10 Effective Ways to End Your Lessons

As a teacher, you want to end your lessons effectively, ensuring your students have understood the key concepts, and with them leaving the class feeling motivated and engaged. Below are ten ways to end your lessons:

1. Recap – Start by summarizing the key points of the lesson, highlighting what your students have learned.

2. Assignments- Assign your students homework, allowing them to apply what they have learned in the lesson or preparation for the next class.

3. Questions – Allow for student-led discussions by asking questions about the lesson. Encourage participation and ideas that extend beyond classwork.

4. Journaling – Ask your students to write about what they’ve learned, and how they think they can apply it to their everyday life.

5. Group Work – Assign group projects that relate to the lesson, encouraging collaboration and teamwork.

6. Video – Find a video that relates to the lesson that expands on what you have taught to complement their learning experience.

7. Brainstorming – Brainstorm your students’ ideas about a particular topic, focussing on the problem-solving process.

8. Reflection – Provide time for your students to reflect on their learning. Assist them with a specific question.

9. Exit Slip – Use an exit slip format where students are required to answer a few questions at the end of the class focused on critical learning points.

10. Fun Activity – Finish off the lesson with a fun activity that relates to the lesson, keeping students engaged.

In conclusion, end your lessons with focus and intentionality, and your students will achieve a greater level of understanding and be enthusiastic about the next lesson.  

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