10 Pet-Friendly Colleges

Eckerd College, Lees-McRae College, and Stetson University are some schools that accept pets (including dogs and cats). Check out this college list that lets you bring your furry pals if you are a pet owner preparing to depart for college and can’t bear to leave your cherished animal buddy behind. These schools and universities know that going to college with friends is far more enjoyable. Please click the links to learn more about each organization’s pet rules.

10 Colleges That Allow Pets

  1. Eckerd College

Students can apply to live with a small animal during their first semester at Eckerd, but bigger pets are permitted in the second semester. At Eckerd, numerous distinct, pet-friendly housing facilities exist where owners may lodge their dogs, cats, and even ducks. Small animals in cages or tanks are permitted in all halls in addition to these amenities.

  1. Lees-McRae College

After completing two semesters of college housing, Lees-McRae students are permitted to bring a family pet to live with them on campus, subject to age, size, and breed limitations. The college accepts the most common breed dogs and has numerous certified pet-friendly housing options. Pets are welcome on campus, and faculty and employees are encouraged to bring them.

  1. Stephens College

Stephens has permitted numerous animal breeds on campus for more than 10 years. Even if they cannot bring their pets to school, students may still participate in the pet-friendly culture by fostering a pet from a nearby shelter until it finds a permanent home. And even if your animal is not on their list of “approved pets,” you may still ask the Office of Student Development about it.

  1. Stetson University

Two of Stetson’s resident halls are pet-friendly, and the university has a service dog program that lets students raise and train potential assistance canines. Faculty and staff personnel are also permitted to bring well-behaved dogs to work. You do not need to apply for animal-friendly housing if you own a fish.

  1. Washington and Jefferson College

The Pet House (also known as Monroe Hall), a pet-friendly dorm at W&J, can accommodate up to 32 students and their pets. The Pet House is open to dogs, cats, and small animals. All other resident halls accept fish. Of course, there are limits on the number of permitted breeds.

  1. University of Northern Colorado

Two resident halls on campus, Belford Hall and Lawrenson Hall are pet-friendly. Beginning with the 2022–2023 academic year, Belford will be wholly devoted to pet-friendly single rooms, whereas Lawrenson only permits cats and dogs in designated pet wings. Pets must be older than six months and are restricted to one per room.

  1. Johnson and Wales University–Providence

There are two pet-friendly dormitories on each campus of Johnson and Wales University. Pets must be of a state-approved breed and not be toxic or endangered. The institution has been home to dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs, and other creatures.

  1. University of Illinois

In one of its resident halls with apartment-style layouts, UI permits up to two pets per room. Exotic pets are not included in the definition of companion animals, which includes all animals commonly thought of as house pets. Students may also have a fish tank with a capacity of 50 gallons!

  1. MIT

Since 2000, cats have been permitted in two of MIT’s twelve buildings. MIT does not mandate that your cat is above a specific age or that it had lived with your family before you moved to a school with it, in contrast to certain college pet regulations. Other pets, including fish in aquariums no bigger than 20 gallons, are not permitted.

  1. SUNY Canton

Since 1997, SUNY Canton has featured a “Pet Wing”! Dogs, birds, snakes, and spiders are prohibited, but cats, fish, ferrets, and other small animals are permitted. It’s vital to remember that there is a space restriction and that these dorm rooms are alcohol-free.

Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals

Only a few universities let dogs on their campuses solely for entertainment and companionship, but all campuses must allow emotional support and service animals. Federal rules are enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Housing Act (FHA) mandate that service animals and emotional support animals be equally permitted on public and private campuses. If you believe this relates to you, make sure you know these federal statutes.

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