10 Creative Ways To Use Diverse Books To Teach Social Responsibility


In a world where cultural diversity is increasingly prominent, it is essential for educators to make use of diverse books to teach social responsibility. These books can help students understand and appreciate different cultures, values, and perspectives while fostering empathy and compassion. Here are 10 creative ways to incorporate diverse books into lessons about social responsibility:

1. Storytelling Circle: Create a storytelling circle where students take turns reading passages from diverse books aloud, followed by discussions about the characters’ experiences, decisions, and the consequences of their actions.

2. Role-playing: Assign roles based on diverse book characters and have students practice making socially responsible decisions through role-play scenarios.

3. Artwork Creation: Encourage students to create artwork inspired by diverse book themes or characters that promote social responsibility, then discuss how their work reflects these values.

4. Problem-solving Group Work: Assign groups to tackle social issues explored in diverse books, then have them present their solutions to the class.

5. Comparison Analysis: Analyze similarities and differences between two culturally diverse books in terms of each one’s portrayal of social responsibility.

6. Connect local/global issues: Use diverse books as a starting point to discuss local or global social issues that pertain to the community or world as a whole.

7. Virtual World Tours: Have students virtually “visit” places described in diverse books using Google Earth or similar tools, discussing how location influences culture and social responsibility.

8. Collaborative Writing Projects: Pair up students from different cultural backgrounds and ask them to co-write a short story incorporating elements of both their cultures that highlight aspects of social responsibility.

9. Guest Speakers: Invite speakers from various cultural backgrounds to discuss their experiences related to a specific book’s theme on social responsibility.

10. Social Responsibility Action Plan: Encourage students to develop action plans on how they can contribute positively to society after reading diverse books. This can include volunteering, fundraising, or participating in community events that promote social responsibility.


Incorporating diverse books into lessons on social responsibility is a creative and effective way to promote inclusivity, empathy, and understanding among students. By using these 10 strategies mentioned above, teachers can create meaningful experiences for their students that will help them grow into socially responsible individuals who respect and appreciate the diverse world around them.

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