100 Biblical Baby Names and Their Meanings

Are you a religious or spiritual person who wants to give their child a biblical name but wants to choose the right name and be sure of its meaning? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of 100 biblical baby names and their meanings.

Abigail: My father’s joy

Ada: Noble, happy, adorned (German)

Anna: Favor, grace

Bethany: House of figs, house of affliction

Candace: Queen, pure

Chloe: New growth

Damaris: Calf or tame and gentle

Deborah: Bee

Delilah: Delicate

Dinah: Judged

Elizabeth: My God is an oath

Esther: Star

Eunice: Good victory

Eve: Giver of life

Hagar: Flight

Jael: Mountain goat

Jemimah: Dove

Joanna: God is gracious

Judith: Woman from Judea

Kezia: Cinnamon

Leah: Weary

Lois: The best or superior

Lydia: Woman from Lydia, an area in Asia Minor

Maria: Bitterness, rebellion

Mart: The lady

Mary: Bitterness, rebellion

Mia: Bitterness, rebellion

Michal: Brook

Miriam: Bitterness, rebellion

Naomi: Pleasant

Noa: Movement

Orpah: Back of the neck or a fawn

Phoebe: Shining

Priscilla: Ancient

Rachel: Ewe

Rebecca: To join or tie

Rhoda: Rose

Ruth: Friend

Salome: Peace

Sarah: Princess

Selah: Unknown, possibly a musical term meaning to pause

Shiloh: Peaceful

Susanna: Lily

Tabitha: Gazelle

Talitha: Little girl

Tamar: Palm tree

Vashti: Unknown, possibly beautiful

Zillah: Shade or shadow

Zilpah: Unknown, possibly frailty

Zipporah: Bird

Aaron: High mountain or exhalted

Abram: High father

Adam: Man, red man, man from the red earth

Alexander: Defender of men

Amos: Strong, carry a heavy load or burden

Andrew: Manly

Asher: Happy, blessed

Bartholomew: Son of the furrow

Benjamin: Son of the right hand or son of the south

Caleb: Faithful and whole hearted

Daniel: God is my judge

David: Beloved

Elijah: My God is Yahweh

Ethan: Solid, enduring

Ezekiel: God will strengthen

Ezra: Help

Felix: Fortunate

Gabriel: God is my strong man

Gideon: Hewer, one who cuts tress or wood

Isaac: He will laugh and rejoice

Isaiah: The salvation of the Lord

Jacob: Supplanter, the one who comes after

James: Supplanter, the one who comes after

Jason: He that cures

Jeremiah: Yahweh will exalt or raise up

Jesse: Gift

John: The grace of God

Jonah: Dove

Joseph: He will add

Joshua: God is salvation

Levi: Joined together

Luke: From Lucania, Italy or light

Mark: Dedicated to Mars, warlike

Matthew: Gift of God

Michael: Who is like God?

Nathan: He gave

Noah: Rest, repose

Paul: Small or humble

Peter: Stone

Philip: Lover of horses

Reuben: Behold a son

Samuel: God has heard

Seth: Appointed

Silas: Of the wood

Simon: He heard

Solomon: Peaceful

Stephen: Crown

Thomas: Twin

Timothy: Honoring God

Zechariah: God remembers

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