10 Easy Science Fair Projects for Kids

Science fair projects are a rite of passage – and not just for the kids! Every parent that has had to help their child with a science fair project knows it can be an overwhelming experience. But, it doesn’t have to be! Science fair projects can be fun and easy. If you can help your child find a project that excites him or her, then you are on the right track.

We have put together a list of ten easy science fair projects for kids of all ages. Each of these experiments is designed to be done by kids (and not their parents). All you need to do is help them purchase the supplies and supervise. Leave the rest up to them! And, trust us, this is what your child’s teacher wants to happen.

  1. Gummy Bear: Shrink or Grow?

To teach osmosis and solubility, you will just need gummi bears and different liquids and solutions (water, salt water, vinegar, etc.). Children will place a gummi bear in each solution overnight and then measure the results.

  1. The Old Egg in a Bottle Trick

this old trick is an impressive experiment for kids to teach about the correlation between temperature and pressure,. Using just eggs, a wide mouth glass bottle, matches, and strips of paper, children will be able to make an egg “magically” fit through the bottle’s opening.

  1. Cabbage Acid-Base Indicator

Children will love this hands-on approach to learning how to identify an acid or a base just using purple cabbage and seeing colors change.

  1. Carnation Color Wonders

An uncomplicated way to teach the importance of the various parts of the flower, the carnation color experiment shows kids how stems provide nourishment to the whole plant.

  1. Polymers & Pampers

If your middle school scientist has a younger sibling at home in diapers, this is a great way to teach how polymers are essential for products like diapers.

  1. Make a Battery Using…

Anytime a kid can turn produce into a battery, it is fun! So, why not compare a lemon battery to a potato battery to see which one works better?

  1. Helmet Drop Test

The helmet drop test is a practical project to teach kids the importance of safety helmets. Simply gather different types of helmets and a several melons. Strap the helmets to the melons and drop each from the same height and measure the results.

  1. How Much Sugar is in that Soda?

Health-conscious parents will love this experiment because it teaches kids how much sugar is in their soft drinks. If you have soft drinks, sugar, and measuring cups, you can do this experiment in your kitchen.

  1. Ways to Clean a Penny

To teach children how acid reacts with salt works to remove the dullness of pennies, kids can do a simple experiment using salt and vinegar. They can also test other acids to compare results.

  1. Oranges: Float or Sink?

To teach kids about density, all you need are oranges and a bowl of water. You can add to this experiment by testing other fruits with peels.

Children will not only have fun completing these experiments, but they will also learn something new. Encourage them to ask questions and to search for answers. You may even learn something too!


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