11 Best Family Vacations in Hawaii

A trip to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands will surely get the whole family on vacation mode.

Hawaii is a wonderful place for a group vacation thanks to its beautiful landscape of sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and majestic mountains.

However, deciding where to go can be stressful if this is your first trip to Hawaii.

In order to save you some time, we have compiled a list of the best family-friendly resorts in Hawaii.

These exciting trips for the whole family will be a hit with you.

  1. Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

Mauna Kea is undeniably one of the best Hawaii family resorts, thanks to its high-end facilities, excellent service, and entertaining activities.

Who should vacation here

The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel in Hawaii is the perfect place for a fun and relaxing family vacation.

The Mauna Kea Keiki Club Adventures program offers a full day of exciting activities for kids, including hiking, shell hunting, lava tube exploration, and cave exploring.

This beachfront resort offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities, including water sports, canoeing, a tennis court, a golf course, skiing, and snorkeling.

Expert tip

You could use some assistance with your baby or toddler.

Do you hope to unwind during your vacation at this hotel?

Take advantage of the resort’s babysitting services and stop feeling like you must be a parent 24/7.

While the resort’s staff watches your children, you can enjoy the spa or one of the resort’s pools.

  1. Kauai

Do you wish for more opportunities for active and peaceful vacations in Hawaii with your family?

Thanks to the island’s laid-back vibe and breathtaking natural beauty, you’ll have a great time in Kauai.

Who should vacation here

Kauai is the perfect destination for families looking for a relaxing and exciting vacation.

Kauai’s laid-back vibe and stunning natural attractions make it a great place to unwind and discover.

Waimea Canyon and Koke’s State Park are among the top attractions.

Expert tip

When compared to the other Hawaiian islands, Kauai receives the most rainfall.

The official wet season runs from December through March.

Even so, whether you’re traveling in the summer, winter, or spring, you should always pack rain gear just in case.

  1. North Shore of Oahu

Despite being a more laid-back option than Honolulu, the North Shore of Oahu is still jam-packed with great family-friendly activities.

Who should vacation here

The North Shore is a paradise for surfers and sunbathers, thanks to its large waves and beautiful beaches.

And what do you think?

The beautiful tropical landscapes and kid-friendly activities at Kualoa Ranch make it an appealing vacation spot for families with children.

The Waimea Valley is also great for families, as it is home to a beautiful waterfall and numerous species of flora and fauna.

Expert tip

See what the Polynesian Cultural Center has to offer.

Through its extraordinary demonstrations and exhibits, this living museum will give your family a firsthand look at the indigenous cultures of the South Pacific.

  1. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for a breathtaking display of natural illumination.

Who should vacation here

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is an excellent place for families to visit because it is both entertaining and instructive for kids.

To get oriented with the park, stop by the Kilauea Visitor Center and then drive along the crater rim drive.

Devastation Trail and Ha’a Kulamanu are just two of many one-mile hikes that are great for families with young children.

Expert tip

When it comes to active volcanoes, things can change very quickly.

You should always check the National Park Service’s website to see the conditions before making a trip there.

  1. Honolulu

Honolulu is an attractive fusion of historical landmarks, breathtaking natural scenery, and modern luxury.

Who should vacation here

Honolulu is a great family vacation spot because it is close to a wide variety of kid-friendly attractions and educational and cultural sites.

The state capital is home to tourist hotspots like Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor National Memorial, and the iconic Diamond Head State Monument.

In addition, tourists can find numerous hiking, snorkeling, and surfing options in the city.

With its proximity to the islands and international airport, Honolulu makes a convenient home base for family vacations in the Hawaiian islands.

Expert tip

Spring (April to June) and fall (September to November) are the best times to take a family vacation to Honolulu without breaking the bank (September to mid-December).

Not only do hotels have lower rates during these times, but there are also fewer guests.

Visit Honolulu in the winter for the best surfing conditions.

