10 Not-to-Miss Education Conferences in 2019

It’s not too soon to plan for your attendance at the best education conferences in 2019. Tight budgets and a pressing need to miss the fewest days of instruction as possible require that you choose the right conference for your professional development needs.

General conferences of interest to all

These conferences offer something for everyone, and many of the concepts presented can be applied in any discipline.

1. 7th Annual Deeper Learning Conference March 27-29, 2019/San Diego, CA

Teachers and education leaders will convene at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education in San Diego, California, to solve real problems in education by networking, generating solutions, and reflecting on personal practice. (Registration: $750)

2. 5th Annual Personalized Learning Summit May 14-16, 2019/Atlanta, GA

This conference attracts attendees from around not only the nation but also the world. You’ll have access to breakout sessions, coaching, presentations, simulations, and roundtable discussions related to the theme “Building Networks, Transforming Education.” (Registration: TBD)

3. PBL World June 18-20, 2019/Napa Valley, CA

Although it’s called a conference, PBL World is no ordinary professional development event. Educators wanting to improve their knowledge and skills in project-based learning participate in an intense institute over several days. (Registration: TBD)

4. 81st Annual ITEEA Conference March 27-30, 2019/Kansas City, KA

Technology and engineering instruction take center stage at the 2019 International Technology and Engineering Educators Association Conference. Educators will learn how these two fields invigorate STEM instruction. (Registration: $360)

5. National Charter Schools Conference June 30-July 3, 2019/Las Vegas, NV

The National Charter Schools Conference serves as the hub of everything having to do with charter schools. The four-day event centers around advocacy, instruction, governance, leadership, and operations. (Registration: TBD)

6. ASCD Empower19 March 16-18, 2019/Chicago, IL

The Association for the Supervision of Curriculum Development offers a rich array of professional development sessions for educators. Experts, researchers, and peers share best practices, and pre-conference institutes are available. (Registration: $499)

Conferences for specific age groups of students

Two age groups in particular present unique challenges for educators, and for that reason, you find that these two conferences will address your concerns.

7. Best Early Childhood Education Conference  February 6-9, 2019/Chicago, IL

Opening Minds USA brings together leaders and influencers from all industries to focus on research and best practices for young children. (Registration: $180)

8. Annual Conference for Middle Level Education November 7-9, 2019/Nashville, TN

Middle school education takes special skill and patience, and every educator who wants to learn more about best practices in grades 5-9 will want to attend this conference because it has everything from Active Learning to Young Adolescent Development. (Registration: TBD)

Discipline-specific conferences

Because of the intense focus on reading and mathematics, you’ll want to stay abreast of the latest trends in these disciplines.

9. NCTE November 21, 25-26, 2019/Baltimore, MD

The National Council of Teachers of English offers educators the opportunity to strengthen instructional practices and renew their passion for English literacy. Attendees learn, engage, network and meet authors. (Registration: TBD)

10. NCTM April 3-6, 2019/San Diego, CA

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics brings like-minded math teachers together to learn about the latest instructional practices related to assessment, student strengths, professionalism, and more. (Registration: $405)

Plan early; you won’t want to miss any of these opportunities for learning and networking.

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