11 Research-Based Classroom Management Strategies

Looking to create a more effective and efficient classroom? Check out 11 research-based classroom management strategies to get the most out of your students. From setting routine and scheduling goals to providing incentives and rewards, these strategies can help you create a successful classroom environment for your students.

1. Establish clear goals and objectives for the class.

2. Set expectations for the class and for yourself.

3. Determine what works best for the class and for your teaching style.

4. Set up a schedule for the class and for individual work time.

5. Use effective teaching tools such as flashcards and worksheets.

6. Before the class begins, make sure everyone is familiar with the material.

7. Use effective grading methods.

8. Use effective social media tools to keep everyone connected.

9. Use effective student discipline methods.

10. Use effective homework methods.

11. Use effective teacher management methods.

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