11th Grade Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your 11th-grade students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Albert– Albert is an online tool to help students prepare for AP (Advanced Placement) and standardized tests. Albert includes over 20,000 questions, all with in-depth explanations and answers so that a student can master every question. In alignment with College Board, Albert is one of only a few fully updated resources for test prep. Thousands of students have used Albert and have increased their test scores, proving its effectiveness.

Math Ref– To help students learn math and related subjects, this app combines 1,400 equations and formulas. It can be used in physics, chemistry, science, math, and more. There really is no reason to memorize equations nowadays; instead of writing them down or searching for them every time you need them, Math Ref will keep the formulas you need at your fingertips. The app also includes essential tools such as unit converting, triangle solver, and basic calculators to aid you in doing homework problems.

3D Molecules Edit & Test Interactive Simulations– Helps high school or college chemistry students learn by building 3-D models of organic and inorganic compounds for simple practice or for 3-D printing. Molecules can be viewed in 3-D using the stick, ball, and stick and space-filling (CPK) models.

Code Avengers– This platform teaches advanced levels of students to program using real code. It includes immersive courses that teach web and app development as well as languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Teachers get real-time feedback, alerting them to areas where students might require assistance. It is most useful for students at the high school and higher levels who want to learn to program. 

QuizletFlashcards– This is a mode of the Quizlet app that allows students to use customized digital flashcards or choose from the 150 million flashcards created by other students. Students can choose from several modes to study with flashcards, including multiple-choice tests and study games. The possibilities are endless; the student can customize their flashcards using images and audio, or they can use this app to study on dozens of other quizlet apps. Quizlet flashcards are available for high school students, college students, grad students, and more.

Grammarly– Grammarly is your personal grammar coach and an automated proofreader that helps students get better in the proper use of grammar and gain confidence in their writing ability. Grammarly helps correct about 10 times more mistakes than common word processors, and it corrects more than 150 types of grammatical errors and does a plagiarism check.

Study.com – With over 25,000 video lessons and other resources, Study.com allows students to extend their knowledge of course content from home, or it can be incorporated into classroom lessons to meet student differentiation needs. There are options to take coursework for college credit, to receive homework help or complete study prep, and engage in professional development work. With videos ranging from the history of Sparta to working with fractions, Study.com can be used with students from K-12 and beyond. Any college credit earned is easily transferrable to over 1,500 U.S. colleges and universities. Teachers can enroll their classroom, assign videos and lessons, and even access printable resources such as worksheets designed to pair with video content.

StudySync – StudySync offers a comprehensive, technology-driven English Language Arts curriculum for grades 6-12. The curriculum integrates reading and writing with embedded skill lessons to build foundational knowledge and improve critical thinking, comprehension, and inquiry skills. Teachers have the option to use StudySync as a completely digital curriculum or turn to the printable options. With the belief that all students deserve equal access to education, StudySync offers tons of differentiation options for various student needs, including English Language Learner segments, extensive use of video and audio components, and repeated readings. Extended writing projects use explicit instruction along with self, peer, and teacher assessment to encourage deep understanding and future skill application.

Virtual Writing Tutor – This website is a free grammar and essay checker that also proofreads your work. Simply copy and paste your writing into the text box and click a button. Virtual Writing Tutor can also provide word counts, calculate average sentence length, and assess word choice. The website does not automatically correct errors. Instead, students must review a list of suggested errors and make the corrections themselves. This forces students to think about the errors they are making, and over time, can improve their writing. The Virtual Writing Tutor also offers an error correction game for students to practice finding and correcting common English language errors and has a portal for teachers to set up pen pal exchanges.

CK-12– Helps students and teachers to improve elementary learning worldwide by making personal education tools available. Learn more than 5,000 math and science topics at a speed that suits you. Math topics include arithmetic, measurement, algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, trigonometry, analysis, and calculus. Science subjects include geography, life science, physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics. Other subjects include SAT exam prep, engineering, technology, astronomy, English, and history.

3D Brain– Apps and AXS Biomedical Animation Studiodeveloped 3D Brain for the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center. The app provides 29 interactive structures and detailed information about the anatomy and physiology of the brain. It also explains how the brain is affected by mental disorders and brain injury; each detailed structure also includes information on functions, case studies, and links to modern research.

A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy– An in-depth digital database of anatomical pictures, featuring over 20,000 anatomical images in different planes of view. Structures can be searched in different languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and many others. Images of different body parts, organs, and systems are available in detailed, colored forms. Images also have relevant and appropriate labeling for easy identification.

Bio Digital Human– Explore the human body in 3-D using the BioDigital Human platform. Choose from thousands of immersive images to build your personal library. Responsive tools, along with detailed medical explanations, provide a fresh visual perspective for understanding the human body. This platform makes the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and management of medical conditions accessible and available.

Bloom by Megalearn– Has your child ever asked why trees produce sweet fruits or how plants give birth? Bloom teaches your child the various methods that plants use to propagate their seed. The game teaches three methods of propagation and the plants that use them. Children also learn plant anatomy, physiology, and the names of common plants. There are no ads or in-app purchases.

InMind– InMind is a short adventurous app with arcade elements developed for Google Cardboard. This app is great for learning about anatomy as brain tissue and neurons looked so real than you can imagine. It enables players to have a lovely adventure into the human brain to look for the neurons that give rise to mental problems. It is free and can be played with any special viewer.

