12 Best Beaches in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL, is a great place to visit. Not only does it have some of the best attractions in all of Florida, but it also has some of the most relaxing and beautiful beaches. Public beach parking is free; you can find it on the street or in a parking lot. If you’re looking for public beach access that isn’t too crowded and includes plenty of parking options for your vehicle or boat trailer, look no further than our list below!

  1. Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is the most popular beach in Jacksonville, and for a good reason. It’s got everything you’d expect from a great beach: surfing, swimming and sunbathing!

The biggest attraction here is the boardwalk — it’s got shops, restaurants, water slides, and more! Besides, there are plenty of fun activities for kids (and adults) to enjoy on-site. If you’re looking for something different besides lounging around on your deck chair all day long, you can also check other nearby options, like The Lighthouse at Jax Beach. This lighthouse offers views of the ocean from above and inside, where visitors can see how their light shines through fiberglass lenses onto sea creatures below them to guide them safely through storms or other dangers like sharks or jellyfish (which live nearby). You can even climb up into its tower if you want an elevated view while still being able to hear waves crashing against rocks nearby so that everyone knows exactly what’s going on!

  1. Neptune Beach

Neptune Beach is family-friendly, with everything you’re looking for in an afternoon at the beach. You can enjoy the nightlife, take in some food and drink, or just relax on one of their many benches. There are plenty of activities for children: sandcastles, swimming pools, and even mini golf! If you like to surf or bodyboard, this is also an excellent spot!

The beach at the boardwalk is wide and open, allowing you to spread out if you’re with a big group. Chairs and umbrellas cost up to $10 per day if you need them to rent out, but there are several other options around where you can set up shop without them. The water is calm here, ideal for families with young children or people who aren’t confident swimmers.

  1. Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is a barrier island along the Atlantic Coast of Florida in Duval County. It is part of the Jacksonville Beaches, a popular tourist destination and home to many hotels, including the Sheraton Sandestin Resort & Spa.

There are several public beaches on this stretch of coastline: Atlantic Beach, Atlantic Shores, Neptune Beach, and Jacksonville Beach (the largest). All these areas have sandy beaches that are good for swimming or playing in shallow waters for kids; however, some people prefer other beaches, such as surfers who might like something more challenging than just laying out on your towel!

  1. Little Talbot Island State Park

Located off the coast of Jacksonville, FL, Little Talbot Island State Park is one of the best and must-see places to visit if you’re looking for a beach that’s free from crowds and has plenty of natural beauty. The park offers parking lots open from 8 am until sunset and no lifeguards on duty; however, there are plenty of amenities, including restrooms and showers (which most beaches don’t have).

This beach only lacks overnight camping; however, it allows pets so long as they’re kept on leashes! Dogs aren’t allowed anywhere else in Jacksonville unless they’re confined or under supervision by their owners when outside their cars/vans/etc., but dogs can run around here without worry!

  1. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is a public beach park with a sandy beach, picnic tables, and restrooms. There’s also a playground and fishing pier at this location.

The park is on Florida’s Atlantic coast, just north of Jacksonville Beach. It’s wide enough for sunbathing but not too crowded; it has plenty of space for everyone to lay out their towels or enjoy the water from afar (or both!).

The park also has a volleyball court; it’s the perfect spot to spend an entire day with family or friends. You can rent paddleboats, kayaks, and snorkeling gear at Hanna Park Beach and enjoy various water activities such as fishing and swimming.

  1. Mayport Naval Station Beach

Mayport Naval Station Beach is great for swimming, fishing, and boating. It has two boat ramps with piers that stretch out into the water. There are picnic tables and playgrounds for kids to play on and a nature trail around the area. If you love history, this beach has many artifacts from Mayport Naval Station’s days as an active military post to keep you busy while enjoying your beach!

The beach also has a boardwalk that goes out into the water. Plenty of parking slots are available at this beach, open year-round.

  1. Ponte Vedra Beach

Ponte Vedra Beach is a great place to relax. It’s a beach town with beautiful sunsets, and it has plenty of things for kids to do. You can go for walks along the beach or take them to the many playgrounds in the area. There are also many options available to best spend the time with your family while they’re here: swimming, picnicking at one of their parks or hotels near the water (if you stay at one), riding bikes around town, playing mini golf or tennis on their courts and the list goes on!

Several restaurants are on-site for you to get seafood, pizza, other Italian food, burgers, fries, or whatever your family likes! If you don’t feel like going out, there’s always room service at your hotel or condo.

