10 of the Best Principal Stunts We’ve Ever Seen


Principals everywhere have been known to take on unusual stunts to inspire school spirit, raise funds for their communities, and create memorable experiences for their students. Some of these stunts become local and even national news. Here are ten of the best principal stunts we’ve ever seen.

1. Bungee Jumping for Books

Principal Michael Kapolka took to the skies to motivate his students to read. For every 100 books they read collectively, Kapolka bungee jumped before his entire school at a special assembly, thrilling students and demonstrating that learning can be an exhilarating adventure.

2. Dance Marathon Principal

In a display of relentless stamina and pep, Principal Jim Allen from Kershaw Elementary danced continuously for 24 hours straight, partnering with multiple students from his school throughout the marathon dance session to promote positivity and unity.

3. Roof-Camping Principal

Dr. Dan Fox promised his students he’d camp out on the roof of their school if they met a certain fundraising goal — which they did! So, Dr. Fox literally elevated his commitment by spending the night atop the building in a tent, accompanied by cheers from his proud students below.

4. Lip-Sync Battle Champ

In an effort to boost morale and encourage creativity among her students, Principal Jennifer Sinclair organized a school-wide lip-sync battle in which she enthusiastically participated. Donning a flashy outfit and showcasing her own lip-sync skills, she became an instant champion among her student body.

5. Monster Truck Rally Ride

Principal Brian Bettis fulfilled every child’s dream when he got behind the wheel of a monster truck during an all-school assembly, as a reward for student accomplishment in physical fitness and sportsmanship challenges held throughout the year.

6. Superhero Rappel Entrance

When his school exceeded their fundraising goal for new technology equipment, Principal Adam Kohnen knew he had to do something special. Channeling his inner Superman, Kohnen rappelled from the roof of the school dressed in a cape and superhero attire, delighting students with a surprise grand entrance.

7. Dancing Principal at Traffic Duty

Is traffic duty a bore? Not if you’re dancing principal Jennifer Douglass. To encourage kindness and boost the mood, Douglas took on traffic duty at her school while showing off her best dance moves, much to the delight of students and parents alike.

8. Sumo Wrestling Showdown

Two principals, one sumo wrestling match — it doesn’t get much better than this! Principal Richard Fisher and his fellow administrator, Principal Jared Anderson, faced off in a humorous sumo wrestling duel to promote fundraising efforts for their schools.

9. Slime Shower Spectacle

In an ooey-gooey and unforgettable spectacle, Principal Carla Brunberg agreed to be showered with slime when her students surpassed their goals in a reading challenge. The slimy event brought laughter and excitement to the school community while demonstrating dedication to literacy.

10. Principal-Powered Carnival Ride

When his students excelled at their reading challenge, Principal Jeffrey Sipiorski went above and beyond for them — he transformed himself into human carnival ride by spinning each student around by their arms during an all-school assembly! The cheerful event left everyone dizzy with excitement.


These daring principals remind us that going above and beyond for students can lead to memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s dancing or skydiving into their hearts, these ten principal stunts prove that administrators are willing to step out of their comfort zones to inspire joy and learning in exciting ways!

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