11 Best Resorts in the US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands is an amazing destination spot that isn’t given the credit it deserves.

This group of Caribbean Islands is a great spot to vacation with the kids.


Although it may not have fancy resorts, it dazzles visitors with its variety of activities and welcoming atmosphere, making it the best choice for a family vacation.


Did you know that you could make a quick trip to the British Virgin Islands by taking a boat? This and many more adventures await your trip to the US Virgin Islands.


Go through this list of breathtaking resorts to make your stay at the US Virgin Islands memorable.


Ritz Carlton, St Thomas


The Ritz Carlton is a World renowned chain of luxury hotels and resorts, and its branch in the US Virgin Islands does not fall short of its 5-star status.


The Resort sits on a beautiful part of St Thomas where many hills surround it. Luxury isn’t the only thing that this Resort has to offer. It has so many activities in place for the kids.


These activities are environmentally focused, including rainforest adventures, wildlife exhibits, and observation of aquatic animals. All activities do not interfere with all the plants and animals that naturally reside there.


St James Club and Villas


St James resort is a good pick for families that want to explore and appreciate nature because this Resort boasts its nature park.


The Resort gets its name from the Island it sits on, St James Island.


There are spots for every age group, like a club for younger kids and a beach hangout for the teens. Visitors can choose from 250 luxury rooms and relax at one of their six swimming pools.


The Westin St John Resort and Villas


Hills and a marina surround this gorgeous resort on St John Islands.


The Westin is a perfect getaway for families because of the crystal clear water and fine sand. There are several water sports to participate in with your kids, and when in need of relaxation, head over to the super-sized pool for a swim.


If you want something different, opt for one of their numerous well-furnished Villas.


The Palm Grove at Pelican Cove


This Resort is the dream destination for anyone that wants to give their family a calm and private holiday.


Located at St Croix, a less popular Island, the Palm Grove allows one to fully submerge in Island Culture.


The Resort is a small property with a small pool but conducive for the family to stay. Visitors can choose between regular guest rooms and ensuite living areas.


The Buccaneer


This Resort is not only family-friendly but family-owned too.


Located at St Croix, this Resort is much more energetic and popular due to being in business for over 50 years.


There are many activities to get your children involved with courtesy of the free kids camp and the toddler time program for the tots.


This property is over 300 acres long and has a beach that visitors love to relax on.


Marriot’s Frenchman’s Cove


Located on St Thomas Island and not too far from Marriott’s Frenchman’s reef, it gives a much better holiday experience than its neighbor.


This large getaway resort houses over 200 occupants and has suites accommodating over a dozen people.


These suites are spacious and fully furnished with necessary household appliances, free internet, kitchens, and dining rooms.


You can take the kids to play at the beach to enjoy family time or sign them up for any kid-friendly activity.


Sugar Beach Resort


Sugar beach is located on St Croix Island and is the perfect choice for some family fun. There are abundant opportunities to go hiking or to rent bicycles with the kids.


The option to rent large and well-fitted suites is available in case multiple families want to visit together.


The Resort has the right vibe that makes creating memories possible. With a more than 400 feet beach, there is so much to enjoy with your family. It has a smooth beach that makes sunbathing and general lounging nice.


Bolongo Bay Beach Resort


Bolongo Bay beach resort is located on St Thomas and is the perfect place to unwind as a family. A highlight of this Resort is the Iggie Beach Bar, famous for its food, live music,, relaxed dress code,, and relaxed atmosphere.


The over 60-room Resort is located on a beautiful beach that adds flavor to any activity you participate in. It’s a great place to be with the kids because it is fun and family-friendly.


Caneel Bay Resort


This Resort should be at the top of your list if you want something more rural.


Located on St John, the Resort is popular for being where Laurence Rockefeller fell in love.


Rockefeller went on to do a lot for the area in the form of donations, and you can explore all the landmarks he left when you’re at Caneel Bay Resort.


It’s the perfect place to bond with your family because the rooms do not have a TV, strong internet signal, or telephones. Less technology means spending time together without distractions.


Secret Harbour Beach Resort


This Resort is located on St Thomas and is named secret for a reason. It is a very private resort that most travelers don’t know.


It gives visitors a much-needed intimate experience that is secluded from the Hustle and bustle of the main Island.


There are almost 50 villas on the Resort with different numbers of rooms.


The Resort also has condos for people that prefer that choice. These condos are well equipped, usually with a bonus of an outdoor eating area to enjoy with the family.


Point Pleasant Resort


This Resort is popular among travelers because of the number of activities available. Point


Pleasant Resort is located on St Thomas and is very spacious, with three swimming pools and other on-site fixtures.


The beach surrounding it is rocky and is a nice break from the regular beaches. You can always head over to a neighboring beach if you want a smooth beach.


The view is gorgeous, and you can take your kids to any of the shops and eateries just outside the Resort.


Another reason why it’s a good pick for a family getaway is because of the spacious and beautifully decorated villas suitable for families.


Final Word


St Thomas is often considered the best Island to visit in the US Virgin Islands, mainly because it is the most traveled, and people often stick to familiar destinations.


The other Islands are hidden gems because they are not the most popular but offer the most spectacular getaway experience.


The US Virgin Islands has an assortment of resorts offering different experiences. Whether you want fast-paced or a more low-tempo time while you’re on holiday, there are options.


Most importantly, there are various activities and arrangements for the kids to be productive, active, and over the moon with excitement. This is the answer to every vacationing parent’s prayers.


Consider any of these stunning family-friendly resorts when you plan to take a trip to the US Virgin Islands so you can give your kids a wonderful and inclusive vacation filled with

excitement and enjoyment.

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