Ponte Vedra Beach, located in the north end of Jacksonville, FL, is a public beach with free parking. The beach is accessible via A1A or by taking I-95 South to JTB Boulevard and turning left onto A1A. Parking is available at both ends of the beach, so you’ll have access to your vehicle no matter which direction you’re traveling.

Ponte Vedra Beach has several visitor amenities, including lifeguards, restrooms (public restrooms), showers, and day-use areas.

  1. Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve

Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve is a natural area for research and education in Flagler County, Florida. It’s part of the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD).

The reserve is family-friendly, offering a visitor center, boardwalk, trails, and more. You can also walk on an observation deck overlooking a saltwater marsh ecosystem full of plants and animals.

The reserve offers plenty of activities for kids, including kayaking or snorkeling in one of the protected bays on the coast or exploring one of their many trails through pine forests or old-growth palmetto trees that are up to 300 years old!

The reserve is also home to various wildlife, including manatees and dolphins. The park’s most popular activity is kayaking or snorkeling in one of the coast-protected bays. Guided tours are also available for you to explore the area around some of the many trails through pine forests or old-growth palmetto trees up to 300 years old!

  1. Mickler’s Landing Beachfront Park

Mickler’s Landing Beachfront Park is a great place to spend the day. It has a playground, picnic tables, and a boat launch that allows you to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean from your beach chair. The park is on North Saint Augustine Road in Jacksonville Beach and is open daily from 8 am until sunset!

This attraction is the best option if you expect a lovely family-friendly destination with a playground and picnic tables. The park has restrooms and dog beach areas where you can let your dog run free! It is an ideal place for a friend or family getaway vacation.

The park also has an outdoor shower that you can use after a day of swimming. The park is open year-round, though it’s closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  1. Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach is the place if you’re looking for a coastal getaway perfect for the whole family. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, this quaint little community has a rich history of being a barrier island and the site of many pirate attacks during its early years as an independent republic. With so much to do in this area—from fishing charters to beachcombing treasures—Fernandina Beach will surely make your vacation memorable!

There are several unique ways to enjoy your time at Fidlin’ Towne Village Resort’s Jacksonville Beach property (located just minutes from downtown). You’ll find plenty of activities that keep kids entertained while allowing parents some time away from them too! Whether it’s exploring nature trails through forests or paddling around lakeside ponds after catching crabs from traps set up along shorelines, there’s something here for everyone!

At Fidlin’ Towne Village Resort, we pride ourselves on serving delicious meals made by our talented chefs using fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible,” says Executive Chef Brandon Peebles.”They’ve designed menus specifically tailored toward children, including dishes like chicken fingers, served with french fries instead of breadsticks like traditional Italian restaurants might offer,” he adds.”This healthy wide range of food list ensures everyone gets their fill without feeling weighed down by calories!”


  1. Fort Clinch State Park

The Fort Clinch State Park is on Amelia Island in Fernandina Beach, a barrier island off the coast of Jacksonville. The park has a beach, picnic area, exploring trails, and a historical fort. It was built in 1864 as part of the Civil War effort to protect Jacksonville from being attacked from the sea by Confederate forces. The fort has since been renovated into a family-friendly outdoor park with many activities for kids and adults alike. This attraction is open for visits from 8 am to sunset daily, and restrooms are available if you need them during your stay!

This attraction may be your ideal choice if you’re looking for more than just an ordinary beach day! The park offers hiking trails and camping areas where you can pitch your tents or rent cabins for extended stays (or overnight). There are numerous picnic tables to enjoy food while praising the beautiful scenery. The park has lots of activities for kids, including fishing and kayaking classes, as well as educational field trips where they can learn more about the history of Clinch State Park!

  1. Huguenot Memorial Park

This park is the most visited, beautiful, and the best beach in Jacksonville, FL. It’s located on the Amelia Island Sound and has a beach, picnic area, and playground with restrooms. The park is also near many other attractions, including:

  • Amelia Island Ocean Center (a marine biology museum)
  • Fernandina Beach Municipal Marina (fishing pier)
  • Museum of Science & History

If you’re looking for more reliable options, plenty of parking garages across Jacksonville will have your vehicle safely tucked away.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Jacksonville’s beaches! If you want to learn more, check out the city’s website or wander along one of these gorgeous stretches of water yourself.

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