10 Things Instagram Made Me Buy for My Classroom

With the rise of social media, teachers are finding inspiration and resources for their classrooms through platforms like Instagram. The educational community on Instagram is vast, and it’s not surprising that teachers often fall in love with creative ideas they discover. In the spirit of sharing, here are 10 things Instagram made me buy for my classroom.

1. Flexible seating options

Flexible seating is all about giving students the option to choose where they sit and how they learn best in the classroom. From wobble stools to floor cushions, I was inspired to create an inviting space for diverse learning styles.

2. Inspirational posters

Instagram is full of motivational quotes and thought-provoking reminders. I found a plethora of beautiful posters with powerful words that I knew would resonate with my students, creating a positive atmosphere in the room.

3. Interactive bulletin boards

Why settle for ordinary when you can make your bulletin boards interactive? Instagram exposed me to various ways to engage my students using everything from felt boards to magnetized displays.

4. Dry erase wall decals

Another fantastic idea I discovered was using dry erase wall decals. They provide an additional space for collaboration and creativity without taking up too much room or investing in bulky whiteboards.

5. Colorful storage solutions

Staying organized is crucial, and it doesn’t need to be dull. I’ve enhanced my classroom’s aesthetic by incorporating colorful storage bins, magazine holders, and bookshelves that made organization fun and visually appealing.

6. Book leveling stickers

To help my students find books at their reading level easily, I purchased book leveling stickers after seeing them used effectively on Instagram by other teachers.

7. Classroom library décor

As a passionate advocate of reading, I wanted my classroom library to be an enchanting place where students feel encouraged to explore literature. Instagram provided limitless ideas—from cozy nooks with fairy lights to eye-catching bookshelf displays.

8. STEM kits

Instagram opened my eyes to the world of STEM education, inspiring me to incorporate science, technology, engineering, and math activities into my curriculum. I bought various hands-on STEM kits that my students could use during free time or as part of our lessons.

9. Mindfulness tools

Promoting mindfulness in the classroom has become increasingly popular, and Instagram introduced me to various tools such as stress balls, fidget spinners, and calming jars that aid in student focus and relaxation.

10. Customized teacher planner

Finally, I invested in a customized teacher planner featuring inspirational quotes inside after seeing countless Instagram posts about their value in keeping lesson plans organized and staying on track throughout the year.

In conclusion, Instagram has proven to be an invaluable resource for discovering new ideas and implementing exciting changes within my classroom. The platform has not only made me a better teacher but has also fostered a community connected by a shared passion for learning.

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