12 Best Family Friendly Beaches in Long Beach, CA

Do you want to escape the summer sun’s heat and rough seas?

The top beaches in Long Beach, California, are included on our hand-curated list, so look no further!

Long Beach offers an unforgettable vacation experience that will entice you to return time and time. It is renowned for its colorful communities and rich culture.

The most excellent beaches in the area are incomparable to those in Long Beach; they have expansive dunes and immaculate waves that will leave you speechless.

Are you prepared to start having a good time this summer?

Plan the trip of a lifetime by looking over the suggestions we have provided below.

  1. Alamitos Bay Beach

Would you like a great view of the sun and the ocean?

Alamitos Bay Beach offers a breathtaking view of both, with a refreshing breeze blowing along the coast.

Why We Recommend this Beach

The preferred location for taking in Southern California’s coastline has traditionally been Alamitos Bay Beach.

Bay Shore Avenue is just for pedestrians and bicyclists to use; however, visitors are welcome to stroll and cruise around.

There are volleyball courts available if you’re the athletic type.

The sunset is what gives these beaches their true allure.

You will be greeted by the diversity of lights and hues, stunningly reflected in the still waters.

Expert Tip

You’ll see an even brighter beach if you can visit during the annual tree lighting ceremony before Thanksgiving.

It will be congested at these hours, so try to arrive early to reserve a parking space for yourself.

  1. Alamitos Beach

Alamitos Brach is another great location closer to the ocean if you’re still looking for the most pristine place among the various Long Beach, California beaches.

Why We Recommend this Beach

One of the most remarkable things in Long Beach is enjoying the sands, and Alamitos Beach has a lot of them. The vast, untamed dunes provide lone tourists and tour groups with various fun activities, such as beach volleyball games and competitions for the best sandcastle.

After you’ve had your fill of sunbathing, explore many hotels and stores situated on the seaside.

When you are in Alamitos Beach, there’s always something to do.

Expert Tip

When visiting Alamitos Beach, remember to pack sunscreen because, in the warmer months, the heat throughout the day will be somewhat uncomfortable.

  1. Alamitos Park Beach

Alamitos Park Beach is prepared to accommodate you if you want to swim outside in the hot sun.

Why We Recommend this Beach

The best swimming beach in Long Beach is Alamitos Park Beach.

The seas are substantially calmer and more suitable for the ordinary swimmer than in Alamitos Bay and Alamitos Beach.

There is little risk because the breakwaters adequately protect the region on the bayside.

If swimming isn’t your thing, you don’t have to worry.

The seaside also delivers a calming breeze if you wish to unwind with a friend or family.

Expert Tip

You can take your family and friends to Alamitos Park Beach to enjoy a beautiful, cozy picnic at noon because there is a part of pine trees and picnic tables there.

  1. Colorado Lagoon Park

Are you searching for a more laid-back vacation on land?

In Long Beach, Colorado, Lagoon Park is the ideal place to enjoy the outdoors.

Why We Recommend this Beach

One of California’s last remaining urban wetlands is Colorado Lagoon Park.

It enables the park, cherished by many Long Beach residents, to stay in excellent condition. Various restoration initiatives are currently underway.

Although the two sandy beaches don’t measure up to others along the coast, they make up for it with their calm seas and an abundance of facilities ideal for outdoor activity.

Expert Tip

Lagoon architecture is ideal for taking a stroll.

Take the trail around the lagoon and across the bridge to Alamitos Park for a quick but soothing workout.

  1. Peninsula Beach

You can have an actual Long Beach experience at Peninsula Beach.

Why We Recommend this Beach

There are two beaches on The Peninsula, with Peninsula Beach being the one closest to the water.

With crashing waves and plenty of space for relaxation on the white sands, the seaside provides an immersive experience.

When there aren’t many events along the coastline at night, the location is ideal for unwinding and having a good time.

If you’re traveling alone, the calm seas are terrific company.

Expert Tip

When you arrive, bring a folding chair because the modest slope makes it easy to set up an area for relaxin that isn’t in the way.

  1. Rosie’s Dog Beach

The best place for dog lovers who wish to unwind is Rosie’s Dog Beach.

Why We Recommend this Beach

Given that dogs are permitted off-leash, this combination of beaches in Long Beach offers a distinctive experience.

Therefore, this is a terrific activity for a man’s best friend to engage in while running along the coast.

