10 Best Hotels in St. Louis for Families – That All Ages Love!

One of the top holiday vacation spots for families is St. Louis, Missouri.

You’re sure to find the ideal hotel for you, whether you have young children and are searching for kid-friendly activities that suit you or whether you simply need to know where to stay in St. Louis with family.

Looking for a kid-friendly indoor pool or a more natural setting?

There are some excellent family-friendly hotels in St. Louis on this list that offer everything you and the kids might need.

So that you don’t have to do all of the searchings yourself, I’ve put together this list of the top hotels in St. Louis for families.

Here are the top 10 family-friendly hotels in St. Louis.

  1. Hilton St. Louis Downtown at the Arch

The St. Louis Downtown is one of the many hotels in the Hilton chain that are renowned for giving their customers an opulent and lavish stay.

There are excellent activities for young children, teenagers, and adults at the hotel, which is decorated in a lovely modern design that gives you the impression that you have just stepped into the lap of luxury.

Teenagers will be more inclined to take a stroll around to survey the island around the hotel, while little children can be amused by the specific children’s activity programs.

It’s a terrific starting point for a fantastic vacation because it’s only a short stroll to the Arch.

A fully equipped gym, in-room dining, room service, and kid-friendly and other amenities are available.

  1. Hampton Inn St. Louis Downtown

There are Hampton hotels all over the globe, and the St. Louis Inn is one of the greatest choices if you’re searching for a family-friendly St. Louis holiday.

Large rooms with plenty of space, fantastic kid-friendly eateries within the Inn, incredibly comfy sleeping quarters, and even access to a 24-hour store and vending machine minibar for those who feel like a bite are amenities at the enormous Hampton.

For a fun hospitality experience that incorporates everyone, the Hampton Inn has a sizable games area with board games, puzzles, and vintage arcade games for older kids and teenagers.

Parents can benefit from Hampton’s additional amenities, which include entrance to a gym and pool.

  1. The Red Lion Hotel St. Louis City Center

The Red Lion is a terrific vacation spot if you or the children are sports lovers (or players) and would like to see some activity during your visit because it is situated directly across from the neighborhood sports arena.

If you’re planning a longer stay, amenities like laundry and room service are accessible around-the-clock, and there are numerous other activities for both adults and children.

At the Red Lion, there are several on-site eateries with kid-friendly menus, and the indoor pool is accessible all year long with lifeguards on duty to watch over smaller swimmers.

  1. The Holiday Inn at St. Louis

One of the greatest alternatives for a family-friendly hotel in St. Louis is the Holiday Inn, which is convenient to many of the area’s top family-friendly tourist destinations.

Kids have plenty to do in and around the hotel, and nearby attractions such as the Science Center and nearby Zoo are only a short stroll away.

Younger children will like having free access to cable television, the on-site wi-fi, and the indoor pool. Older children will enjoy additional amenities like bike rental so they can go exploring in the neighborhood while you’re away.

Additionally, it has interior furnishings that are both cozy and attractive, just as you would anticipate from aanInn which is its specialty.

  1. Four Seasons St. Louis

If you’re looking for a fantastic family-friendly hotel in St. Louis that offers everything parents may desire and need in one convenient location, go with the Four Seasons.

The Four Seasons has one of the nicest vistas you could want, perfect for unwinding by the pool while taking in all that nature has to offer.

The Four Seasons has a tonne of kid-friendly amenities like a warm indoor pool, free wi-fi, enormous televisions in every room, and additional pleasures like a kid-friendly menu at any one of their restaurants.

The bar, outdoor pool, and other facilities are open 24 hours a day for adults.

  1. Marriott St. Louis Grand

If you’re looking for a family hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, that offers activities for the whole family, The Marriott is one of the greatest options. It is precisely as opulent as its name suggests.

The hotel offers more than sufficient conveniences and luxuries to persuade you to remain in, and they are close enough to the Arch that it only takes a short walk to access the majority of what the finest of the state has to offer.

Although there are frequent shows at the Marriott nearby for entertainment, the restaurant is what makes this place stand out as a terrific family and kid-friendly destination.

They have kid-friendly food selections without excluding adults from a fun night out.

Every bedroom has a TV, and all of the Wi-Fi is complimentary. There are also additional features like kitchenettes in every bedroom and maintenance activities for extended stays.

  1. HoteLumiere at the Arch

Although the HotelLumiere is primarily designed for adult amusement and offers luxuries like a bar, sauna, and gym on-site, there is still much for kids and infants to do when you’re planning a fantastic family holiday.

Kids can use the free wi-fi and watch any channel they can think of on a flat screen.

Additional amenities include access to a pool on-site and a babysitter service if you want to leave the kids in the care of someone else while you go out for the evening.

The HoteLumiere welcomes most breeds of animals.

The presence of a casino on the premises sets the HoteLumiere apart from other lodging establishments in the region.

  1. Magnolia Hotel St. Louis

No regardless of how old your children are, The Magnolia Hotel can meet all of your demands for a wonderful family holiday.

Younger children can keep busy with entertaining programs, free wi-fi, a separate pool where swimming is supervised, and a water park that is fully stocked.

There are additional amenities for adults, such as a bar open around-the-clock and fantastic restaurants that offer special children’s menus.

There are bunk beds available in a few of the bedrooms, and the entire family will have a wonderful, undoubtedly sumptuous visit.

The Magnolia Hotel is a great choice if you want an entertaining weekend break for you and the children where no one has to feel left out.

  1. Lumiere Place Casino and Hotel

If you’re looking for something a little different from the typical hotel layout for you and the kids, the Lumiere Destination Casino and Hotel is indeed the ideal place to reserve your vacation.

If you’re old enough and have enough chips to bet, the Lumiere, one of the few casinos in this area of St. Louis, offers a wonderful gaming experience.

Even if you aren’t a gambler by heart, the hotel has plenty to offer, such as a sizable pool, several excellent restaurants with family-friendly menus, a play area for younger children, and much more.

  1. St. Louis Union Station Hotel

One of the oldest hotels in the St. Louis region, the St. Louis Union Station Hotel combines a fantastic luxury hotel experience with a homey sense in every room, which is uncommon in a hotel for a family trip.

Younger children can take advantage of the many family-friendly attractions nearby, while older children should enjoy exploring the neighborhood all around Station Hotel or dining at any of the many restaurants in the area.

Laundry, free WiFi, included cleaners, room service, and large televisions in each room for any children who may choose to remain in are all provided as amenities.

The pool and bar will be especially appreciated by adults.

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