10 Interactive Morning Meeting Google Slides for January


Welcome to the new year! Morning meetings are a powerful way to kickstart the day, engage students and create a sense of community within your classroom. To help you build a vibrant and interactive morning meeting in January, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Interactive Morning Meeting Google Slides perfect for this snowy month.

1. New Year’s Resolution:

Start the year off right with an interactive slide that encourages students to share their New Year’s resolutions. Engage in a discussion about goal-setting and foster a supportive environment!

2. Winter Fun Bingo:

Bring some fun competition into your morning meetings with Winter Fun Bingo. Include activities like making snow angels, drinking hot chocolate, and reading by the fireplace for an engaging January icebreaker.

3. Snowflake Storytelling:

Develop students’ creative storytelling skills with this slide where each student adds on to an ever-growing story inspired by unique snowflake designs.

4. Thankful Thursdays:

Foster gratitude within your classroom with this heartwarming slide that encourages students to share what they are thankful for each Thursday.

5. January Trivia:

Stimulate young minds with fun and educational trivia questions centered around events that have happened throughout the month in history, literature, and more.

6. Inspirational Quote of the Week:

Share motivational quotes from famous personalities each Monday morning. Foster discussions and reflections on how students can apply the message to their own lives.

7. Winter-themed Would You Rather:

Develop critical thinking with fun winter-themed scenarios in this classic “Would You Rather” game slide!

8. Mindful Minute:

Help cultivate mindfulness among your students with mindfulness exercises or guided meditations each day as part of your morning meeting routine.

9. Cozy Reading Corner Show-and-Tell:

Promote literacy by encouraging students to share their favorite books or newly discovered reads during your January morning meetings.

10. Snowy Show-and-Tell:

Create a sense of excitement around the winter by asking students to share their favorite winter activity, snow day memory, or a unique snowflake-shaped item from home.


These 10 interactive morning meeting Google Slides are excellent tools for building classroom community and stimulating your student’s minds in January. Make your morning meetings more engaging and memorable by trying out these interactive prompts that encourage students to connect with one another and start their day on a positive note.

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