10 Creative Ideas for Tracking Classroom Behavior

Need a classroom for behavior chart ideas? Look no further! These charts for schools are teacher-approved, and they tend on good reinforcement rather than punishments. 

  1. Digital Marbles

The digital marble jar procedure is okay for teachers who do not have a lot of extra space in their rooms or those who do not fancy a physical jar of marbles in their apartments. When a student wins a marble, the digital marble is worked in a jar. With the marble filled up, the class received a pre-planned prize. But not into marbles? That’s fine. Available to choose from are digital cookies, hot cocoa, sundaes, and more.   

  1. Blurt Beans

Blurting out responses is one of the fastest ways a classroom can be disorganized. It is usually brutal for a student to blurt out responses to other students talking at once. The Blurt Beans is an orderly classroom control system that lets students vividly see their actions’ aftermath. Daily, every student is given X number of beans. Once they talk when they should not, you take away a bean. Students may place their leftover beans in this jar at the end of the day.

  1. Behavior Bingo

This is simply a behavior-checking method that focuses only on the good sides. To achieve this, get a few rocks with magnets hot attached to the back. The students must put the rocks (with numbers painted) on the required square. After a line is filled, the class can receive their fixed rewards. This activity facilitates togetherness because students yearn for each other to get specific numbers to complete a line. 

  1. Personal Clip Chart

Various classroom management systems include clothespins, but virtually all include recording everyone’s clothespins on a single chart. The advantage of the individually assigned chart is for each student to be committed to their progress on their chart. It also sends a clear visual warning to students to help remove undue behaviors in its track.

  1. Classroom Data Sheets

Classroom data sheets are an exciting spin-off of the old standby behavior chart. This principle motivates each student to look at their behavior and lifestyle for a month. Students can take this report home for the signature of their parents. Bonus: this principle also doubles as a math lesson about graphs and charts. 

  1. Starbucks

Starbucks is an amusing play on Monopoly Money and Star Wars. Students get cash awards as compensation for their good behaviors, such as active listening or completing special services. On the other hand, students must pay a fine to the teacher if they blurt out answers. Students can spend their reminder money at the end of the week. (maybe every Friday afternoon)

  1. Classroom Coupons

Similar to Starbucks are the Class coupons. Rather than spending money with currency notes, coupons are given in exchange for certain things. Take, for instance, a student with a coupon for “switch seats” in which he could move his desk to be beside a friend. Other activities include extra computer minutes or using sunglasses at school.

  1. Daily Behavior Charts

This behavior chart monitors students’ behavior during each subject of the day. This enables each student to “recover” from a poor mark and perform better in the next periods of the day. Additionally, the chart doesn’t monitor negative behaviors; rather, it rates behavior with a number. Use this free and printable by clicking on the link below.

  1. Bee-havior Punch Cards

This game helps to encourage good behavior. Students are compensated for filling up a punch card. What happens after the card is filled in the student’s choice. Perhaps you have a small treasure chest where students claim prizes, or you award them free time. But whatever the compensation is, your students will be eager for their rewards with each punch in the cards.   

  1. Team Tables

What better way to monitor behavior than to instigate a healthy type of competition? This principle includes individual tables working mutually to earn points. It will facilitate togetherness among students and give them the hedge to practice good sportsmanship. When teamwork is recognized on a table, they are rewarded. Print and laminate these exciting labels, and you’ll be on your way to a lively, well-coordinated classroom.

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