10 Best Family Beaches in Kentucky — Kid-Friendly Beach Vacations!

Kentucky is a gorgeous state with stunning natural scenery that is surrounded by the Ohio River to the north and the Appalachian Mountains to the east.

Even though Kentucky’s beaches don’t have beachfront coastlines, they are nevertheless beautiful.

Any of Kentucky’s beaches provide a variety of activities, including boating, camping, fishing, beach volleyball, canoeing, kayaking, and much more.

When visiting Kentucky beaches, your family will without a doubt find something fun to do, regardless of the age or interests of your loved ones.

You are about to explore some of the favorite family beaches in Kentucky, so assemble your crew and pack your bags!

  1. Lake Barkley State Resort Park Beach — Cadiz

Anyone who wants to spend the day on the peaceful shores of Lake Barkley State Resort Beach is welcome to do so, not just lodge guests.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

If you and your loved ones want to escape from your everyday lives and spend quality time together in the tranquility of nature, Lake Barkley State Resort Park Beach, which is nestled in the middle of nature, is the ideal destination.

The beach has clean, sparkling water, a beach volleyball field for tournament matches with your family, and a bathhouse for relaxing after a strenuous day outside.

One of Kentucky’s top family hotels, America’s Paradise Resort, is a great choice if you want to lodge in a family-friendly area and is nearby, minutes away.

Expert Tip

The beach features a nearby marina where you can rent gear and equipment for an adventure in the water, such as double-decker pontoons with slides, fishing boats, tubes, and kneeboards.

You may also reserve these ahead of time.

  1. Lake Malone State Park Beach — Dunmore

Why We Recommend Lake Malone State Park Beach is a pleasant, family-friendly beach with lovely lake views.

One of Kentucky’s top beaches for kids is Lake Malone State Park Beach.

There is a duty lifeguard who is always on guard, and the seas are shallow near the shoreline with minimal to no wave action.

Building sandcastles with your kids, teaching them to swim in the calm seas, tanning, enjoying a great picnic by the shoreline, or renting pontoons or pedal crafts to enjoy floating on the waters with your loved ones are all fun activities you can do while at the beach.

A Pro Tip

Beautiful Lake Malone State Park has a variety of easy-to-hike scenic paths.

So that you and your family can experience the scenery this park has where you can camp.

  1. Nolin Lake State Park Beach — Mammoth Cave


Nolin Lake State Park Beach, a local favorite, has smooth golden sand, a wide shoreline, and clear waters.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

The beach at Nolin Lake State Park is the ideal location to take in nature.

Spend the day swimming in the lake, cooking a delicious barbecue on the site’s grills, watching your children play in the area’s playground, burying them on the beach, or instructing them in fishing are all fun things to do.

Additionally, this beach is an excellent place to go bird-watching.

Take your family and a beach seat and sit by the coastlines as you see the passing birds, such as the huge blue heron, bald eagles, sandhill cranes, and many others.

A Pro Tip

After having a nice day at Nolin Lake State Park Beach, parents can sign their children up for trips to see Mammoth Cave National Park before returning home.

The largest cave system in the globe is found in Mammoth Cave National Park.

You and your kids can take the tour, which includes either a boat ride or a guided tour, to view the beautiful Mammoth Cave.

  1. Carr Creek State Park Beach — Sassafras

The first settlers in the state lived at Carr Creek State Park Beach in the year 1770 before it became popular as a destination for family vacations.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Carr Creek State Park Beach is the ideal spot if you’re looking for a quiet beach where you’ll spend a whole day relaxing without being harassed by huge groups or noisy vendors.

Enjoy the fresh air while tanning in the sun, helping your kids build sandcastles, reading a good book, renting a boat to go fishing in, or renting a pontoon to cruise around the calm waters while eating a delicious packed lunch.

A Pro Tip

I advise dining at Holly Hills Mall Restaurant, one of the area’s premier eateries, before returning home.

You can eat a variety of mouth-watering, freshly cooked meals here.

