10 Myths Dispelled About Online High Schools

Are you wondering if online schooling is good enough? Do colleges admit students who attend high school online? You can read on to clear all your doubts about doing your high school studies online.

Myth 1 – Online Schools Are Only for Teenagers

Distance learning is a convenient option for adult learners. Several online schools provide high school classes to adults. They give them a chance to get a diploma and continue working on their jobs.

Myth 2 – Students Who Study Online Cannot Take Part in Extracurricular Activities

Some distance learning schools organize excursions for their students. Moreover, you can get permission to participate in some activities in your local traditional school. You also have a chance to get involved in community classes, clubs, and volunteerism.

Myth 3 – Students Who Study Online Do Not Get Sufficient Physical Activity

In many online schools, the students have to fulfill a physical education requirement to graduate. Many students taking online classes take part in community sports and athletic activities. Moreover, some traditional schools permit local students studying online to join their school’s sports programs.

Myth 4 – Credits Earned Through Online Classes Will Not Transfer to Public Schools

If you study in an accredited online school, your credits get transferred to regular schools. But some traditional schools have different requirements for graduation compared to online high school. Only, in that case, the credits are not transferred.

Myth 5 – Students Do Less Work In Online School Than Regular School Students

Students who study online probably do their work more quickly because they don’t have time schedules, transition periods, breaks, and classroom disturbances.

Myth 6 – Students Who Study Online Do Not Get Enough Opportunities To Socialize

Many online students interact with other students who live nearby. They connect with others through community activities and outings. They also have an opportunity to contact their classmates through live chat, email, and message boards.

Myth 7 – Online Schools Charge High Fees

The fees for some online schools may be high. However, there are quality high schools that charge less. There are a few state-sponsored schools. They allow the students to learn free of charge. The best part is that few charter schools provide free tutoring, internet access, computer, and specialized materials to students.

Myth 8 – Online Classes Do Not Have the Same Quality and Rigor As Regular Classes

Some students are under the impression that online classes are not as challenging as regular schools. But this is not true. Some public school classes are also not sufficiently challenging. Both online and regular schools can have different difficulty levels in various subjects and courses.

Myth 9 – Online Schools Are For Students Who Have Behavioral Problem

Some online classes suit students who are not able to adjust to the social environment of regular schools. But several schools fulfill the needs of gifted students, pupils who want to study a particular topic, students from different religious backgrounds, and adult learners.

Myth 10 – Colleges Do Not Accept Online School Diplomas

All the colleges and universities in the country accept diplomas received from online high schools. The only condition is that you should get it from an accredited online school. This sort of certification has the same value as a diploma from a traditional public school.

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