10 Safety Topics That Education Leaders Should Discuss With Their Faculty and Staff

Raising awareness of relevant safety topics for work is critical in fostering a safe and healthy workplace culture and environment. This article will discuss ten safety topics that education leaders should discuss with their faculty and staff.

  1. Slips, trips, and falls 

Slips, trips, and falls happen more than one could anticipate at work. Among the common factors of these incidents are wet surfaces, poor lighting, unsuitable footwear, and uneven walkways.

  1. Proper use of Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment refers to specialized clothing and equipment that protect industrial workers dealing with hazardous chemicals, heavy construction materials, loud equipment, and health care providers working around patients exposed to infectious diseases. If your business falls under any high-risk industry requiring such protective equipment, it is integral that you keep open communication with your team and discuss the specific type of PPE they need for their job and its proper use, storage, and maintenance.

  1. Drugs and Alcohol Misuse at Work

Drugs and alcohol could hamper your employees’ physical and mental state, causing many problems at work, like loss of production, and worse, fatalities and accidents. Hosting a training or seminar on this safety topic for work will help open their thoughts regarding these substances’ physical and health risks and encourage them to become responsible for building a safe, drug-free environment. Employees.

  1. Road and Driver Safety

While it’s impossible to promise 100% safety on the road, you can reduce accidents by improving your team’s knowledge about the common road hazards and the safest practices they can adopt while driving. Tackling this safety topic for work is more crucial if you manage transport and shipping truck drivers, who are required to expedite products and services in the quickest but safest way possible to satisfy customer demands.

  1. Electrical Safety

While it’s needless to say that tackling electrical safety hazards is crucial for electricians, construction workers, mechanics, and others in similar fields, this safety topic for work will benefit office-based employees alike. These days, most work activities rely heavily on gadgets, tools, and equipment that operate on electricity.

  1. Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans

No industry is exempt from fire hazards. A fire breakout can occur anytime, from loose wires and overloaded plugs in the office rooms to inadequate storage of combustible materials in manufacturing facilities.

  1. The Basics of First Aid 

First aid is emergency care given to an ill or injured person until a professional medical service arrives. It can help save lives, impede temporary and long-term disabilities, and prevent an emergency situation from becoming worse. It makes a good business strategy to educate your workers on the basics of first aid as it will enable you to secure a healthier workplace environment for your workers.

  1. Fatigue & Stress Management 

One safety topic for work that is worth discussing with your team is coping with fatigue and stress management. They result from skipping lunch breaks and missing days and weeks of sleep due to long work periods, hefty workloads, and deadlines. If not addressed, they can impair cognitive and body functioning, sometimes permanent impairment, and long-term

  1. COVID-19 Awareness and Preparedness

Finally, the last item on the list is increasing your organization’s awareness about COVID-19 and improving their preparedness and response action. Among the top ways to reduce the chances of COVID-19 is to provide your team with accurate information about the disease, like how it expands and what symptoms to look out for.


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