  1. Green River Lake State Park Beach — Campbllesville

The beach at Green River Lake State Park is a delightful location with some of Kentucky’s most beautiful scenery.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Visit one of Kentucky’s greatest toddler-friendly beaches during your family’s vacations.

Particularly if you’ve got young children, this shoreline is ideal.

The shore has fine powder sand, the seas are shallow and clear, and there are hardly any waves. There is also a roped-off section that can be used as an additional measure of safety.

Bring your kids’ floaties and let them push them into the water or use the sand to create sculptures.

Your teenagers could enjoy competitive games on the sand volleyball court and entertaining water sports like tubing, skiing, and kayaking. There is also the possibility of horseback riding close to the beach.

A Pro Tip

It is advised to wear aqua shoes when going past the early shallow region towards the shoreline, especially when participating in water activities, as the lake’s floor contains rocks.

  1. Barren River Lake Beach — Lucas

Barren River Lake Beach is a well-known family-friendly beach location with a well-kept shoreline and is surrounded by rolling green hills and lush vegetation.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Visit Barren River Lake Beach for one of the favorite family holidays in Kentucky.

Make towering castles with your kids, bring a picnic and dine by the water, sunbathe on the beach, play tag or catch along the expansive beachfront.

Due to its many attentive lifeguards, calm seas with few to no waves, a roped-off section designating the deeper portions of the lake, and a pristine shoreline, Barren River Lake Beach is additionally the least risky beach in Kentucky.

A Pro Tip

Due to its popularity, this beach can get rather crowded on the weekends and during the high season.

I advise going earlier or even on a weekday if you want the beach to yourself.

  1. Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park Beach — Dawson Springs

For those who venture there, the spotless Pennyrile Forest State Resort Beach offers countless opportunities for family pleasure.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

With so many exciting activities to do together, your weekend family vacations in Kentucky will be even more fantastic when you visit Pennyrile Forest State Resort Beach.

You may unwind on the sand and get a tan, play beach volleyball, bathe in the pristine waves, build sandcastles or sculptures with your kids, or go camping in the surrounding campgrounds.

You may also rent canoes, rowboats, kayaks, and pedal boats at the busiest times of the year for a fun day on the lake.

A Pro Tip

Spend some time exploring Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park with your family to see all the things it has to offer.

For instance, you can go horseback riding, play golf on an 18-hole course, or engage in athletic competition on the hoops or tennis courts.

  1. Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park Beach — Calvert City

One of the most popular beaches in Kentucky is Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park Beach, which is clean and expansive and is located on the banks of Kentucky Lake.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Visit Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park Beach if you’re seeking a vacation place that can meet all of your family’s needs.

Your family can play volleyball on the beach or splash around in the sea as you rest on the sand.

There is a pavilion on the beach where you may congregate and enjoy your delectably prepared meals out of the direct sunlight.

Water sports include water skiing, catching fish, and hiring a pontoon so you may leisurely cruise the water as you see eagles flying far away.

A Pro Tip

One of the state’s largest gift shops can be found at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park Beach.

Here, you may purchase gifts for family and friends back home as well as souvenirs like pottery, mugs, t-shirts, and handmade baskets.

  1. Buckhorn State Resort Park Beach — Buckhorn

Buckhorn State Resort Park Beach, one of Kentucky’s greatest family-friendly beaches, is a great place to make new beach memories with your friends and family.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Due to its amenities that make family vacationing more enjoyable, Buckhorn State Resort Park Beach is a great destination for you and your family.

The beach itself has chilly waves and smooth, powdery sand that are wonderful on warm summer days.

A nearby park and jungle gym featuring elements for babies and toddlers, showers and change areas where you can wash off, and a marina in which you can rent rafts and fishing vessels for enjoyable outings on the water are further amenities.

A Pro Tip

The adjacent Leatherwood and Moonshine Hollow trails are perfect if you and your family enjoy the outdoors and trekking along beautiful routes.

Eagles that are building their nests can be seen in the winter, and you can see the warbler migration in the spring.

