10 Books That Will Help You Build a Positive School Culture


Building a positive school culture is crucial for fostering academic achievement, enhanced mental health, and increased teacher and student satisfaction. An effective way to improve the atmosphere in your educational institution is by gaining insights from experts in the field. Here is a list of ten incredible books that offer transformative strategies to help you create a thriving school environment.

1. “The Power of a Positive Team” by Jon Gordon

In this book, author Jon Gordon explores the intricacies of teamwork and offers practical techniques for creating an environment of positivity, collaboration, and success in the school setting.

2. “Better Than Carrots or Sticks: Restorative Practices for Positive Classroom Management” by Dominique Smith, Douglas Fisher, and Nancy Frey

This book advocates for restorative practices as an alternative to traditional punitive disciplinary measures. The authors provide concrete strategies to help educators develop a culture of accountability, responsibility, and mutual respect within the classroom.

3. “Creating Emotionally Safe Schools: A Guide for Educators and Parents” by Jane Bluestein

This guide emphasizes the importance of emotional safety and its role in creating a positive school culture. Bluestein equips educators with practical tools to cultivate an atmosphere that supports students’ social and emotional growth.

4. “The Culturally Responsive Classroom: Connecting Culture to Student Achievement” by Bonnie M. Davis

Appreciating diversity is essential in building a positive school culture. In this book, Davis provides a framework that aligns teaching methods with the cultural needs of students to enhance their learning experiences and promote academic success.

5. “School Climate Change: How Do I Build a Positive Environment for Learning?” by Peter DeWitt

DeWitt outlines practical steps in transforming the school climate into one that acknowledges individual needs while fostering collaboration between educators, students, and parents.

6. “The New Principal’s Fieldbook: Strategies for Success” by Pamela Robbins and Harvey Alvy

Geared towards both new and experienced school administrators, this book offers insights to improve school culture, boost teacher morale, and focus on continuous growth.

7. “Reclaiming Our Teaching Profession: The Power of Educators to Transform Schools” by Shirley Hord and Edith Rushton

In this inspiring read, Hord and Rushton promote the value of every educator in contributing to positive change within schools, igniting a passion for teaching and improving the overall environment.

8. “The Positive Dog: A Story About the Power of Positivity” by Jon Gordon

Through an engaging story, Gordon teaches readers how adopting a positive mindset can influence all aspects of life – including education. Implementing such an outlook can deeply impact school culture and student outcomes.

9. “Activate: A Leader’s Guide to People, Practices, and Performance” by Deanna Burney

Burney shares her proven approach to transforming underperforming schools into thriving educational institutions. This guide is a valuable resource for educators seeking real-world examples of successful strategies in improving school culture.

10. “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol Dweck

Renowned psychologist Carol Dweck introduces the groundbreaking concept of fixed vs. growth mindsets and demonstrates how embracing a growth mindset can lead to success within schools and beyond.


Investing time in reading these insightful books can help you build a school culture that values every individual, enhances academic performance, fosters emotional security, and promotes lifelong learning. By implementing their recommendations, you can create a positive atmosphere that will benefit not just your students but also faculty, staff, parents, and the community at large.

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