11 Best Family Vacations in Vermont — That All Ages Love!

Vermont is a stunning and enchanted state with many photogenic locations.

This picture-perfect state provides countless outdoor activities, historical attractions, and endless entertaining family vacation ideas.

The top family holidays in Vermont are highlighted here to assist you in making travel arrangements.

As a bonus, we provide some professional pointers to simplify organizing your vacation.

  1. Burlington

Burlington is undoubtedly one of Vermont’s greatest places to travel with children because of its cozy ambiance and family-friendly attractions.

Who should vacation here

Burlington is a small, multicultural city with a wide variety of family-friendly activities.

The town is filled with family-friendly activities, from the lovely Waterfront Park to the pristine beaches.

Additionally, it has a few educational sights, such as the ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center.

And best of all, lodging won’t be an issue because this area has some of Vermont’s top family resorts.

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Expert tip

Don’t rent a car; instead, explore the city on foot.

You’ll be able to take in the city’s splendor while saving some money.

Also, remember that Burlington is one of New England’s most picturesque and walkable small cities.

  1. Colchester

Families can have much outdoor fun in Colchester.

Who should vacation here

Families who enjoy outdoor adventures will find plenty of excitement in Colchester.

Colchester has several chances for water sports like fishing and boating because it has access to Lake Champlain.

In addition, the Green Mountains offer fantastic terrain for snowmobiling, hiking, and skiing.

Expert tip

Visit cultural gems like the Flynn Theater and St. Michael’s College Playhouse as a respite from your outdoor pursuits.

  1. Stowe

A visit to Stowe must be included on any list of the top family-friendly activities in Vermont.

Who should vacation here

Stowe is the place to go if you want to see the European Alps on holiday but don’t want to go very far.

Stowe, recognized as the East’s ski center, attracts winter sports enthusiasts with its extraordinary snowfall.

Of course, there are also many facilities for winter sports there.

Families may go hiking, golfing, fishing, and ziplining during the warmer months.

Did we also mention that it boasts breathtaking fall foliage?

Expert tip

Want to take your family on a budget here?

A piece of advice: if the weather in Stowe is bearable, try setting up a tent at one of the nearby campgrounds.

  1. Woodstock Inn & Resort

Anyone looking for elegant, tranquil, family-friendly weekend trips in Vermont could stay at the Woodstock Inn.

Who should vacation here

With its superior amenities and roomy lodging, Woodstock Inn elevates the concepts of luxury and leisure to a whole new level.

The resort provides many enjoyable recreational activities, such as bike tours, water sports, skiing, horseback riding, and a golf course.

Expert tip

Enjoy the restorative therapies offered at the resort’s full-service spa.

Request the resort’s babysitting service if you are vacationing with young children or newborns so you can enjoy spa treatments.

  1. Manchester

Manchester provides everything you might want in a perfect family vacation, from fantastic shopping to outdoor activities.

Who should vacation here

Families cannot resist Manchester’s historical allure, breathtaking scenery, and dynamic cultural scene.

It features a noteworthy retail sector with several renowned factory outlets.

Additionally, it offers quick access to several family getaways close to Vermont.

Expert tip

Taking a tour with Backroad Discovery is a fantastic opportunity to explore and discover more about the region.

Visitors can take seasonal tours introducing them to Vermont specialties, including maple shacks, Norman Rockwell exhibits, and alpaca farms.

  1. Jay

Jay is more than just a skier and a lover of thrilling winter excursions.

Who should vacation here

Jay is a well-known winter vacation spot for its ski resorts and other activities.

Guess what, though?

Jay is more than just a snowy paradise. The town attracts families in the summer with its outdoor adventures, such as hiking, biking, and paddling.

Expert tip

Staying at Jay Peak Resort will make your trip to this intriguing location more comfortable.

In addition to its comfortable lodgings, it also features entertaining activities, like a seasonal waterpark.

  1. Topnotch Resort & Spa

Topnotch is not one of New England’s most thrilling family resorts for nothing.

Who should vacation here

For a wonderful family holiday, Topnotch combines luxury with year-round outdoor activities.

This resort offers activities for the whole group, including cross-country skiing, horseback riding, and beautiful hiking paths.

The hotel also features swimming pools and a full-service spa with various services.

Expert tip

For larger families, we suggest the luxurious 3-bedroom house in the resort.

Six adults and one child can accommodate on its two twin beds, queen bed, and king bed.

  1. Montpelier

Montpelier is a charming family vacation spot with many unusual attractions and artistic exhibitions.

Who should vacation here

The state’s capital is a great vacation spot for families with budding artists and Instagram celebrities.

The city is known for its homegrown artists and is home to numerous gorgeous galleries, including the Front Art Gallery.

Additionally, the city’s historic downtown is teeming with stores and boutiques that sell treats for children, including toys, books, and chocolates.

Expert tip

Stay at High Hill Inn to get a deal on lodging.

The inn offers comfortable lodgings and a generally nice atmosphere despite its low prices.

Additionally, the location is excellent, providing quick access to a few attractions, including the Winooski River.

  1. Shelburne

Shelburne offers a wide range of fascinating and distinctive family-friendly attractions.

Who should vacation here

Despite its rich history and culture, Shelburne is highly known for its family-friendly attractions.

Since 1981, the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, the city’s most well-known attraction, has been making cuddly and adorable toys.

The Shelburne Museum and Shelburne Farms are a couple of the other notable family-friendly destinations in this area.

Expert tip

Want to play some golf while you’re on vacation?

You should stop by Kwiniaska Championship Golf Course, in my opinion.

In addition to having a fantastic golf course, it also features breathtaking vistas of the Adirondack Mountains.

  1. Woodstock

Woodstock is one of New England’s most scenic and laid-back family vacations.

Who should vacation here

Woodstock is the ideal alternative if you’re yearning for a traditional New England getaway, thanks to its lovely countryside and cozy bed-and-breakfasts.

Woodstock also offers enjoyable outdoor activities for active families, such as fishing, golfing, hiking, and visiting farms.

Expert tip

Don’t overlook visiting Woodstock’s historical sites as well.

For instance, the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park provides informative tours of nearby gardens, mansions, and forests.

  1. Holiday Inn Club Vacations Mount Ascutney Resort

Stay at Holiday Inn Club if you’re picturing action-packed family vacations with a touch of elegance. Unquestionably one of the best options for family getaways in Vermont.

Who should vacation here

Holiday Inn is one of Vermont’s best family vacation destinations, thanks to its lavish amenities and year-round activity.

Additionally, there are pools, an arcade, and a game room for kids.

Tennis, racquetball, and basketball courts will also appeal to sports fans.

Expert tip

The resort’s three bedrooms are great for larger groups and family gatherings. This choice makes it simple to accommodate up to 10 guests and four children due to the ample space and flotilla of beds.

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