You might even see waterfowl along the shore, such as the Great Blue Heron and the Belted Kingfisher.

  1. Rough River Dam State Resort Park — Falls of Rough

Rough River Dam State Resort Park Beach, which overlooks a 5,000-acre lake, is a breathtaking beach that attracts tourists from throughout the nation.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

One of Kentucky’s top family beaches is Rough River Dam State Resort Park Beach.

Despite its name, this is a tranquil beach with peaceful seas.

The fine, golden sand is ideal for beach activities like beach volleyball, building sandcastles, and picnics with the family.

The clear waters are ideal for calm boat trips and fishing, while the park’s playgrounds, mini golf courses, and sports facilities are close by for a friendly game of competition with your tribe.

A Pro Tip

Orienteering is one of the best family-friendly activities you can enjoy at Rough River Dam State Resort Park with your tribe.

This is a pleasant activity in which you and your family members navigate a route through the woods using a map and compass.

12 Best Beaches in Pismo Beach, CA — The Top Beach Spots!


Don’t miss Pismo Beach if you locate yourself on California’s central coast.

There are several fun activities can do in Pismo Beach, from fantastic wineries to picture-perfect beaches.

Even a cool dino park by the ocean exists there.

Make a list of the top Pismo Beach, California, beaches that you’d like to visit. Read the advice listed below.

  1. Dinosaur Caves Park

On the bluffs above Shell Beach, there is an 11-acre spot called Dinosaur Caves Park.

Cliff Avenue serves as the entrance to the park’s parking lot.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

The beach on this list that is probably the most secure for youngsters is Dinosaur Caves Park.

Despite being on top of cliffs overlooking the ocean, it is a part of Shell Beach.

Because you cannot approach the coasts and swim here, it is safe.

The key is to have fun while remaining dry.

Your kids will love all the toys and play spaces in the playground that are themed after animals and dinosaurs.

A Pro Tip

Dinosaur Caves Area is the ideal location for picnics and photo opportunities.

However, the other parks are there if you’re ready to experience something more thrilling like kayaking.

  1. Eldwayen Ocean Park

Eldwayen Coastal Park is a green park with stunning ocean views that is close to the water.

There are stairs leading down to the sandy beachfront.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Eldwayen Ocean Park, one of Pismo’s best beaches, is yet another wonderful park in Shell Beach.

Its green area is ideal for daytime picnics, and its small beach makes a great launch point for kayaks.

A Pro Tip

Finding parking near the park is not too difficult.

Along Ocean Boulevard, parking spaces are available.

  1. Elmer Ross Beach

In Shell Beach, next to Dinosaur Caves Park, is Elmer Ross Beach.

It’s unquestionably one of the area’s nicer beaches.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Since of the bluffs, Elmer Ross Beach is indeed called Shelter Cove since the waves don’t crash here harshly.

You can even remain at a gazebo close to the beach’s stairway, and it has quite fantastic views of the ocean.

A Pro Tip

If possible, go to Elmer Ross Beach at low tide so you can visit the neighboring tide pools and caves.

  1. Pier Beach — Pismo Beach

The Pismo Beach Pier is situated in the center of Pismo Beach’s coastline and offers views of the Pacific Ocean.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

The nicest swimming spot in Pismo Beach is undoubtedly the area close to the pier.

The shorefront close to the pier is the easiest to get to the beach in Pismo Beach, even though the fact that it is more popular for surfing and sunbathing.

Wading in the waters is acceptable, but you should always be cautious and alert for potential risks.

When taking a dip, keep an eye out for surfers to prevent colliding with them.

Additionally, spend some time at the beach in the evening.

Whenever the pier lights come on, the views are breathtaking.

A Pro Tip

It’s advisable to stay here or go further south because the shorefront next to the pier is level and enjoyable to play on.

Rockier terrain might be seen if you travel further north.

  1. South Palisades Park

In Shell Beach, there is a grassy area called South Palisades Park that hugs the cliffs.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Visit South Palisades Park on your trip to Pismo Beach for additional interesting vistas.

