10 Best Kid-Friendly Family Beaches in Georgia

There are several stunning coastline beaches in Georgia, sometimes known as The Empire State of the South.

Georgia beaches are well-known for being a place of enjoyment and relaxation, as well as for having surrounding family-friendly local attractions.

Georgia has different kinds of beaches, whether you’re seeking quiet beaches away from city noise, beaches by the coast, beaches tucked away in the middle of nature, or beaches right next to the city.

Get ready for an incredible beach vacation as you are about to find Georgia’s top family beaches that your loved ones will never forget!

  1. Margaritaville at Lanier Islands Beach — Buford

On the banks of the well-known Lake Lanier sits the picturesque shoreline and water park known as Margaritaville Beach.

Why We Recommend This Beach

One of Georgia’s best family-friendly beaches is Margaritaville at Lanier Islands Beach.

It offers a beautiful sandy beach, clear waters, and an on-site waterpark with many slides and rides that will keep your family occupied for the duration of your trip.

Boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and wakeboarding are all enjoyable water sports that your teenagers will love doing at the beach.

You can hire pontoons for a more enjoyable experience.

Lanier Islands Legacy Lodge, one of the top family hotels in Georgia, is only a 4-minute drive from this beach if you’re seeking a fantastic location to stay nearby.

Expert Tip

Due to its popularity, this beach can become highly crowded during busy times like the summer.

Visit it off-season to experience it when there are fewer visitors present.

  1. Little Tybee Island Beach — Tybee Island

Little Tybee Island, despite its name, is huge than Tybee Island.

Only by boat or kayak can you access the beach.

Why We Recommend This Beach

If you’re searching for a remote and peaceful beach for your upcoming family outing, I highly suggest going to Little Tybee Island Beach.

This beach is far from the city’s commotion, the crowd of people, and the sellers.

This isolated beach is the ideal location for tanning, lounging on the soft sands, reading a good book, or watching the waves.

Your youngsters will love building sandcastles on the smooth sand or burying one another.

Boating and kayaking are two more enjoyable water sports at this beach.

Little Tybee Island Beach is a great place to go for birdwatching and beachcombing.

Herons, bald eagles, dowitchers, and ibis are just a few birds breeding right next to the beach.

Expert Tip

Because there are no closed stores or concessions at Little Tybee Island Beach, be sure to bring everything your family might require, including toiletries, food, and beverages.

  1. St. Andrews Beach Park — Jekyll Island

The busiest beach on Jekyll Island is St. Andrews Beach Park.

It has lovely sandy shorelines and magnificent sunset vistas.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Visit St. Andrews Beach Park for the best family beach vacations in Georgia.

This beach offers conveniences like picnic sites for relaxing mealtimes, barbecues for a tasty family barbecue, and easily accessible bathrooms.

Beachcombing for unusual shells, building sand forts or sculptures and visiting a nearby wildlife viewing platform where you can see birds and dolphins are all enjoyable family activities in Georgia.

Expert Tip

Right down St. Andrews Beach Park is where you’ll find the Wanderer Memorial Trail.

Spend quality time exploring this historical monument with your family to learn about the tales of The Wanderer, the only surviving slave ship in America.

  1. East Beach — St. Simmons Island

On St. Simmons Island, East Beach is the most well-known and adored for its expansive beachfront and stunning sunset views.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Consider East Beach if you’re seeking a family-friendly beach with breathtaking seaside views.

This picturesque coastline has a broad shoreline that is ideal for beachcombing and going for a calm bike ride during low tide.

Sunbathing, fishing, kite flying, and kiteboarding are all fun things you can do here.

If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming by or sea turtles making their way to a nest.

Expert Tip

Even though it would seem enticing, avoid swimming toward any sand bars you see in the distance because the tides can change fast.

It is simple to transition from swimming through shallow water to swimming through deep water.

  1. Acworth Beach — Acworth

Acworth Beach is a part of Cauble Park and has a kid-friendly coastline with a fine-sand beach and azure ocean.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Acworth Beach is a family-friendly beach destination in Georgia where you can spend your family’s holidays.

This beach boasts calm waters, a beautiful, well-maintained white sugar sand beachfront, on-site facilities, showers, and changing areas if you need them.

Acworth Beach is one of Georgia’s best family-friendly beaches, with two nearby playgrounds ideal for your kids if they get tired from swimming, parking spaces that make it simple to pack and unload, and a roped-off swimming area that keeps you and your loved ones safer.

