12 Awesome Mother’s Day Surprises Teachers Can Still Help Pull Off Virtually


Mother’s Day is a special time to celebrate the love, care, and dedication of the irreplaceable figures in our lives, and children have always been their parents’ biggest fans. As another Mother’s Day dawns, teachers can help their students come up with creative surprises for their moms even if they’re miles away conducting virtual classes. Let’s explore 12 awesome ideas teachers can still help pull off virtually!

1. Virtual breakfast in bed:

Teachers can guide students through a step-by-step virtual cooking class, teaching them how to prepare their mom’s favorite dish or a simple but delicious breakfast option.

2. DIY digital cards:

Teachers can use online design platforms like Canva to instruct students on creating personalized digital cards filled with messages of love and appreciation.

3. Customized Spotify playlist:

Curate a list of mom’s favorite tunes or songs that evoke precious memories and share it with her on Mother’s Day.

4. Online pampering session:

Organize a virtual spa day with the whole family to rejuvenate mom after her busy days at work.

5. Talent show:

Let kids showcase their skills in an online talent show dedicated to their moms, be it singing, dancing, or reciting poetry.

6. Virtual painting class:

Arrange for a digital art lesson where children can paint portraits or scenes that capture beautiful memories shared with their moms.

7. Memory box creation:

Have students create a virtual memory box by compiling photos, videos, and letters that capture memorable moments spent with mom throughout the years.

8. Collaborative family storytime:

The teacher can read a story aloud while students and families join in virtually taking turns to continue the narrative and create an endearing personalized tale for mom.

9. Origami flower arrangement tutorial:

Through video lessons, teach kids the art of making origami flowers that they can put together in a bouquet for their moms.

10. Surprise video montage:

The teacher can compile heartfelt messages from each student about why they appreciate their moms into a touching Mother’s Day montage.

11. Customized digital jigsaw puzzle:

Convert family photos into a jigsaw puzzle format, and challenge mom to virtually complete it, uncovering precious memories along the way.

12. Virtual awards ceremony:

Host a fun and heartwarming online event where children present personalized awards to their moms, honoring them for their unwavering love and support.


With just a little ingenuity and the assistance of technology, teachers can still help their students create memorable surprises for their moms on Mother’s Day. These virtual activities will certainly make this special day unforgettable despite the distance and circumstance. Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms out there!

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