100 Attributes of Effective Education Leaders

Are you wondering what the attributes of effective education leaders are? Check out our list.

A leader is someone who…

  1. Views the big picture
    2. Behaves strategically
    3. Centers on the future
    4. Creates the vision
    5. Demonstrates a strong business acumen
    6. Creates the direction
    7. Works for continuous improvement
    8. Views a cross-functional, cross-organizational view
    9. Behaves critically
    10. Centers on the customer
    11. Possesses strong interpersonal skills
    12. Talks with transparency
    13. Shows clear messages
    14. Expresses in an impactful way
    15. Provides effective speaking presentations
    16. Provides open, honest, and direct feedback
    17. Hears to understand
    18. Raises the correct questions at the right time
    19. Disrupts complex information into simple terms
    20. Cooperates comfortably with people at all levels
    21. Remains positive and constructive during difficult conversations
    22. Discovers middle ground and a path forward
    23. Oversees crises and conflict with ease
    24. Moves above and beyond
    25. Centers on results
    26. Loves to succeed
    27. Leads results
    28. Things get done
    29. Remains goal-oriented and solution-focused
    30. Shows decisiveness
    31. Is decisive in times of ambiguity
    32. Achieves difficult tasks despite obstacles
    33. Oozes energy and determination
    34. Advocates for what she or he believes in
    35. Exemplifies a positive attitude
    36. PossessesPossesses tenacity and curiosity
    37. Works to accomplish what they commit to doing
    38. Assumes ownership
    39. Assumes charge and assumes responsibility
    40. Creates high standards
    41. Possesses excellent organizational and execution skills
    42. Facilitates course corrects when needed
    43. Assumes risks
    44. Fearless
    45. Oozes passion, honesty, and dependability
    46. Gains trust
    47. Cooperates
    48. Works with integrity and fairness
    49. Possesses a thirst for learning
    50. Passes on know-how
    51. Demonstrates empathy
    52. Supportive and caring
    53. Remains calm in difficult situations
    54. Possesses leadership presence
    55. Leaders by example
    56. Works as a role model
    57. Wins the respect of people at all levels of the organization
    58. Advocates up for what they believe in
    59. An influencer
    60. Motivates and empowers others
    61. Inspires others during times of uncertainty
    62. Impacts without authority
    63. Manages across functions to get the job done
    64. Operates up, down, and across
    65. Connects differing points of view
    66. Creates teams and fosters teamwork
    67. Encourages a sense of community
    68. Adjusts their message to the environment
    69. Motivates  people to achieve a common goal
    70. Makes a shared sense of purpose
    71. Connects  work to the organization’s goals to inspire action
    72. Inspires people and aligns them around team goals
    73. Guarantees team spirit is upbeat
    74. Creates collaborative teams and guides them to execute big projects
    75. Encourages people to act and move toward goals
    76. Delegates
    77. Creates clear expectations
    78. Lets others do their jobs without micromanaging
    79. Allows others to be successful
    80. Takes away obstacles from a team’s path
    81. Provides positive and constructive feedback
    82. Enables people to learn from mistakes
    83. Grows strong talent
    84. Coaches and develops people
    85. Encourages others
    86. Gives people the tools and autonomy to get things done
    87. Behaves as a strong advocate for those they manage and mentor
    88.  Gives credit where it is due
    89. Honors others’ achievements
    90. Praises  good performance
    91. Allows opportunities for visibility
    92. Directs successes to those who contributed
    93. Creates up team members and helps them grow
    94. Comprehends the motivations of others to inspire them in their work
    95. Recognizes and utilizes others’ strengths
    96. Urges others to do their best
    97. Worries about the well-being of the team
    98. Loves seeing others succeed
    99. Brings out the best in people
    100. Helps others be successful
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