10 Best Family Beaches in Massachusetts — Kid-Friendly Beach Vacations!

Massachusetts, surrounded by Rhode Island on the south, New York to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, is a beautiful state full of incredible shorelines.

Massachusetts shores have good crumbly sand, indigo waters, and magnificent oceanfront sights.

The beaches of Massachusetts are some of the most suitable beaches for families in the United States, featuring facilities like volleyball courts, food franchises, picnic tables and grills, and much more.

Get ready to be fascinated because you are about to explore the most wonderful family shores in Massachusetts, where you’re able to have memories with your family that will last forever!

  1. Wollaston Beach — Quincy

Wollaston Beach, featuring 2.3 miles of coastline, is a child-friendly sea-line with plenty of services that satisfy your children’s needs.

Why We Recommend This Beach

I intensely suggest going to Wollaston Beach when touring with kids because it has gentle sand where they can build sandcastles and statues, and a close playground that they can enjoy after bathing in the chill water, all under the supervised eyes of caring lifeguards.

You can relax on the beach and your youngsters can have fun going out into the waters as they go paddling or kayaking.

Wollaston Beach is close to one of the most wonderful family-friendly resorts in Massachusetts, Winnetu Oceanside Resort.

This resort is excellent for your family, including family chambers, a room for games, a spa, an internal play area, babysitting amenities, and a lot more.

Expert Tip

If you are thinking of bringing your elderly mom and dad with you who are in wheelchairs, don’t worry because the latest addition to Wollaston Beach is a handicapped-reachable path.

  1. Constitution Beach — East Boston

Constitution shore, also recognized as Shays Beach by residents, is a kid-friendly beach destination that lies on the coastlines of a safe bay.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Constitution Beach is the most protected shoreline for you and your family, and its location is the reason.

Safe in an inlet, this beach has calm waters with little to no waves and has many alert lifeguards touring the area.

One of the best kid-friendly shores in Massachusetts, Constitution beach includes a wide coastline with a delicate slope, smooth sand, and a big playground suitable for kids of all ages.

Other services of this delightful seashore are bathhouse services, where you can wash up after a hard day, and close basketball, tennis, and handball courts for cool family games.

Expert Tip

When you’re searching for a restaurant to eat at, you must taste Belle Isle Seafood.

This eatery has on the menu fresh dishes, like lobster, and charming sights of the harbor and Belle Isle.

  1. Crane Beach — Ipswich

Crane Beach, including 4 miles of white powdery seashore, is in a 1,234-acre preservation property.

Why We Recommend This Beach

If you’re searching for the top shores in Massachusetts for children, you must visit Crane Beach.

The broad shores have dunes where your kids can have fun playing in, and soft and superficial waters are excellent to swim in.

This shore features a wide coastline that provides several cool activities to do in Massachusetts for children like making sculptures, sand castles, and fortresses out of the sand, splashing in the cool water, and grabbing a ball to play a game of catch with them on the sugary sand.

Expert Tip

When going to Crane Beach on non-summer days, bring diving suits instead of regular swimwear when bathing in the water for an extended time because it can get freezing.

  1. Singing Beach — Manchester-by-the-Sea

Singing Beach, called so because of the sound the sand creates as you walk on it, is a common shore with crumbly sand, cerulean waters, and the most charming sights of the Atlantic.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Have one of the most wonderful family shores holidays in Massachusetts at Singing Beach, where you and your family can relax on a pure coastline, splashing in the pure waters, and having a picnic as you inhale the fresh sea air and hear the soft waves.

Lay down on a beach towel and sunbathe as your kids enjoy running around on the sand or throwing a frisbee around.

The shoreline is much-preserved and has no tiny stones or rocks scattered on the beach.

To make your stay more comfortable, Singing Beach has sufficient parking and bathrooms complete with showers, available amenities, and a changing table for your little ones.

Expert Tip

Worry not about having to make meals for your loved ones because Singing Beach is close to a downtown area full of many restaurants selling different tasty food.

The beach already has a snack shack offering both tasty treats and nutritious options for your crew.

  1. Nantasket Beach — Hull

Nantasket Beach, one of the most common summer spots in Massachusetts, includes charming ocean sights and sparkling blue water.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Your loved ones’ holidays in Massachusetts are great at Nantasket Beach, where you and your family get to enjoy splashing in the ocean, building sandcastles or tanning on the beach, and playing volleyball on the beach.

