10 Great Jobs For Kids

Is your child looking for a job that they obtain to make money? That’s precisely why we put together a list of jobs for easy-going kids and character building to boot.

  1. Babysitting

This one is a no-brainer…babysitting is everybody’s first job, right? Family members and neighbors will agree that date night is sexier when there’s a chance for quality childcare that doesn’t cost a fortune. This job is suitable for children 12 years and older, although y kids can still get paid to help out with a parent in the house. Tip: Some training in the way of a CPR class or, better yet, formal babysitter certification from the Red Cross will c strengthen your child’s resume.

  1. Lawn Mowing

A kid motivated to earn money is an excellent resource to tap for things that we tired grown-ups don’t really want to do. Case in point: lawn mowing—a pesky task that requires frequent follow-ups throughout the summer and could easily earn an eager beaver a quick buck. Of course, children who are interested in this type of job should be well-acquainted with the essential safety protocols of manning a mower before they start tackling the overgrowth.

  1. Errands for Elderly People

This wholesome, year-round job for tweens and teens boasts variety since elderly people often welcome assistance with various tasks. Whether it’s a grocery store run, a trip to the pharmacy, or a visit to the hardware store to change a lightbulb, elderly neighbors in your area would most certainly find a way to employ any kid willing to help.

  1. Homework Helper

Many parents may still use a little help when navigating their kid’s geometry assignment…but the steep prices that professional tutor commands are nothing to shake a stick at. Slightly older kids are ideal for filling this void since the material is relatively fresh and the services are more affordable. All parties will profit if your child puts in a few hours each week helping younger students manage their homework.

  1. Pet Sitting

Your kid may not be prepared to watch a rambunctious toddler, but taking care of your neighbor’s cat, for instance, is a relatively low-stakes job that most children can handle. The going rate for this one differs depending on where you live—but if your child earns a reputation for being a pet sitter, there will be lots of chances to earn some green doing everything from feeding fish to scooping litter boxes.

  1. Yard Work

Why stay at lawn mowing when yard work is an all-season hassle? Kids looking for work will likely find more than one taker when it comes time to rake leaves. Shovel snow, chop weeds, and plant seeds.

  1. Dog Walker

When pet owners travel, the animals will need a caretaker. Animal lovers won’t find this job onerous since it’s all about QT with furry four-legged friends. In fact, dog walking might be an advantageous way for a child to fill up their piggy bank.

  1. Lifeguard

This one is reserved for the best swimmers in the bunch. That said, any kid who can pass a lifeguard test will have it made in the shade…at least all summer, that is. Any job that means hanging out poolside or by the beach is an easy sell.

  1. Lemonade Stand

The lemonade stand—a tried-and-true introduction to entrepreneurship. Even the youngest kids can test this classic business model, and the results are always worth the effort. You’d have to have a heart of rocks to say no to a kid offering you lemonade on a hot day.

  1. Car Wash

This one is a classic business endeavor for kids. The car wash takes a bit more skill than a lemonade stand since the lemonade stand requires little more than the capacity to pour liquid into a cup. Kids of any can get in on the action, and the job itself is pretty fun for any child who enjoys water play on a hot day.

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