11 Great Kids Safe Search Engines

The internet is widely used for leisure and educational purposes; unfortunately, children are often exposed to dangerous search engine results. An innocent phrase or two can produce links to age-restricted sites, not to mention inappropriate content. Ads are also a major issue for internet users. So, whether you’re a parent or teacher, it’s crucial children access the web safely and securely. Fortunately, there are many ads-free and children-friendly search engines that could be more appropriate for them to use. 


Wackysafe.com is the most robust safe search engine for kids and is used in many schools and homes across the world. It employs a strict 3-tier filter system that blocks undesirable content while making it as child-friendly as possible. Results are visually enhanced for children and there is a cool ability that allows your child to select text and convert it to speech. Wackysafe features all the typical features of Google & Bing, including the ability to search for child-friendly images, videos and news, as well as “Instant Answers” and “Related Questions.” Last year Wackysafe was used by over 3 million children across the world making it the number 1 search engine for kids.


KidzSearch is a child and family-friendly search engine. It’s built for safety and allows children to use the web with strict adult-content filters. KidzSearch safe search technology cannot be switched off so easily by a child unless they clear cookies first. So, it gives you peace of mind which is reassuring for parents and teachers alike. Also, you do not need to install or download any software, and it is entirely free to use. 


Google has created a customized search engine that’s safe for elementary and even pre-school children to use. Kidtopia is exclusively for students looking for a safe place to surf the web. It only indexes sites approved by educators, and that means the content shown to users is safe. Google has taken a step in the right direction when it comes to keeping kids and young adults safe. 

Kid’s Search Engine

This handy search engine utilizes the technology from Google and incorporates advanced filtering tools. It means any web content has been filtered to ensure the safety of the child. KidsSearch.com only produces links to sites that have been deemed appropriate for kids. It’s reassuring, to say the least. 


Powered by Google, Kiddle is built for children. Students can use Kiddle and get access to safe video, web, and image results. All results are checked by editors which is a nice addition. It makes you feel reassured children aren’t exposed to inappropriate content online. 

Fact Monster

Children can use Fact Monster when they’re doing homework or just want to surf the web. It’s a free reference site for parents, students, and teachers. You can find facts on many subjects, such as history, geography, sports, education, entertainment, health, and much more. 


This is a great search engine suitable for kids. GoGooligans uses Google’s index to find the most appropriate results. There are lots of filter features and can exclude certain phrases that are inappropriate for children. It’s available in over 30 languages and is a great alternative for kids to use. 

Cybersleuth Kids

Cybersleuth Kids is a directory, search engine, and homework helper built into one convenient tool. It’s designed for K-12 students and has access to free games, activities, printable sheets, and subject-specific videos. 


Google’s Custom Search powers KidRex and fully utilizes its Safe Search technology. One of the best features of KidRex is that it has been exclusively designed for children by children. It’s useful on so many levels and is easy to use. 

Safe Search Kids

Safe Search Kids provides search engine results based on Google’s Safe Search features. It ensures content is filtered so that age-inappropriate results cannot be accessed. There are also safe search videos, images, and wikis which is quite impressive. 

Teach the Children Well

This is incredibly useful for elementary and older children. Teach the Children Well collects links to safe sites. It can give many parents and teachers a good starting point for their children or students. You should look at this site because it’s useful in so many ways. 


While DuckDuckGo isn’t exclusively designed for children, it allows them to search the web safely. No private information is stored, and no search history either. There are no ads run by DuckDuckGo or tracking cookies either.

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