There is also a close stroll path that’s excellent for going on a walk with your family, beautiful biking paths, and a carousel that your children will particularly love.

Nantasket Beach services include a pavilion to offer shade on super sunny days, parks for your kids, and a hygienic bathhouse.

Expert Tip

If you choose to go to Nantasket Beach in the summer days, you and your crew will love the public performances as the sun sets on this shore.

  1. Wingaersheek Beach — Gloucester

Wingaersheek Beach is a lovely shore, including the wonderful sights of the Annisquam Lighthouse and Ipswich Bay.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The remarkable Wingaersheek Beach is one of the best family shores in Massachusetts.

Have a nice day with your family as you splash in the pure water, build sandcastles or sculptures, or have a scenic stroll together.

Wingaersheek Beach additionally includes bathrooms and showers that are simply accessible, vendors wandering around offering tasty ice cream, and several concessions stand offering many tasty food and drinks, besides beach toys and other beach needs.

Expert Tip

Plan your stay during low flows.

This is the most wonderful time to visit because of its charming, pure tide pools and hundreds of shells showing up, which makes it excellent for collecting souvenirs.

The waters are likewise calm, making it perfect for small kids.

  1. Dane Street Beach — Beverly

Dane Street Beach, in Lyons Park, is a simply accessible beach that’s near many eateries and shops, making it perfect and suitable for beachgoers.

Why We Recommend This Beach

I intensely suggest putting Dane Street Beach into consideration for your next family trip.

Have some family connection time as you go into the ocean and enjoy kayaking or paddle boarding, look for one-of-a-kind shells on the coastline, or assist your kids to create sculptures from sand.

Dane Street Beach has services that feature attentive lifeguards for your protection, playgrounds for your children, and bathrooms and showers.

There are additionally close food eateries offering tasty meals and appetizers, and you can eat your packed snacks away from the sand on picnic tables.

Expert Tip

If you’re into gathering lovely shells and boulders, the right side of the beach near the break wall is the spot for you.

If you like to swim in a part with fewer stones and seaweed, go towards the western part of Dane Street Beach.

  1. Yirrell Beach — Winthrop

Yirrell Beach is a quiet seashore that provides a calmer substitute for beachgoers looking for a calm getaway.

Why We Recommend This Beach

If you are searching for a calm shore where you can go with your loved ones on a peaceful holiday escape, then Yirrell Beach is an excellent choice for you.

This seashore hardly welcomes many people, and the city’s bustle won’t disturb you.

Chill on the shore and read a book or sunbathe, help your children make big sandcastles, walk along the beach searching for rare shells, go splashing in the ocean with alert lifeguards observing you, and watch the beautiful sunset.

Yirrell Beach includes free-of-charge parking, comprehensibly located close to the beach, to make it easier for you to pack and unpack your bags.

Expert Tip

There are not a lot of services at Yirrell Beach and no eateries on the shore. That’s why you must pack all the needs you might need on your food tour, besides food and drinks.

  1. Coast Guard Beach — Eastham

One of Massachusetts’ most famous shores, Coast Guard Beach is a leading swimming sea-line.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Coast Guard Beach has plenty of activities to provide for your family.

It has a large coastline excellent for building sandcastles, tanning, picnicking, and going for a lovely walk.

In the summer, you might even see seals resting on the coastlines.

Apart from swimming, blue waters additionally offer flawless chances for boogie boarding and surfing.

Coast Guard Beach additionally features a boardwalk that’s excellent for biking, many restrooms, and lifeguard points, to make sure that your loved ones are protected.

Expert Tip

Parking spaces here are not a lot.

If you desire to get a proper spot, that’s near the Coast Guard Beach, show up early in the morning.

  1. Duxbury Beach — Duxbury

Duxbury Beach, with pure shores that go on for 7.5 miles, is one of the most admired and adored in all of Massachusetts.

Why We Recommend This Beach

One of the most wonderful family shores in Massachusetts is Duxbury Beach.

It covers a wide coastline where you can enjoy the day doing a lot of activities with your crew, like going for a walk, riding bikes, building sandcastles, playing with a ball around, and sunbathing.

This beach includes an on-the-spot restaurant that offers yummy and fresh local food, bathrooms for your comfort, and a large parking space that’s effortlessly accessible from the shore zone.

Expert Tip

There are little stones and pebbles on the beaches of Duxbury Beach, so I advise not to go barefoot while walking on the beach and to wear aqua shoes when splashing in the water to avoid hurting your feet.

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