10 Things Principals Can Do To Support Tired Teachers Right Now


Teaching is a highly demanding profession, and with the ongoing pandemic, increased workloads, and the daily challenges that come with shaping young minds, educators are feeling more tired and overwhelmed than ever. As a principal, it’s vital to recognize these challenges and support teachers in order to maintain a positive school environment. Here are ten things principals can do to support tired teachers right now:

1. Offer words of appreciation:

A simple ‘thank you’ or acknowledgement of a job well done goes a long way in making teachers feel valued and appreciated for their hard work.

2. Create a wellness program:

Establishing an in-school wellness program can ensure that teachers have access to resources promoting relaxation and stress relief, such as yoga classes, breathing exercises, or workshops on mindfulness.

3. Provide opportunities for professional development:

Offering teachers opportunities for growth through professional development workshops or courses is not only beneficial for expanding knowledge but can also indirectly instill motivation and help alleviate fatigue.

4. Allocate time for self-care:

Arrange staff schedules in such a way that allows time for mental health breaks, personal appointments, exercise, or even just moments of silence during the day to provide much-needed relief for overwhelmed educators.

5. Facilitate open communication:

Encourage regular check-ins with staff members where they can discuss their concerns or challenges without fear of judgment. This fosters positive relationships within the faculty and allows problems to be addressed before they escalate.

6. Reevaluate workload distribution:

Distribute workload fairly among staff members by routinely evaluating lesson planning, assignments, and other administrative tasks; this ensures that no teacher is unfairly burdened with additional responsibilities.

7. Encourage collaboration:

Foster an environment where teachers can brainstorm together on solutions to everyday challenges they may face in the classroom or school environment. Sometimes two heads are better than one when it comes to finding solutions.

8. Provide access to counseling services:

Having access to mental health counseling within the school can be instrumental in supporting struggling teachers. Setting up an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which connects faculty with resources beyond school walls, can also help address more complex issues.

9. Prioritize work-life balance:

Recognize that teachers are more effective in their roles when they feel rejuvenated;  encourage them to take time off and leave work at work as much as possible.

10. Incorporate appreciation events:

Organize staff appreciation events such as staff breakfasts, lunches, or holiday parties to show gratitude and boost morale among your teaching staff.


By implementing these ten strategies, principals can provide crucial support for their tired teachers, leading to increased job satisfaction, better overall school performance, and improved student learning outcomes. Remember, if you take care of the faculty, the faculty will take care of the school.

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