Mr. Body for MERGE Cube– Mr. Body for MERGE Cube will help young children learn about their bodies. With this app, you can observe the heart, brain, lungs, and more as you learn about anatomy. The app includes many facts about each body part, and you can learn their functions. Learn about your body and have fun at the same time with this hologram-esque application.

Sim Cell– Sim Cell is an engaging puzzle game that has you lead a miniature nanobot on an operation to avert a virus incursion. It lets you explore the world of a living cell, and it collects data about the cell’s anatomy and physiology. The accumulated data is then used to suggest solutions to the puzzle and rescue the cell from virus incursion.

The Human Body by Tinybop – The Human Body by Tinybop allows students to explore anatomy and biology through the lens of the human body. With a fully functioning circulatory, respiratory, and digestive system, students can explore the sounds of the heart, the gurgle of the guts, and more. In all, The Human Body by Tinybop covers eight bodily systems: muscular, skeletal, nervous, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, immune, and skin. Students can study interactive organ models, feed the body, watch sound vibrations travel through the ear canal, and learn new vocabulary with in-app text labels. The app also comes with a free handbook for teachers and parents full of discussion questions and additional

The Miracle of Life – Focused on the human life cycle, The Miracle of Life covers fertilization, gestation, and human growth. The app is designed in a narrative format so students can follow the lifecycle as if it was a story. Interactive illustrations, games, and animation clips bring the human life cycle alive and allow students to explore and engage on a deeper level with some of the anatomy aspects such as gestation. The Miracle of Life begins at fertilization and continues through middle age. This app is available in both English and Spanish.

ZygoteBody – ZygoteBody allows for the in-depth study of anatomy in a completely virtual environment. Students can add notes, dissect parts, pin, sketch, and customize scenes to study any part of the body or bodily system. ZygoteBody has advanced navigation and a 3-D library so students can locate and zoom in on any body part quickly and easily. With a premium account, dissections, notes, and pins can be saved for later reference.

IXL Learning– IXL Learning has been proven to be effective in providing comprehensive, curriculum-based math and English language arts content for kindergarten to grade 12. It also provides an immersive learning experience in science, math, language arts, and social studies for K-12. It produces real results, which is why it is trusted by top teachers and presently used by The Elite 100.

Math Ref– To help students learn math and related subjects, this app combines 1,400 equations and formulas. It can be used in physics, chemistry, science, math, and more. There really is no reason to memorize equations nowadays; instead of writing them down or searching for them every time you need them, Math Ref will keep the formulas you need at your fingertips. The app also includes essential tools such as unit converting, triangle solver, and basic calculators to aid you in doing homework problems.

Algebrator– Algebrator is one of the leading math tutoring apps available. Using Algebrator’s step-by-step explanations of the answers to even the most difficult math problems, students can learn to solve homework problems in a way that is easy to understand. Algebrator can be used by parents, adult learners, and homeschoolers to improving their math skills.

First In Math– The First In Math (FIM) online program offers comprehensive content in an engaging format, ranging from single-step addition to complex algebra. The game-style activities ensure that students engage in active practice needed for skill retention; they are motivated using electronic award stickers when they solve questions correctly.

DigitWhiz– This app helps kids from ages eight upward learn basic math and pre-algebra skills. It uses games to teach kids multiplication, division, and integer operation. Kids earn points as they play the game. It also has a multiplayer option where kids can play with other kids from all over the world.

GeoGebra– GeoGebra comes with an easy-to-use interface and many features that help you create, modify, and share math simulations and models. It comes with multiple platforms and dynamic math software that brings together tables, graphing, geometry, algebra, calculus, and statistics in a free easy-to-use package. The app also comes with free and open-source software; it has received many educational software awards in the US and Europe.

PhET Interactive Simulations: Math– This is a math learning tool created by Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman in 2002. It helps students learn advanced math concepts using free, interactive math, and science simulations. PhET Interactive Simulations is a project developed at the University of Colorado Boulder; it interacts with students through responsive, simulated environments in which they learn by exploring.

Khan Academy– Khan Academy has more than 40,000 interactive Common Core-aligned practice questions and above 10,000 videos and explanations in economics, history, math, and more. This is the best study app and tutoring app for students of all ages who are struggling in science and other subjects. You can easily bookmark your best content to “Your List,”  which can be used offline when you’re not connected to the Internet.

DigitalEd– Helps online educators in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to make learning better for students. With Maple™, the world-leading math software from Maplesoft™, providing mathematical back-up, DigitalEd creates an efficient platform for online math-based education.

FlinnSTEM Powered by IMSA Fusion– IMSA Fusion is a complete STEM program that provides additional enrichment to students interested in science and mathematics. The name IMSA Fusion comes from the blending of inquiry-based student content and in-depth teacher content. Instructors who implement this program receive much more than teacher instructions with student pages and a box of supplies; they also receive hours of video-based, on-demand online training that truly sets IMSA Fusion apart from any other solution available. 

Morphi– Morphi is an app that allows you to create 3-D models that can – be printed into real tangible objects. Using visualization, innovation, creativity, prototypes, and education, create your best models today. Morphi can also be used as a starting place to learn any STEAM subject, stop motion animation, product or graphic design, or for Maker education. One version of Morphi is free, and volume purchases are available.

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