It’s enjoyable to explore the mountainous terrain and interesting tide pools next to the stairway going to the waterfront.

They also make fantastic backdrops for selfies.

A Pro Tip

Head south to Ebb Tide Park for further tide pools if you enjoy tide pools and aren’t yet exhausted.

  1. Margo Dodd Park Beach

A small park called Margo Dodd Park is located on the hills near Shell Beach.

Dinosaur Caves Park is close by.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

During low tide, Margo Dodd Park gives access to some of the finest beaches in the area.

You’re likely to appreciate exploring the beach’s few rock caves and arches.

Even beautiful photographs are possible while you’re here.

A Pro Tip

If you’re driving, you can either hunt for street parking close by or proceed to the open parking area at Dinosaur Caves Park.

  1. North Beach — Pismo State Beach

The Pismo Beach Pier is a little higher up than North Beach.

The Monarch Butterfly Colony is nearby.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Would you like to go camping?

A campground can be found in North Beach close to the point where Pismo Creek and the Pacific Ocean converge.

While here, you can enjoy the day fishing and surfing.

North Beach at Pismo Beach is one of the more well-known beaches because of the campground there.

A Pro Tip

You can utilize the parking spaces beside the highway if you drove a vehicle and only intend to visit the beach for a short period.

Simply follow the signs to find the designated parking area for campers.

  1. Memory Park

A little coastline in Shell Beach connects Memory Park. It may be found on Seacliff Drive.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Memory Park is a terrific area to hang out if all you want is Pismo Beach’s beautiful ocean views.

Although it has a lovely sandy shorefront, access is impossible due to the sheer cliffs.

It does, however, finish the picture.

A Pro Tip

Bring some snacks or your lunch if possible.

Picnicking is the second best thing to do hereafter admiring the stunning view.

  1. Spiral Staircase Beach Access

A little beach called Spiral Staircase Beach can be located below Ventana Grill.

The historic spiral staircase construction that still stands there gave the place its name.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

It used to be very simple to use the spiral staircase to gain access to the small beach in this location.

The stairs were abandoned after the connecting bridge was broken by a storm, making the beach all but inaccessible.

The only way to get to this beach if you’re up for an expedition would be by kayaking from one of its adjacent beaches.

A Pro Tip

During high tide, you can paddle closer to the spiral staircase, but you won’t be able to view the beach since it disappears.

Don’t let yourself down. Take your waterproof camera if you want to take amazing pictures.

Avila Beach is the best choice if you want to do something else.

  1. Wilmar Stairs Access — Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach is further north than Wilmar Stairs Access. You can get to the Pismo Beach Pier by heading south.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

On this side of the shorefront, a wooden staircase leads to a broad stretch of coastline with fine, white sand.

For beach strolling and tanning, it’s one of Pismo Beach’s top beach locations.

A Pro Tip

Wilmar Stairs Access also benefits from being close to free public parking lots.

On Wilmar Avenue, you may locate a few.

  1. Spyglass Park

Another park in Shell Beach that overlooks the ocean is called Spyglass Park.

It is close to the heart of Pismo Beach.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Tide pooling on the beaches of Pismo Beach is a fantastic activity.

At low tide, you can explore the rock pools at the short sandy beach beneath Spyglass Park.

Likewise, if you grow hungry

Enjoy a BBQ or picnic on the park’s grassy grounds.

A Pro Tip

Do you intend to bring your pet?

As long as they are on a leash, dogs are permitted inside the park.

  1. Silver Shoals Park

A grassy park with beach access to Shell Beach’s coastlines is called Silver Shoals Park.

South Palisades Park is close by.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

The shorefront beneath Silver Shoals Park would be a great location for quiet, quick beach walks.

This beach at Pismo Beach, California, is one of the best for strolls.

You can decide to simply stroll down the shore and enjoy the sea wind.

Alternatively, you might go tidal pooling while the tide is low.

A Pro Tip

On the grassy park grounds, there are barbecues and picnic tables.

Bring snacks or lunch with you when you visit.

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