12 Amazing Vietnam War Teaching Resources From PBS LearningMedia


The Vietnam War remains an essential subject in history curricula around the world. In order to engage students and promote deeper understanding of this complex and consequential era, it is imperative to have enriching teaching resources at hand. PBS LearningMedia offers an impressive collection of educational materials that provides unique insights into the Vietnam War. In this article, we will explore 12 amazing resources from PBS LearningMedia that can greatly aid educators in teaching about the Vietnam War.

1. The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

This comprehensive documentary series provides an in-depth look at the Vietnam War from diverse perspectives. It includes interviews with veterans, civilians, and experts, exploring the war’s effects on American society and culture.

2. TeachBoldly: Vietnam War Perspectives

This resource offers a variety of primary sources, including letters, photographs, interviews, and newsreels, to encourage critical thinking and reflection about different perspectives on the war.

3. The Draft and the Vietnam Generation

This interactive lesson explores the draft system during the Vietnam War and its impact on both those who served and those who resisted.

4. Inside Look: Childhood During the Vietnam War

Explore life for children during wartime through personal narratives and photographs. This resource gives students a glimpse into how war affects families and innocent bystanders.

5. Veterans Speak: The Myths of the Vietnam War

Debunk some common myths about the war through interviews with veterans who share their personal experiences and perspectives on misconceptions surrounding their service.

6. Music as Protest: The Case of the Vietnam War

Discover how music became a powerful form of protest during the war period by assessing songs from various genres that reflected social unrest and political dissent.

7. Women During Wartime

Learn about the diverse roles women played during the Vietnam War, both on the home front and overseas, and how they made a difference in the lives of countless people.

8. The Impact of War on Vietnamese Citizens

This resource offers valuable insights into the hardships encountered by Vietnamese citizens during the war and how they managed to rebuild their lives afterward.

9. Reporting Vietnam: Truth-Telling and Journalism during Wartime

Examine the role journalists played in providing accurate information about the war and assess the influence their reporting had on public perception.

10. The Power of Street Art: How Art Became an Emblem for Vietnam’s Voicing

Discover how street art became a symbol of resistance, political commentary, and catharsis for the people of Vietnam during this tumultuous time.

11. The Legacy of Agent Orange

Unravel the lingering effects of chemical warfare used in Vietnam, most notably Agent Orange, and its impact on soldiers, civilians, and veterans’ families.

12. Moving On: Poetry from Vietnam War Veterans

Encourage understanding and empathy through powerful poems written by Vietnam War veterans who recount their experiences and emotions as they grapple with the aftermath of their service.


These 12 exceptional resources from PBS LearningMedia offer a diverse range of materials that can enrich lessons about the Vietnam War. Educators looking to engage students in critical thinking about this complex period in history can rely on these dynamic resources to provide comprehensive perspectives and deeper understanding.

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