10 of the Best College Marching Bands

Football players leave the field for the locker rooms during halftime, leaving the band on the field to play and perform. American football halftime displays, including marching bands, are a tradition and a favorite among many spectators. Everyone is enthralled by the stunning choreography, glitzy clothes, and clear steps. Bands around the nation perform precise exercises and blast fantastic music until the stadium shakes. The pride and apex of school enthusiasm and marching bands are most often observed during college football games.

America is home to hundreds of incredible marching bands, but we only wanted to showcase a few. We considered lively formations, choreography, well-known performances, and audience passion for highlighting our favorites. Here are 10 outstanding college marching bands, suitable for both casual viewers, students, and die-hard marching band enthusiasts.

The 10 Best College Marching Bands

Texas A&M Aggie Band

Texas is a state where everything is larger, even the marching bands. The Texas Aggie Band is the biggest military marching band, with over 400 members. This marching band may train for up to 40 hours a week and is well-known for its powerful sound and accurate, traditional drill. They dedicate themselves to it full-time, and it shows on game day.

University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band

The Spirit of Troy, sometimes referred to as “Hollywood’s Band,” has appeared in several motion pictures and television programs, such as Forrest Gump, the Little Rascals, and Hello Dolly. This band is extremely remarkable, even off-screen. Additionally, it has 34 times more Rose Bowl appearances than any other college band!

Ohio State University Marching Band

The renowned “Dotting of the I” is well known to even those without knowledge of marching bands. It is what makes the pregame display of the Ohio State University marching band famous. Someone stands as the dot of the I in the Ohio script that the band has fashioned; it is a custom that dates back to the 1930s. The group is one of the biggest percussion and all-brass ensembles. The band is well-known for its incredible practice. You can tell they’re genuine if you’ve seen the viral footage of them doing the Michael Jackson moonwalk across the field or having Link’s faithful horse Epona (from the Legend of Zelda games) gallop into the end zone.

University of Tennessee Pride of the Southland Band

Over 110 years ago, this historic band was founded as a cornet-only group that has now developed into a full-fledged marching band. Since 1965, they have played at every presidential inauguration (apart from 2013). This incredible band is widely recognized for its kaleidoscopic formations and circle drill. These specific components are what astonish each audience that sees them.

University of Texas Longhorn Band

Return to Texas for another enormous band! The Longhorn band has a rich history. They choose to march while playing timeless music. Some of the most popular songs include “Rawhide,” “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” “William Tell Overture,” and “Deep in the Heart of Texas.” The band is renowned as the “Showband of the Southwest” for a good cause and is full of pride and history.

Purdue University “All-American” Marching Band

Contrary to popular belief, the Purdue marching band was established one year before the football team. The Purdue All-American Marching Band has continued to perform ever since. It is the most well-known marching band in the Big Ten and has a few notable former members, including tubist Orville Redenbacher and baritone Neil Armstrong.

Ohio University Marching 110

The band’s moniker, “110,” pays homage to the band’s first 110 members, who have since been joined by 245 more. The 110 now stands for the “110% effort” that is put into performance, memorization, and practice. The Marching 110 has been in several foreign venues, including Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and more than 40 NFL halftime performances.

Penn State Blue Band

The Drum and Bugle Corps of the Blue Band was established in 1899 with just 6 members. The Blue Band, which now has 320 members, also has included twirlers, silks, majorettes, and a drum major. They have appeared in fashion shows and publications, performed at several bowl games abroad, and more. Describe your stardom!

University of Michigan Marching Band

There are several achievements of the University of Michigan Marching Band to be proud of. The Big Ten marching band performed in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena for the first time in 1948, at the NFL Super Bowl in 1973, and the Rose Bowl and Yankee Stadium in the same season in 1950. In 1982, they were the first marching band to take home the Sudler Trophy, sometimes referred to as the Heisman of the marching band world. They have earned their success, and the whole world can see it.

What Makes a Great Marching Band?

A fantastic marching band performance combines choreography, musical instruments, and enthusiastic audience participation. Whether you’re watching a pregame or halftime display, marching bands are a crucial component of college athletics. The cheerleaders, mascot, and spectators work together to create the game day atmosphere. Each performance includes school pride, a quick cadence, meticulous script drafting, and more. You will have a better time in college if you participate in the fun. You may enjoy a fantastic performance while watching a football game at home or abroad.

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