10 Must Read Gamification Blogs

At its heart, gamification is about turning a non-game activity into a game. Gamification can involve any or all of the standard elements of game-playing, including point-scoring, rules and competition with others. Gamification certainly isn’t unique or new to education, but it’s increasingly popular with K-12 teachers as a way to encourage engagement among students who are not typically motivated by standard classroom learning.

It’s still a growing field, but there are plenty of resources out there for educators keen to bring some gamification into their curriculum. One great way to stay abreast of innovations and developments within gamification is to read blogs: here are 10 of the best.

  1. Alice Keeler. Teacher and innovator Alice Keeler is a proponent of both edtech and gamification, and her personal blog is packed with great resources on everything from game theory to getting the best use out of Google Classroom.
  2. Gamifier. Gamifier are a gamification consultancy firm who offer training and strategy development to businesses and schools. Their blog is an outstanding free resource.
  3. SweetRush. SweetRush are all about employing tech to enhance learning, whether in education or the professional sphere. They’re advocates of e-learning and gamification, and their website features a lot of interesting insight into gamification in the real world.
  4. Gamification Co. The clue’s in the name: Gamification Co are dedicated to gamification, and provide everything from strategies to general tips, along with current news about gamification being used in the real world by everyone from schools to multinational corporations.
  5. Gamified UK. Written in the UK, Gamified UK remains an important resource for educators interested in gamification worldwide. If you’re interested in learning about gamification or game theory more broadly, this is a great place to start.
  6. Gamification of Work. It’s focused more on the world of business than on education, but one of the great things about game theory is that it can applied across a range of different fields and still yield positive results.
  7. Yu-Kai Chou. Promising to help you learn how to use gamification to make a positive impact on your work and life, this blog is focused on personal and professional applications of gamification.
  8. eLearning Industry. The eLearning Industry blog doesn’t solely focus on gamification, but game theory and edtech go hand in hand and there are ample resources on both – and how they work together – here.
  9. Kapp Notes. Karl Kapp is interested in learning and development, and has a particular focus on innovative uses of technology (such as gamification) to facilitate learning.
  10. Epic Win Blog. Victor Manrique is all about putting the theory of gamification into practice, and provides some unique and colourful resources for doing that on his personal blog.

Did we forget any?


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