10 Disturbing Facts About Teen Dating Violence

According to Choose Respect (a national initiative), some dating patterns start early in life that cause violence throughout a person’s lifetime. This initiative aims to help youngsters in the age group of 11-14 years to keep away from abusive relationships.

Parents, teachers, and students in the US should be aware of the prevailing dating violence among teenagers in the nation. Based on the information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in eleven adolescents suffers from physical violence related to dating. The number of victims might be even more because most youngsters and adults prefer not to reveal their involvement in an abusive relationship. Besides this, some young people do not know what abuse is. If they are aware of the signs of abuse, they can avoid partners who mistreat them emotionally or physically.

Facts About Dating Violence Encountered by the Youth

The information provided by the Choose Respect initiative can enable the teenagers to understand the patterns of abusive relationships. In case they have encountered abuse, they will know that others have experienced the same thing, and it is possible to find someone who will respect them.

  1. Most teen dating violence takes place in the house of one of the dating partners.
  2. About seventy percent of young girls have suffered rape at the hands of someone they know, such as a friend, casual acquaintance, or boyfriend.
  3. About twenty percent of teenage girls said their partner threatened to harm themselves or commit violence if their relationship ended.
  4. About eighty percent of the young women who have been abused physically during dating continue to have a relationship with the abuser.
  5. Eighty percent of teenagers feel that verbal abuse is a severe problem.
  6. One out of three teenagers knows a peer or friend who has encountered violent actions like hitting, kicking, slapping, punching, or choking by their partner.
  7. Fifty-four percent of the students in high school have witnessed dating violence amongst their peers.
  8. About one out of five girls have been abused sexually or physically by their dating partner in high school.
  9. About one out of five adolescents have reported that they have suffered from emotional abuse.
  10. Every year about one out of four teenagers report physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse.

Ways to Combat Dating Violence amongst Teenagers

Teachers, counselors, friends, and parents should be vigilant about it. As soon as they notice any signs of abuse, they can talk to the victim.

Usually, abuse takes place in the houses of adolescents. So parents should watch the interactions of their children with their partners. They can forbid their partners from visiting them when there are no adults to supervise. If their child encounters dating violence, parents can provide therapy for them and inform law enforcement.

Parents’ relationships with their children play a significant role in preparing them for healthy dating partnerships. Youngsters who experience physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from caregivers, parents, or others might develop trauma. As a result, they may attract dating partners who are not safe. If parents love their children, treat them respectfully, and fulfill their emotional requirements, there will be fewer chances for them to enter into abusive relationships later.

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