100 Gender Neutral Baby Names and Their Meanings

Do you want to give your child a gender-neutral name, meaning that you can give it to a boy or girl? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of 100 gender neutral baby names and their meanings.

Addison: Child of Adam

Adrian: Of the sea, dark one, or from Hadria

Aiden: Fiery one

Alex: Defender or protector of humankind

Andy: “strong and manly”

Angel: Messenger of God

Archer: One who uses a bow and arrow

Ashton: From the town of ash trees

Aspen: A type of tree with leaves that flutter in the slightest wind or trembling and fluttering like the leaves of the aspen tree

August: Revered, distinguished, deserving of respect; majestic

Avery: Ruler of elves

Bailey: A public officer of justice, a bailiff

Blair: Child of the plains, field, or battlefield

Blake: Dark and attractive

Brett: A Breton or someone from Brittany, France

Cameron: Having a crooked nose

Carson: Carr’s son or dweller of the marsh

Cassidy: Having curly hair; clever

Charlie: Man, or free man; strong

Dakota: Friendly, allies

Dallas: Living in the field

Dan: God is the judge or a Dane from Denmark

Devon: A poet

Dylan: Great tide, the sea

Evan: God is gracious or young warrior

Emerson: Child of Emery

Finley: A hero or battle warrior with fair skin

Frankie: Freeman or from the tribe of Franks in France

Grayson: Child of the one with gray (grey) hair; bailiff’s son

Greer: A watchful, vigilant guardian

Hayden: Hedged valley; heather-grown hill

Hunter: A Huntsman or provider

Jayden: Thankful to God, or God has heard

Jackie: Supplanter; God is gracious, son of God

Jaime: One who comes after or replaces; supplanter

Jesse: Wealthy, or God’s gift

Jo: Jehovah increases

Jody: Praised; “God is gracious”; “Jehovah increases”

Jordan: Flowing down, descending

Journey: A traveler or adventurer

Justice: Honest and fair

Kai: Of the sea; keeper of the keys

Keaton: From the town of hawks or the shed town

Keegan: Small fiery one

Kelsey: Ship victory or from the fierce island

Kendall: From the valley of the River Kent

Kennedy: Helmet-wearing chief

Kieran: Having dark hair, little and dark

Lane: From the long meadow ‘Path; roadway

Leighton: From the town near the meadow

Lennon: Dear one, child of love, or a small cloak or cape

Leslie: From the holly garden or from the gray fortress

Logan: Of the hollow; meadow

London: The capital of the United Kingdom

Marin: Of the sea

Mickey: One who is like or closest to God

Montana: Of the mountains

Morgan: Traveling or circling the sea

Nevada: From the place that is covered in snow

Noel: Christmas

Oakley: Sturdy, strong, or from where the oak trees grow

Owen: Born into high society; young warrior

Paris: From the capital city of France

Parker: Manager or keeper of the park

Peyton: From the town of the soldiers and warriors

Phoenix: Dark red

Presley: From the place where the priest lives

Quinn: Quincy (fifth son’s estate); descendent of Conn; chief leader; intelligence

Rain: Wise ruler or counselor

Reagan: Little ruler, child of the king

Reed: Having red hair; slender piece of grass

Reese: Having great passion and enthusiasm; ardor

Remington: Raven’s town; place on the riverbank

Ricky: Eternal ruler, peaceful leader

Riley: Courageous and brave, or from the rye field

River: Flowing body of water

Robin: Bright with fame, social

Rory: Red ruler or chief; famous brilliance

Rowan: Little red one; tree with red berries; mountain ash

Ryan: Little Ruler

Sage: Wise one or prophet

Sasha: Defender of humankind

Sawyer: A woodcutter

Scout: One who gathers information, explores, and discovers

Shannon: Smart and having great wisdom; little wise owl

Shawn: God is gracious and merciful

Shay: Admired and respected or like a hawk; stately and dauntless

Shiloh: Peaceful; God’s gift

Skylar: Intelligent and scholarly

Sloan: A strong protector, a warrior or invader

Storm: Volatile and powerful like severe weather

Sydney: From the wide island or wide pasture

Tanner: Maker of hide or leather

Tatum: Bringer of joy, cheery and full of spirit

Taylor: English

Tony: Priceless and praiseworthy

Tristan: Tumultuous, sad, or full of sorrow; bold

Wesley: From the meadow in the west

Whitney: White Island

Winter: Born in the winter season

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