10 Calming Activities for Kids to Try After Lunch or Recess

For children, lunch and recess can be the most exciting parts of the school day. They get a chance to run around, release energy, socialize with friends, and enjoy a break from structured learning. However, transitioning back to the classroom environment and focusing on lessons can be challenging after such high-energy activities. Implementing calming activities after lunch or recess can smooth this transition. Below is a list of 10 calming activities that can help children settle down and prepare for the next learning session.

1.Breathing Exercises: Deep breathing can help reduce stress and bring about a sense of calm. Guide children through a few rounds of deep belly breaths, inhaling slowly through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

2.Guided Imagery: Take children on a mental journey to a peaceful place, like a beach or a meadow. Describing the sensory experiences in detail can help them relax and imagine themselves in a tranquil environment.

3.Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Teach kids to tense and then relax different muscle groups in their body. This practice helps them be aware of physical sensations and release any built-up tension.

4.Quiet Reading Time: Encourage children to pick out a favorite book and spend some time reading quietly. This not only calms them but also promotes literacy.

5.Mindful Coloring: Provide coloring pages and crayons for children to color quietly at their desks. Choosing intricate patterns or scenes can engage their attention in a quiet, peaceful activity.

6.Yoga Poses: Simple yoga poses designed for kids can help stretch their bodies and focus their minds. Poses like ‘tree,’ ‘mountain,’ or ‘child’s pose’ are great options.

7.Listening to Soft Music or Nature Sounds: Playing soft background music or sounds of nature can create a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom.

8.Puzzle Time: Quietly working on puzzles can be both calming and rewarding for children as they concentrate on fitting pieces together.

9.Journaling or Drawing: Invite kids to write in journals or draw pictures about their day so far, expressing themselves both creatively and quietly.

10.Storytime with Teacher: Gather the children around for a quiet storytime session where you read aloud from an engaging yet soothing book.

By incorporating some of these calming activities into the post-lunch/recess routine, educators can help students transition smoothly back to academic tasks while also teaching them valuable self-regulation skills they’ll use throughout their lives.

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