  1. Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach is an essential part of any Hawaii vacation with kids.

Water sports galore and a picture-perfect beach mean your group vacation will be one for the books.

Who should vacation here

When you’re looking for a calmer atmosphere than Waikiki’s, head to Kaanapali Beach.

The beach is also a popular spot for various water sports, including kayaking, surfing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

If you want to see turtles feeding on seagrass or algae, the north end of Kaanapali is the place to go.

Expert tip

It’s recommended that you go on a bit of adventure.

Despite appearances, there are several hotels and restaurants in the vicinity.

It also features an outdoor mall and two championship-level golf courses.

You could easily spend an entire holiday here.

  1. Kailua-Kona, Big Island

Would you like to take your kids on a wild, wet adventure in Hawaii?

Then, when planning a trip to Hawaii with kids, be sure to include Kailua-Kona.

Who should vacation here

Kailua-Kona is a beautiful, historical, and all-ages-welcome coastal town perfect for families seeking a wild and wet vacation.

King Kam Beach, located in the middle of Kailua-Kona, is an excellent spot for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling.

In order to have a more thrilling experience, you should go on a night dive and snorkel tour with manta rays.

Expert tip

Take advantage of your time in Hawaii by touring the Kona Coffee Living History Farm.

You can buy some of the best coffee in the world here, stroll through the cocoa plantations, and even watch the farmers process their beans.

  1. Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa

The Sheraton Maui, with its kid-friendly activities and ocean excursions, is a top pick for a family vacation in Hawaii.

Who should vacation here

The ocean provides a never-ending supply of fun for kids at the Sheraton Maui Resort.

Activities such as cliff diving at sunset and snorkeling during the day are available.

Families can enjoy free fire knife shows, fake Polynesian tattoos, and Hawaiian games at this resort.

Expert tip

As recommended by an expert

Reserve a room at the ‘Ohana Suites.

There are two double beds, a pull-down wall bed, and a roomy bathroom.

Water slides, a lazy river, and lava-rock waterways connect it to several large swimming areas within walking distance.

  1. Kailua, Oahu

Kailua has many places suitable for families, from its beautiful beaches to its photogenic lighthouse.

Who should vacation here

Kailua is home to two fantastic beaches that are ideal for families.

Kailua Beach and Lanikai Beach are great places to swim and play water sports due to their calm, shallow waters and fine, powdery sand.

Rent a paddle board, snorkeling equipment, or a kayak from Twogood Kayaks Hawaii to maximize your wet and wild time in this area.

Expert tip

Kalapawai Market is a grocery and convenience store located on the beach.

Visit the lighthouse at Makapuu Point and the aquarium where you can swim with sharks, stingrays, and dolphins at Sea Life Park Hawaii.

  1. Maui

Maui has something to offer every member of your group.

Who should vacation here

Maui is your best bet if you want to take your family on a relaxing vacation.

The island is home to beautiful landscapes, including trails through the jungle and up a volcano, stunning beaches, and fascinating historical and cultural attractions.

The whole family can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and whale watching.

Expert tip

The best way to get around and see as much of Maui as possible in a short amount of time is to rent a car.

Since Maui has a good network of roads, getting around shouldn’t be too difficult.

There are many options for public transportation (hotel shuttles and a bus system), but they aren’t ideal for seeing as much of Maui as possible.

  1. Molokai

Molokai is a beautiful and laid-back island with many historical and geological attractions.

Who should vacation here

The Hawaiian island of Molokai is perfect for low-key vacations with the kids.

However, the island is home to one of Hawaii’s most fascinating attractions, Kalaupapa National Historical Park, and is worth the trip even for those who prefer a more relaxed pace of life.

Expert tip

Visit the Big Wind Kite Factory, an institution in the kite-making community.

Like the previous, it offers rare and unique Hawaiian such as books and music.

Get some kite-flying lessons and a tour of the facility.


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