10 mandatory websites for international students

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A guest column by Julie Petersen

When you applied to a school in a different country, you were enthusiastic about the change. You expected to meet tons of friends and benefit from your freedom as much as possible. However, international studies come with huge responsibilities that will bring you back to reality.

Before you even start adapting to the new environment, you’ll realize that it’s hard to manage your expenses, understand your professors, and complete all academic projects you’re expected to submit. That’s why you need to rely on the following websites, which are meant to make the life and studies of an international student less stressful.

Educational Resources for International Students

  1. ElevateThis is your personal brain trainer! Elevate is an app that enables you to develop a comprehensive sets of reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills. They are all important for your education! The app is very entertaining, so you won’t even realize you’re boosting your English skills along the way. It doesn’t matter whether you get the correct answer or you make a mistake; you’ll always get a chance to practice more and become better.
  2. Common Errors in English UsageNo matter how hard you tried to master English grammar and vocabulary throughout your studies, it will be difficult to express yourself entirely in this language. You’ve been focused on grammar and syntax rules, but do you know which mistakes to avoid? At this website, you’ll get access to detailed explanations of the common errors in English usage. When you learn how to avoid these slips, you’ll instantly become a better speaker and writer.
  3. CliffsNotesAt this website, you’ll find effective study guides, literature notes, and test prep materials that will make your studies much easier. In addition, CliffsNotes offers words of the week and tips on how to enhance your lifestyle. When you don’t have a time to read a particular book for class, the literature notes in this database will save you from a bad grade.
  4. International StudentThis website is a necessary addition to your set of tools. It enables you to search for products and services for international students, such as insurance, loans, textbooks, prepaid SIM cards, and more. You can also use the Student Job Search tool if you’re ready to start making money throughout your studies abroad. The blog is awesome; it offers information on different majors, so you’ll understand which degree will ensure you the best future.
  5. AU-Assignment-Help.comAt this website, you can get professional writing assistance for any academic project. The project was launched by Australian educators, who understood that most students faced difficulties when they had to write essays, assignments, research papers and other projects. When you ask for help, you’ll be paired with a tutor who understands the particular area of study, so you’ll get detailed guidance through the planning and writing process. This learning experience will certainly help you meet the expectations of the professors in your university.

Tools that Help You Balance Your Lifestyle

  1. WhatsAppWhatsApp is available as a web-based tool and an app for Android and iOS. It will enable you to catch up with your friends and family at any time. If you have a girlfriend back home, it will be easier to maintain the relationship knowing that you’re always be available for each other. In addition, WhatsApp is a great tool for organizing study sessions and meet-ups with your new friends.
  2. Google MapsWhen you find yourself in an unknown city, it’s hard to get to the right places on time. That’s why you have Google Maps – a tool that will always help you find the right way. The tool works well in warning you about crowded traffic. It also shows bike routes, so you’ll have no problem finding your way regardless of the type of transport you choose.
  3. Converter PlusThe new currency can make spending confusing. You might never be aware of the amounts you spend, so you can easily end up wasting $20 on tea. Don’t make such mistakes. Converter Plus is an awesome app that enables you to convert currencies and units in an extensive list of categories. Suddenly, you’ll understand that the need to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and Meters to Feet is not that frustrating after all.
  4. OnTreesWhen your budget is limited, it’s difficult to decide what expenses are mandatory and which ones you can live without. OnTrees will help you manage your money effectively. You can track your activity and see how much you are spending on a daily basis. Then, you can analyze the expenses according to type, data and account. When you have such detailed presentation of your expenses, it will be easier for you to plan them thoughtfully.
  5. EventbriteYou don’t want to miss a concert, an exhibition, or another cultural event in the new city? Eventbrite will help you realize the lifestyle you imagined when you planned your studies in another country. The tool enables you to search by location and buy tickets for different events you are interested in. Plus, you’ll see which of your friends are attending, so you can easily find company.

International students have to invest double efforts if they want to achieve the goals they have set. The new environment imposes many challenges, but there is no issue you cannot overcome without commitment. You’ll also need the right resources to support you on that journey, so you should start exploring the above-listed websites with no delay.               


Julie Petersen is a young blogger and writer, who features the latest educational and career trends in her articles. At present time she is working on her first ebook dedicated to e-learning technologies. You can contact her via LinkedIn.

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