10 Unexpected Ideas for Utilizing Smart Plugs


Smart plugs, these small devices with the ability to turn ordinary household electronics into smart devices, have become increasingly popular with the rise of smart home technology. They’re easy to use, relatively affordable, and compatible with a range of devices. However, many people may not know the full extent of their capabilities. In this article, we’ll explore 10 unexpected ideas for utilizing smart plugs to simplify your life and make your home even smarter.

1. Scheduling Your Coffee Maker

Some people cannot kick-start their day without a fresh cup of coffee in the mornings. With a smart plug, you can schedule your coffee maker to automatically start brewing at a specific time, ensuring that your coffee is ready when you wake up.

2. Controlling Aquariums

Smart plugs can also be helpful for those who keep fish in their homes. You can schedule the aquarium pumps and lights to turn on and off automatically according to your desired routine.

3. Managing Electric Blankets

On cold nights, you no longer need to wait for your electric blanket to heat up after getting into bed. By connecting it to a smart plug, your blanket can be switched on beforehand and reach the perfect temperature by bedtime.

4. Enhancing Home Security

You can deter would-be intruders by setting your lights, TVs, or radios to turn on intermittently when you’re not at home with a smart plug. This will give the appearance that someone is present even when you’re away.

5. Saving Power on Electronics

Smart plugs are excellent tools for conserving energy by cutting off power supply from devices on standby mode. You can set schedules for when these devices should be disconnected from power sources—saving electricity and lowering utility bills in the process.

6. Managing Outdoor Lighting

Landscaping lighting or even holiday decorations can be controlled with a smart plug. Schedule when they should turn on and off, making it easy to automate and manage your outdoor lighting throughout the year.

7. Monitoring Energy Usage

Some smart plugs come with energy monitoring features, allowing you to keep track of how much energy your devices consume. This information can help you make informed decisions about your energy consumption and develop strategies to save energy (and money).

8. Ensuring Slow Cooked Meals Are Ready when You Get Home

By connecting a slow cooker to a smart plug, you can control when it starts cooking, ensuring your dinner is piping hot and ready when you arrive home.

9. Streamlining Nursery Routines

Parents can automate their baby’s bedtime routine by connecting essential nursery electronics such as white noise machines or nightlights to smart plugs. Schedule these devices to turn on when it’s time for sleep, creating a calming environment for infants.

10. Safely Managing Power Tools

Smart plugs can also be used to disable dangerous power tools when not in use, preventing accidents and injuries resulting from unintended activation.


Smart plugs offer numerous creative and practical ways of simplifying our lives while promotingenergy efficiency. By expanding your usage beyond the typical applications, you can fully exploit their potential in enriching your smart home experience.

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