100+ Persuasive Essay Topics

Are you a student looking for persuasive essay topics? If so, we have you covered. Below you will find a list of the best persuasive essay topics.

Persuasive Essay Topics About School

  • What do you think that the punishment for cheating should be?
  • Do you think that pupils be allowed to have phones at school?
  • What’s the most exciting subject to learn?
  • Do you think that homework should be required?
  • Do you believe that your school handles bullying well?
  • Are dress codes an excellent idea for schools?
  • Is the school day too long?
  • Do you think that pupils get to choose what they study?
  • What school rules would you change?
  • Is it a great idea for friends to sit together in class?
  • Do you believe that school starts too early?
  • Do you think that pupils take a self-defense class?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Food

  • What’s best: pizza or hot dogs?
  • Do you think that kids learn how to cook their own food?
  • Is it more fun to eat in a restaurant or at home?
  • What is the best dessert?
  • Do you think that healthy food cost less than junk food?
  • Is eating meat a great idea?
  • Is it best to snack all day or have three set meals?
  • Do you think that sugary drinks be allowed at school?
  • Do you think that kids have to eat foods they don’t like?
  • What is the best food to serve at an event or party?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Animals

  • If you decide to train an animal, what is the best animal to pick?
  • Do you think that it be okay to keep wild animals as pets?
  • Do you think that pets be allowed in school?
  • What animal makes the best pet?
  • What animal makes the worst pet?
  • Are big dogs best than small dogs?
  • Do you think that you adopt your pet from an animal shelter?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Sports and Activities

  • Who is the best athlete on the planet?
  • What is the best hobby to learn?
  • What is the best sport to watch?
  • Do you think that girls be allowed to play on boys’ sports teams?
  • Are team sports best than individual sports?
  • Is it funnier to play sports or watch?
  • Are summer sports best than winter sports?
  • Do you think that pupils have to stop playing a sport if their grades aren’t high enough?
  • Are professional athletes paid too much?
  • What’s the best thing to do on a rainy day?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Entertainment

  • What’s the best genre of music to listen to when you’re unhappy?
  • Do you think that music and movies be free?
  • Are great guys or bad guys more interesting?
  • What is the funniest movie ever made?
  • Are reality shows best than other shows?
  • What is the best book ever written?
  • Are scary movies enjoyable to watch?
  • Are comedies best than action movies?
  • What is the best superpower to have?
  • Do you think that audience members be able to film live concerts?
  • Is it best to see a movie in the theater or stream it at home?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Social Issues

  • Do you think that wealthy citizens pay more taxes?
  • Are teens ruder than other generations?
  • Are individuals with mental illnesses treated fairly by society?
  • Is social media good or bad?
  • Do violent video games make people aggressive?
  • Is capital punishment moral?
  • Do you think that we give money to homeless people?
  • Do you think that countries use a military draft?
  • If countries are overpopulated, Do you think that the government should limit the number of kids in each family?
  • Are drunk drivers punished appropriately?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Education

  • How much do you think that parents be involved in their kids’ education?
  • Do you think that families be able to choose the schools that their kids attend?
  • Is classroom learning best than online learning?
  • Which is best: year-round school or summer vacation?
  • Do you think that teachers use social media to communicate with their pupils?
  • Do pupils deserve the same rights as adults?
  • Do you think that college should be free?
  • Which is best: letter grading systems or pass/fail?
  • Do you think that pupils have to learn sex education in school?
  • Is obtaining a college education required to have a great career?
  • Do you think that schools have security guards?
  • Are exams the best way to see what pupils are learning?

Persuasive Essay Topics About History and Government

  • Was early European exploration a great thing or a bad thing?
  • Was America’s use of the atom bomb in World War II ethical?
  • Do you think that businesses be allowed to donate to political candidates?
  • Is democracy the best form of government?
  • Do you think that kids who are born in another nation have citizenship there?
  • Should there be limits to the freedom of speech?
  • Do you think that members of Congress receive a salary during government shutdowns?
  • If a felon has completed their sentences, Do you think that they should be allowed to vote?
  • What is the most unfair law in the nation?
  • Is America the most powerful nation in the world?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Science and Technology

  • Do you think that America will fund another trip to the moon?
  • Is too much screen time harmful to kids?
  • Is climate change real?
  • Do you think that businesses be allowed to create pollution if they’re making greats that benefit society?
  • What is the most essential scientific breakthrough of your lifetime?
  • Is it okay for businesses to sell their customers’ information?
  • Do you think that the government spends time and resources on renewable energy?
  • Are clinical trials that use placebos moral?
  • Is animal testing moral?
  • Do you think that parents be able to choose their babies’ traits before they’re born?

Persuasive Essay Topics About Health and Nutrition

  • Do you think that schools sell only healthy food?
  • Is legalizing marijuana a great idea?
  • Do you think that parents be required to vaccinate their kids?
  • Do you think that doctors and teachers screen teenagers for depression?
  • Are genetically modified foods safe?
  • Do you think that physical education should be required in schools?
  • Do you think that schools be allowed to drug test pupils whenever they want? What about businesses and their employees?
  • Are professional sports too dangerous?
  • Do you think that healthcare should be universal?
  • Do you think that healthy people pay less for healthcare?

Unique Persuasive Essay Ideas

  • How much do you think that the public knows about a celebrity’s personal life?
  • Is there ever an excellent reason for war?
  • Is it moral to train dogs as service animals?
  • Is it best to listen to music while working, or to work in silence?
  • What is the most remarkable career to have?
  • Do zoos protect animals or exploit them?
  • Is it best to be 2, 12, 22, or 32?
  • Do you think that people be allowed to clone themselves?
  • What is the worst season?
  • Is it best to be a morning person or a night person?
  • Is loving your job more essential than making a lot of money?
  • What is the most essential crop to the modern economy?
  • Do you think that you make new friends as you get older or focus on keeping the friends you have?
  • If aliens came to Earth, do you think that we befriend them?
  • Is print news still essential in a technological world?
  • Is it best to be rich and alone or poor and have friends?
  • Do you think that parents teach their kids old-fashioned manners?
  • Is life best than it was 30 years ago?
  • How would you persuade your mayor to build a skate park?
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