11 Best St. Lucia All Inclusive Family Resorts

St. Lucia is one of the best places to take a family vacation, so if you’ve already decided to visit this charming island, mama, congrats! You’re doing the right thing!

However, family travel must be meticulously arranged, especially if you have young children.

The most crucial thing is to plan your stay and access all the amenities you need to make your vacation comfortable.

The top 11 family resorts in St. Lucia are listed below to consider.

  1. Anse Chastanet

Anse Chastanet is a glorious and hospitable 600-acre resort.

It is an all-inclusive resort that will offer you a lot of quiet and serene moments.

Since the property is so particular about maintaining peace for all the guests, it has a policy that only permits children ten years or older.

If you are traveling with a younger child, there is nothing to worry about — there are plenty of other options for all-inclusive family resorts in St. Lucia.

However, every year, the resort opens bookings for children six years or older from July through September.

Even despite this three-month exception, this is the ideal resort for families with only adults or slightly older kids.

You can enjoy the all-inclusive meal plans, access to the beach, and a luxurious swimming pool.

There are also options for various kinds of non-motorized water sports.

You may take the beach access, all-inclusive dining plans, and pool.

A variety of non-motorized water sports is also available.

  1. Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa

Reduit Beach is home to the magnificent 4-star Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa.

Although this hotel is not all-inclusive, you can choose from several all-inclusive plans and packages.

These all-inclusive packages offer complimentary non-motorized athletic activities, entertainment events throughout your stay, and complimentary spa service.

Additionally, the resort is attached to Splash Island Water Park, which would otherwise be expensive.

However, if you choose one of these packages, you’ll get six complimentary half-day passes to the water park.

  1. BodyHoliday Le Sport

Another fantastic all-inclusive resort is BodyHoliday Le Sport, which offers a variety of sporting activities, food, and drinks as part of your stay.

However, I think the best feature of this resort is the daily 50-minute spa treatment, which comes with several non-motorized and motorized recreation alternatives.

Who among us wouldn’t want to remain in the height of luxury and take advantage of all these amenities?

  1. Coco Palm Resort

Another excellent all-inclusive resort choice is Coco Palm Resort, which includes meals, drinks, and much more at the cost of your stay.

At the resort, there are two restaurants where you can eat the all-inclusive meals or even place an order for something else not included in your package.

The swim-up rooms at this resort are what I find most exciting.

Imagine waking up in the morning and going straight from your room’s terrace into the swimming pool!

  1. Coconut Bay Resort & Spa

Another fantastic family-friendly all-inclusive resort is Coconut Bay Resort & Spa.

The resort includes two distinct zones, Harmony and Splash, designated for family-friendly enjoyment and fun for adults only.

Splash is a fantastic choice for you because it appears as if you will most likely be taking the family and children on your trip.

For youngsters older than two, amenities including the lazy river, access to a private beach, and special Kids programming are available.

I would strongly advise taking the family here for an entertaining vacation.

  1. The Landings St. Lucia

Your wish for an all-inclusive holiday to St. Lucia can come true at The Landings St. Lucia.

The resort makes excellent use of this gorgeous property’s beachfront location.

You can bring a picnic basket on some journeys to Pigeon Island.

Additionally, you can go on fishing excursions in the bay, go for beach Olympics, compete in limbo dances, go on treasure hunts, and do many other things.

You may have concluded from reading the descriptions of all these activities that this is a fantastic destination to visit if you’re traveling with family and want to go on an adventure in St. Lucia.

  1. St. James Club Morgan Bay

The magnificent 5-star St. James Club Morgan Bay is over a vast area.

There are six different types of restaurants, cafes, and bars, which makes it one of the largest all-inclusive hotels on the island of St. Lucia.

Additionally, there are four magnificent swimming pools with slides and other fun features.

You can also use the resort’s well-supervised Kids Club, where you can leave the kids for the afternoon so you can relax.

I know how demanding it may be to be a parent and always worry for your children.

However, if you can only have a few hours to yourself to unwind, it would be a holiday well spent.

If you reserve the family suite, you will receive two Garden View rooms with breathtaking views of the garden and the horizon beyond it.

  1. Starfish St. Lucia

Another excellent spot to stay is Starfish St. Lucia, formerly known as St. Lucian by Rex Resorts.

Although Rex Resorts has another hotel in St. Lucia, this one is all-inclusive and is the one you should consider.

This resort offers a variety of activities, including numerous forms of entertainment.

You can utilize the tennis court and swimming pool to stay in shape while on vacation.

Including a sumptuous spread at the breakfast buffet, noon, and supper, you can also take advantage of private access to the beach.

Non-motorized water sports are another option with a nominal fee.

The Children Club, ideal for kids between the ages of 4 and 12, should be used if you are traveling with children.

The young ones can spend the entire day playing on the playground.

  1. Windjammer Landing

Windjammer Landing is the ideal location to reserve for the family if you’re seeking a resort that welcomes families.

The resort offers a convenient Kids Club and a teen program for you to enjoy activities like bonfire night, trips to the shopping arcade, movies, and more without always watching over your children.

You can also hire a nanny if traveling with a newborn or a younger child.

You can choose from all-inclusive packages to make your stay more pleasant and your travel itinerary more effective.

There are packages, such as the Premium Package, that include meals, beverages, and a variety of water sports.

In addition to other advantages, the Diamond Package includes a massage for each participant.

  1. Oasis Marigot

Another fantastic all-inclusive family resort in St. Lucia is Oasis Margot.

For 25 years, our family-run business has lovingly welcomed visitors to St. Lucia.

The hotel is the first in St. Lucia to establish its website and has a little history.

In addition to being a well-known establishment with a distinguished history, the hotel’s staff has also been there for a considerable amount of time and therefore equally qualified to show you around and assist you in creating a comprehensive schedule.

You may be guaranteed the ideal experience in St. Lucia thanks to a place that has been around for so long and is well-liked.

  1. Ti Kaye Resort & Spa

One of the most well-known all-inclusive hotels in St. Lucia is Ti Kaye Resort & Spa, situated on the island’s west coast and offers stunning ocean views.

Because the resort is small and only has 33 rooms, I strongly advise making reservations in advance.

During your visit, you can take advantage of the two pubs and restaurants on the premises.

For me, it is one of the best places to plan a stay if you’re traveling with a significant other.

Be prepared to bring back lifelong memories because this resort offers some of the best diving and snorkeling in St. Lucia.

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