11 Best Family Vacations in Oregon

Oregon is bursting with extremely enjoyable family holiday options.

Despite the absence of recognizable amusement parks, children will adore Oregon’s natural marvels and kid-friendly museums.

Oregon boasts magical attractions that will delight adults, teenagers, and children, from snow-capped summits to Pacific Coast beaches.

And for a special trip, check out any of our top picks for Oregon family vacations.

  1. Portland

Everyone, young children or senior citizens, will have a blast in Portland.

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Portland provides various activities and attractions for visitors of all tastes and ages.

Portland is renowned for its artists and eco-conscious hipsters, but it is also incredibly family-friendly.

In reality, it has many family-friendly attractions, like the Portland Children’s Museum and the Oregon Zoo.

Additionally, lodging won’t be an issue because it is home to some of the top family hotels in Oregon.

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In Portland, only a car rental is required.

The cost of parking in Portland’s downtown hotels is high.

In addition, Portland offers one of the nation’s most user-friendly public transportation networks.

  1. Bend

Bend will sate your appetite for adventure and good food thanks to its thriving culinary culture and outdoor activities.

Who should vacation here

Plan a family trip to Bend if you enjoy delectable cuisine and strenuous hiking.

Even the pickiest eaters in your tribe will find something to like in the city’s thriving food scene.

Additionally, it serves as a launching pad for several natural treasures, including Deschutes National Forest.

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Stay at Econo Lodge Bed to save money on lodging.

It still has a few useful amenities despite its excessive pricing.

Even better, especially the queen room with two queen beds, rooms are roomy and suited for families.

  1. Hood River

Looking for worthwhile and very enjoyable family activities in Oregon?

I assure you that Hood River will provide you with many enjoyable opportunities.

Who should travel here?

Hood River is undoubtedly one of the top Oregon vacation destinations for families interested in outdoor adventures because of its abundance of recreational options.

It’s a great place to go sailing and kiteboarding, and it’s known as the world’s windsurfing capital.

Additionally, it is home to various family-friendly activities, such as the Historic Columbia River Highway.

Expert tip

The Best Western Plus Inn is great for families traveling to Hood River.

We adore their large suites, sauna, and indoor spa, in addition to having private beach access.

  1. Sunriver Resort

For nothing, Sunriver is not considered one of Oregon’s best and most fantastic family resorts.

Who should vacation here

Sunriver Resort combines luxury with family entertainment to provide a relaxing and wonderful vacation.

A water park, playground, and kids’ club keep your kids entertained.

Furthermore, the resort has a golf course, fishing, skiing, and horseback riding facilities.

Expert tip

Make your trip extremely comfortable by booking a suite with a resort view.

Families will have plenty of space to unwind in the apartment, which is 92 square meters.

It also contains a sofa that can be made into a bed and two queen beds.

  1. Ashland

Ashland is ideal for families yearning for low-key, artistic family vacations in Oregon.

Who should vacation here

Ashland is a paradise for cultural vultures and artistic types, as it is home to outstanding art galleries and museums.

Of course, there are also a few family-friendly attractions in this little town, such as the Science Works Hands-On Museum.

In addition, Ashland can serve as a starting point for various family getaways around Oregon, including Shasta Lake, California.

Expert tip

Especially if you’re a Shakespeare enthusiast, spring is a fantastic time to travel to Ashland.

The renowned Oregon Shakespeare Company begins its season of plays in the spring.

Additionally, springtime allows you to take advantage of Lithia Park’s beautifully manicured floral power.

  1. Salem

Salem should be at the top of your list of locations to visit in Oregon with kids because it has a variety of kid-friendly attractions.

Who should vacation here

Salem is a kid-friendly paradise with several family-friendly attractions.

Families typically travel to Salem to visit the Enchanted Forest.

This themed playground offers fantastic experiences for families with its rides and distinctive attractions.

Don’t forget to stop at Gilbert House Children’s Museum and Riverfront Park while in Salem.

Expert tip

Visit Willamette Mission State Park and take a hot air balloon trip for some adventure.

You may also go biking, hiking, fishing, and boating at this state park.

  1. Mount Hood National Forest

Escape the stress of the city and take a trip to Mount Hood National Forest to relax in the natural world.

Who should vacation here

Visit the Mount Hood National Forest for an affordable family getaway.

You won’t need to spend much on your trip here because you’ll be camping or staying in a cabin.

It also offers many cheap activities like horseback riding, hiking, and fishing.

Expert tip

Visit the Mount Hood Cultural and Museum as a pit stop.

This museum explores the development of skiing on this mountain through several instructive exhibits.

  1. Cannon Beach

Spend a calm coastal holiday with your family at Cannon Beach.

Who should vacation here

Families seeking a relaxed, seaside getaway are drawn to Cannon Beach.

This beachfront community’s gorgeous shoreline, tidal pools, and dunes will satisfy your beach need.

Aside from its gorgeous beach, the village is also packed with irresistible studios and galleries.

Expert tip

Take a zipline trip at High Life Adventure to liven up your family’s holiday.

You can also hike in the woodland of Ecola State Park.

  1. Newport

One of Oregon’s top family vacation destinations is Newport, which offers families various enjoyable activities and places to visit.

Who should vacation here

The lovely coastal village of Newport has activities for the entire family.

The town, located along the state’s central coast, is home to Ripley’s Believe It or Not location and the Hatfield Marine Science Center, which are kid-friendly attractions.

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Adults can also take advantage of Newport’s many outdoor attractions, including the lovely Ocean to Bay Trail and Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area.

  1. Seaside

One of the oldest and most well-liked family getaways in the Pacific Northwest is the seaside.

Who should vacation here

Seaside is a great vacation spot for families looking for enjoyable activities for all ages.

In Seaside, you can stroll lazily along the beach or fly kites on the sand.

The adorable seals at the Seaside Aquarium can also be fed.

Expert tip

In addition, Seaside makes a great starting point for visits to Tillamook Head, Ecola State Park, and Lewis and Clark National Historical Park.

  1. Brasada Ranch

The gorgeously rustic Brasada Ranch must be included on any list of Oregon’s greatest family weekend vacations.

Who should vacation here

Brasada Ranch is a luxurious retreat with a slew of amenities to entertain everyone in your tribe.

The resort offers nonstop entertainment for your kids, with a waterpark and gaming stations.

Meanwhile, adults will adore the golf course, spa, equestrian center, and luxurious cabins.

Expert tip

The three-bedroom cottage provides parents peace while on vacation, thanks to its different rooms and trio of king beds.

Additionally, it has several comforts, such as a hot tub and a fireplace.

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