Additionally, a bike-only lane leads to Granada Avenue, which is off-limits to dogs.

You can stroll at Rosie’s Dog Beach and enjoy the sunshine.

Expert Tip

Even though this is the only dog beach in Long Beach without a leash, there are still some guidelines to observe when bringing your cherished pet.

One dog is allowed per adult, and pups under four months old are not permitted.

  1. Mothers Beach

Mothers Beach is the ideal family vacation location among the several Long Beach beaches in California.

Why We Recommend this Beach

The most enjoyable and secure beach for children in Long Beach is Mothers Beach.

The shore is completely wave-free and well-protected, making it worry-free for kids.

There is a large children’s playground where you may take your kids once they’ve finished playing on the beach.

The picnic tables are set up to offer a space for enjoying a delectable lunch and refreshments whenever it’s time to unwind.

Expert Tip

Even on weekdays, it can get very crowded, so come a little early to obtain a decent parking spot and a place for the family to rest.

  1. Belmont Shore Beach

Regarding selecting the most attractive beaches in Long Beach, California, Belmont Shore Beach is our top choice.

Why We Recommend this Beach

If you enjoy sightseeing, Belmont Shore Beach’s shoreline offers an attractive view of the coastline.

Additionally, there are a variety of unique attractions, from riding to swimming.

Rosie’s Dog Beach is close to Belmont Shore. It is one of the many lovely beaches in the area, with several fluffy pals roaming around.

If you appreciate touring, it’s a must-see because who doesn’t enjoy watching dogs?

Expert Tip

Belmont Shore also features a public swimming pool for those times when the ocean isn’t alluring enough.

It’s fantastic if you’re going out with your entire family, close friends, or your special someone.

  1. Peninsula Bayside Beach

When discussing the best beaches in Long Beach with a ton to offer, You must include Peninsula Bayside Beach.

Why We Recommend this Beach

Contrary to Peninsula Beach’s oceanfront location, the coastal area may provide just as much amusement and excitement.

If you decide to unwind at Peninsula Bayside Beach, you can see dolphins and sea lions nearby.

For those wishing to kayak throughout the summer, the location is perfect.

The waves are ideal for relaxing in a friendly canoe in the sunshine.

Expert Tip

Good news for kayak enthusiasts: a kayak rental store can be found close to Bayshore Park between 54th and 55th Place.

  1. Marine Stadium Beach

Marine Stadium Beach is one of the top beaches in Long Beach for wakeboarders and boaters, among all the other available beaches.

Why We Recommend this Beach

The best thing about Marine Stadium Beach is how it blends beauty and entertainment thanks to its pristine shore and abundant vegetation.

Both leisure and relaxation are available here, especially if you enjoy water skiing.

Boats today take refuge in the seas around marine Stadium Beach since it was historically known as the 1932 Olympic Rowing Competition site.

Expert Tip

There are two large parking lots, as well as street parking and even bike parking. Parking is rarely an issue here.

  1. ShoreLine Aquatic Park

Shoreline Aquatic Park is a city park with a range of leisure opportunities.

Why We Recommend this Beach

Nothing compares to Shoreline Aquatic Park in terms of amenities.

Picnic tables, bike lanes, and a grassy park are all available.

If you want to enjoy the beauties that only a few beaches can match, this park is a great choice.

At Shoreline Aquatic Park lies The Aquarium of the Pacific. It is a 5-acre aquarium with more than 5,000 species of aquatic life.

It is always available to guests, so you are welcome to go alone or with a buddy.

Expert Tip

Be mindful of the 90-minute parking time limit enforced by the city park if you intend to park here,

Alternative parking options are available nearby at Pierpoint Landing.

  1. Long Beach City Beach

One of the most fantastic beaches in Long Beach, California, is Long Beach City Beach.

Why We Recommend this Beach

Because it runs from the Belmont Pier to Alamitos Beach, the primary beach of the city is aptly titled Long Beach City Beach.

Because of this, it has a relatively lengthy shore that is suitable for skaters and cyclists.

If cycling isn’t your primary pastime, you can choose to enjoy the sea breezes’ calming effects.

It is also feasible to swim here. However, it is preferable to inquire with a lifeguard on duty at the shoreline before making an effort.

Expert Tip

Parking is not an issue because this is Long Beach’s largest beach.

Parking is available on Ocean Boulevard’s relatively roomy side streets.

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