning if swimming is not advised.

  1. Cotton Bayou — Orange Beach

Facilities, showers, and free parking are available on-site at this white-sand beach near Orange City.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Flyboarding, sailing, and diving are all enjoyable family activities at this beach.

The Lulu, a shipwreck on a man-made reef, is a well-liked diving location to investigate.

You may also take a beautiful boat to see dolphins.

Two seaside boardwalks are also nearby, where you can enjoy the stunning sunset views.

Expert Tip

Consider spending some time at Orange Beach City in Cotton Bayou since it offers many family-friendly activities like the Adventure Island amusement park and The Wharf, where you can shop and ride a 12-foot-tall Ferris wheel.

  1. Dauphin Island Public Beach — Dauphin Island

17 miles of beaches may be found on Dauphin Island, often known as the Sunset Capital of Alabama.

It is a charming island that may be reached through the Mobile Bay Ferry or a 3-mile-long bridge.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Away from the noise and bustle of the city, there is peace at Dauphin Island Public Beach.

You may unwind on the cabanas while reading a nice book or sunbathing on the fine, white sand.

Along with covered picnic tables, this coastline has a boardwalk where you can have a romantic stroll with your significant other and picnic tables where your family can eat your meal comfortably.

Visit the beach, swim, and build sandcastles with the kids. You can also explore fun places like the Audubon Bird Sanctuary, where you can fly in a maritime forest.

Expert Tip

The only hours this beach is open are from 8 am to 6 pm.

Additionally, keep an eye out for rip currents before diving into the sea for a swim.

  1. Gulf State Park Main Beach — Gulf Shores

A beautiful white sand beach, camping areas, Lake Shelby, hiking paths, and a pier can all be found in Gulf State Park, a recreation area.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Because of its lovely pavilion, pure surroundings, and clear waves, Gulf State Park’s most popular beach comes highly recommended.

You could enjoy outdoor pursuits like swimming, surfing, fishing, and bird watching.

This beach also has close parking, which makes it simpler to travel to and from; a 1540-foot-long pier, which is great for family strolls; toilets, so you won’t have to look far if you need to; and a picnic area, which is wonderful for sharing meals.

Expert Tip

If you and your loved ones are searching for an adventure, I advise going to the Gulf Adventure Center, where you can enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, and ziplining. You can also trek the Backcountry route to explore the lovely park and witness animals like deer and alligators.

  1. Fairhope Beach — Fairhope

A quiet family vacation is perfect at Fairhope Beach, in Fairhope’s tiny and artistic town.

Additionally, it offers the most stunning sunset views.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The calm shoreline is ideal for family vacations.

Fairhope Beach is one of the best family-friendly beaches in Alabama because of its often calm seas, little waves, and broad shoreline.

Enjoy a peaceful picnic with your loved ones, create sandcastles with your kids, play in the shallow water at Fairhope Beach with your toddlers, and fly kites to have one of the greatest family vacations in Alabama.

Expert Tip

Given that there is just one tiny restaurant within walking distance of the beach, I advise bringing lunch for the whole family while visiting this beach.

  1. Alabama Point Beach — Orange Beach

Point East, Perdido Pass, and Florida Point are other names for Alabama Point Beach.

White sand beaches that are so fine that they resemble sugar may be found at this hidden gem.

Why We Recommend This Beach

With its white sand and turquoise seas, this stretch of coastline is among the most picturesque beaches in Alabama.

Its child-friendly qualities include its shallow, clear seas and immaculate, well-kept shoreline.

Surfing and snorkeling are two sports that your adolescents will like.

Expert Tip

Avoid diving too deep since an abrupt drop following the shallow section can take you by surprise.

  1. Lake Lurleen Beach — Coker

The beach at Lake Lurleen is one of the greatest family-friendly leisure areas in Alabama since it provides a broad range of entertaining activities for people of all ages, whether they like to swim in the chilly water or play in the soft sand.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Enjoy one of the best weekend family vacations in Alabama at the picturesque beach of Lake Lurleen, a family-friendly beach resort.

While your kids build sandcastles and go swimming, you may relax while taking a bath in the sun.

A rope surrounds the shallow portions where swimming is permitted in the water.

This guarantees the security of your family while they enjoy the clear waters.

Additionally, there are adjacent facilities and showers so you can clean up. There are also picnic tables and public grills to conveniently dine and prepare meals.

Paddleboarding, fishing, and canoeing are activities you may engage in while on vacation here.

Expert Tip

Your four-legged family members are welcome to go with you since this place is pet-friendly.

They must, however, always be kept on a leash.

  1. West End Public Beach — Dauphin Island

One of Alabama’s greatest family beach vacations is guaranteed with a trip to this beautiful undeveloped beach on Dauphin Island.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Consider visiting West End Public Beach if you’re looking for one of Alabama’s best kid-friendly beaches.

Your little children may play in the clear, shallow waters with very few rocks.

There is also a waterslide for somewhat older kids to keep them engaged.

Being one of the few coasts in Alabama with a lifeguard on duty makes West End Public Beach the safest beach in the state.

In addition, a roped-off section exists to make swimming in the clear waters safer.

Expert Tip

Due to their scarcity, parking spots may be hard to come by.

I advise arriving early to get the greatest parking location.

  1. Fort Morgan Beach — Gulf Shores

Visitors to Fort Morgan may go back in time by visiting this historical site.

But Fort Morgan also has one of Alabama’s most stunning shores.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Beautiful broad white sand beaches and crystal-clear green seas may be found at Fort Morgan.

Sunbeds, where you can spend a pleasant day in the sun and perhaps acquire a tan, and picnic spaces, where you can eat your packed food, are some of its facilities ideal for family trips.

Additionally, it has on-site facilities, showers, and changing rooms, eliminating the need to go far while cleaning up or using the restroom.

Additionally, you may hire gear like tents, which are great for hot, sunny days, kayaks, paddleboards, and surfboards for water sports.

Expert Tip

When traveling, include everything you need, including food, drink, and other essentials.

Local shops are few and sometimes rather pricey in this region.

  1. East End Beach — Dauphin Island

This calm beach is far from the city and its noisy people.

Why We Recommend This Beach

East End Beach is a quiet beach that only attracts a few people.

Also ideal for watching the sunset.

You can relax while listening to the waves, and your kids will adore gathering the many shells on the beach.

One of the greatest family beaches in Alabama is East End Beach, where you may see dolphins while admiring the tranquility of your surroundings.

Expert Tip

I advise putting on aqua shoes while swimming since the ocean bottom is littered with tiny stones.

Also, remember that no lifeguard is present, so keep a close eye on your children while swimming.

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