11 Best Family Vacations in Alaska

Alaska is a great family holiday destination because of the combined incredible natural beauty, wildlife encounters, and outdoor activities.

But it can be challenging to decide where to travel in Alaska because there are so many things to discover in America’s Last Frontier.

For your benefit, we’re simplifying the planning process by showcasing the top family trips in Alaska.

You’ll love these enjoyable family holiday suggestions, whether your ideal getaway is a quiet retreat or a grand wilderness adventure.


Families are drawn to Anchorage because of its fascinating museums, contemporary comforts, and accessibility to several family-friendly weekend spots in Alaska.

Who should vacation here

Anchorage’s massive selection of exciting activities will appeal to every family member.

The city also boasts all the conveniences and luxuries of a major American city, and it’s only 30 minutes by car from the Alaskan wilderness.

Kids can enjoy a variety of educational attractions in this area, such as the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

Additionally, lodging won’t be an issue because it is home to some of the top family hotels in Alaska.

Expert tip

You might choose to book a room at the My Place Hotel – Anchorage to save money on the hotel.

In addition to offering impressive rates, the hotel is in a terrific location with quick access to places like the Anchorage Museum.

A Full Irish or English breakfast is offered every morning at the hotel.

Denali National Park

Denali is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking destinations in Alaska to travel with children, with its craggy mountains, animals, and sparkling lakes.

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Families who enjoy nature excursions will find endless entertainment in Denali.

The national park, home to the tallest mountains in North America, has many chances for hiking, back-country camping, and whitewater rafting.

Additionally, by going to the park, you may see many animals, such as wolves, moose, and bears.

Expert tip

There are bus trips for a more secure and comfortable method to see the national park.

The visitor center, which has educational and informative exhibits, also offers ranger-led and short treks.


Seeing the magnificent Northern Lights in Fairbanks should be included on any list of the most acceptable family activities in Alaska.

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Without a doubt, Fairbanks is the best US location for viewing the mystical and otherworldly Northern Lights.

The city’s brilliantly pure skies will be covered in spectacular curtains of purple, red, and green lights from August through April.

The city, which is well known for being tourist-friendly, also has a wide selection of fine dining establishments and boutiques that sell local artwork.

Expert tip

In addition to being a popular family resort in Alaska, Chena is a fantastic location to view the captivating Northern Lights.

Even the hot spring at the resort offers a view of this light show for visitors.

Additionally, the hotel offers an aurora alert service that will let you know when the lights arrive.


Are you looking for a pleasant and underappreciated family holiday in Alaska?

You’re going to adore Ketchikan and all it has to offer. I can assure you of that.

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This Alaskan town offers a wide range of family-friendly activities, from animal adventures to cultural attractions.

Take a floatplane flight over the Misty Fjords for a unique experience and see sea lions and whales up close.

There are excursions available for seeing eagles and bears.

Expert tip

Visit the local cultural sites to learn more about the Tlingit Culture and mysterious Totems.

Alaska Discovery Center, Saxman Village, and the Totem Heritage Center have interactive exhibits and displays about the local way of life.


There are many excellent family holiday options in Juneau, from seeing wildlife to visiting museums.

Who should vacation here

Families may find a variety of attractions in the capital that will appeal to all interests and ages.

The whale viewing cruise in Juneau, which allows you to observe Dall’s porpoise and killer and humpback whales, is a favorite among families.

Families will also appreciate the cultural landmarks, including the Alaska State Museum, the Alaska State Capitol, and the Shrine of St. Therese.

Additionally, the city provides access to a few family getaways close to Alaska, like Yukon, Canada.

Expert tip

Kayaking is available at Mendenhall Glacier, where adventurous families can also explore spectacular glacial landscapes.

Kodiak Island

Kodiak Island is a well-known fishing location and a fantastic location to view wildlife and magnificent vistas.

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Visit Kodiak Island if you want to spend your vacation fishing for salmon and trout.

It is not only a fantastic place to go fishing, but it also boasts a wildlife reserve with over 3,000 bears living there.

Alpine meadows, ponds, and stunning craggy mountains are also present.

Expert tip

Visit the Alutiiq Museum on the way.

This beautiful museum describes the island’s heritage and history and the Alutiiq Natives with more than 200,000 items and photographs.


Anyone searching for a quick but wonderful family vacation in Alaska should consider going to Seward.

Who should vacation here

Families with little free time will find Seward the perfect place because it offers a bit of everything the state provides.

The town offers a variety of recreational activities, including boat cruises and hiking.

Resurrection Bay is home to these animals, humpback whales, harbor seals, sea lions, and otters.

Expert tip

To view some of the bay’s quiet coves, ideal for beachcombing with kids, take a water taxi or hire a kayak.

Additionally, you may kayak to bird rookeries, tidewater caverns, and sea lion hangouts.


In Gustavus, you can find peace, gorgeous scenery, and enjoyable outdoor activities for the whole family.

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Look no further than Gustavus if you’re looking for a quiet, seclusion, and stunning scenery.

Aside from its laid-back vibe, the city is a well-liked starting point for exploring Glacier National Bay.

So if your children want to see sea otters and orca whales, this is a fantastic option.

Expert tip

Even though Gustavus is peaceful, adventurous families can find many outdoor pleasures there.

The Nature Conservancy’s Forelands Preserve, the ocean, and the city’s backroads are all great places to spend a day exploring.

Homer Inn & Spa

Families needing a break from the routine might find one at the Homer Inn, a tranquil coastal getaway.

Who should vacation here

Homer inn is a tranquil beachfront property with enough activities to entertain the whole group.

There is a beach, temporary art exhibits, and a relaxing spa.

The resort also provides many horseback riding, cycling, hiking, and fishing opportunities.

Expert tip

At this resort, families with young children can request an extra bed for a small additional cost.

The resort will provide a free crib for infants (12 months or under) in their rooms.


Homer is awash with culture, art, and idyllic natural getaways.

Who should vacation here 

There are many museums, art galleries, and music venues in the artsy town of Homer.

Like the rest of Alaska, this town teems outdoor activities, including bird watching, fishing, and beach combing.

Additionally, the views of the glaciers, imposing mountains, and snow-capped summits here are truly breathtaking.

Expert tip

Visit the picturesque Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Homer temporarily.

This state park is ideal for nature-loving families since it offers kayaking, camping, and hiking opportunities.

Wrangell St. Elias National Park

One of Alaska’s most enchanting destinations for families is Wrangell St. Elias.

Who should vacation here

A budget-friendly family holiday with lots of surprises is available in Wrangell St. Elias.

This park offers opportunities for overnight camping and glacier trekking paths exploration.

Kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, and hunting are also possible in this area.

Expert tip

Families are welcome to use any of the 13 secluded backcountry cabins in the national park.

Ten cabins are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, while three require reservations.

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