Expert Tip

You can hire gazebos at Acworth Beach for sizable family gatherings like weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays.

The capacity of a gazebo ranges from 20 to 80 persons.

They have the bare necessities, such as electric outlets, grills, and lighting.

  1. Lake Rabun Beach — Lakemont

Lake Rabun Beach, located in the North Georgia Mountains, is the perfect getaway for those wanting to escape city life.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Head to the lovely Lake Rabun Beach if you and your family wish to enjoy mother nature at its finest.

The calm waves are the ideal way to cool off on hot days, and sunbathing on the sandy shore is delightful.

Additional amenities at this beach include picnic tables so you can eat your packed food conveniently and comfortably. Clean restrooms that are always open, a boat ramp in case you want to bring your watercraft, and a close-by campground with minimal amenities.

Other activities besides swimming include boating, water skiing, and teaching your kids how to fish.

Expert Tip

I advise staying the night and camping so your family may fully enjoy the outdoors.

The campground offers conveniences, including hot showers, cooking grills, and clean drinking water.

  1. Cumberland Island National Seashore Beach — St. Marys

The spectacular natural beauty of Cumberland Island is what pulls tourists there.

Cumberland Island National Seashore has miles of beautiful white sand beaches and azure waters.

Keep in mind that a ferry is required to reach this beach.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Spend your weekend family vacations in Georgia at Cumberland Island National Seashore Beach to get the most out of them.

This unspoiled coastline provides your family with sandy shorelines, ideal for outdoor recreation, tanning, and strolls.

Bring a ball or frisbee and play catch with your children. Pack a picnic and enjoy your meals while sitting on the beach and soaking up the cool sea breeze. Rent a bike and ride along the shoreline.

Wild horses are seen on the beach often.

Although they are magnificent to view, keep your distance.

Expert Tip

There are no nearby vendors or restaurants at Cumberland Island National Seashore Beach, so bring enough food for your family to eat during your beach vacation.

  1. Glory Beach — Jekyll Island

Glory, a Civil War-era film, previously used this lovely beach as its backdrop.

It has dunes and a boardwalk constructed nearby to make the beach more accessible by the film’s creators.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Because of its relatively flat coastline, exceptionally shallow waters close to the shore, and soft white sand devoid of tiny rocks or stones that could harm your children, Glory Beach is one of Georgia’s finest toddler-friendly beaches.

The expansive beach is ideal for spending a peaceful day lazing around, building sandcastles, flying kites, and chasing your kids around.

Expert Tip

At Glory Beach, you may hire bicycles.

The coastlines are so flat that you may enjoy leisurely bike rides along them with your loved ones while breathing in the fresh air.

If you wish to use the bike rental service, arrive earlier because there are a limited number of bikes available and a first-come, first-served policy.

  1. Callaway Gardens Robin Lake Beach — Pine Mountain

The largest artificial white sand beach and a popular summertime recreation destination are Callaway Gardens Robin Lake Beach.

Why We Recommend This Beach

A haven for family entertainment is Callaway Gardens Robin Lake Beach.

It has on-site eateries, an ice cream truck, and a beach bar for food options to keep your family’s spirits up and their tummies filled.

Sunbathing, tubing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and biking are among the enjoyable things you can do here.

Other amenities include surrounding gardens with several natural exhibits, clean and well-maintained public restrooms, picnic spots for family outings, and free parking for easy access to and from your car.

The fact that Callaway Gardens Robin Lake Beach has many attentive lifeguards, calm water, minimal to no waves, and no dangerous rocks make it the safest beach in Georgia.

Expert Tip

You can rent beach umbrellas and lounge chairs for shade from the sweltering heat on days when the sun is too hot and the days are too warm.

You can rent cabanas for your family to have more room and shade.

The cabanas come with two free lounge chairs and a ceiling fan.

  1. Back River Beach — Tybee Island

The undiscovered gem of Tybee Island is Black River Beach.

One of the best family beaches in Georgia, it offers gorgeous sunset views and relatively calm waves.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Spend your vacation engaging in sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, boat trips to see bottlenose dolphins, and tanning while soaking up the sun at one of Georgia’s most beautiful family beaches.

Gather your loved ones and spend the day watching the sunset while you spend precious time with your family taking pictures, creating sandcastles, looking for shells, and playing games with your kids.

Expert Tip

If you don’t feel like packing meals or carrying the extra weight of picnic baskets and coolers, don’t worry, there are several restaurants close to Black River Beach with a wide range of delectable cuisines, including kid-friendly alternatives.

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