12 Days of Christmas Craft – Fun and Festive Activities for Your Class!

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer and what better way to celebrate in the classroom than with a 12 Days of Christmas Craft! Here’s a list of fun-filled and festive activities to make each day leading up to Christmas a memorable one for your students.

Day 1: Paper Chain Countdown

Kick off the countdown with colorful paper chains. Students can write wishes or things they’re grateful for on each strip of paper before linking them together.

Day 2: Handprint Wreaths

Using green paint, students can create wreath shapes with their handprints. Add red pom-poms for berries to complete these festive decorations.

Day 3: Salt Dough Ornaments

Mix salt dough together and let students shape and bake their creations. Once cooled, they can paint and varnish them for a lasting keepsake.

Day 4: Popsicle Stick Stars

Students can glue together popsicle sticks in star patterns, paint them, and add glitter for some sparkle.

Day 5: Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes

Twist white and red pipe cleaners together to form candy cane ornaments. These are simple yet delightful additions to any classroom tree.

Day 6: Gingerbread House Cards

Crafting cards that open into three-dimensional gingerbread houses will surely excite the class. They can decorate them with markers, glitter, and cotton ball snow.

Day 7: Reindeer Portraits

Have students trace their footprints and handprints onto construction paper. Their footprint will be the reindeer’s face, while their hands become antlers.

Day 8: Christmas Tree Cones

Decorate craft foam cones with sequins, beads, and stars to make miniature Christmas trees that stand on desks.

Day 9: Snowflake Cutouts

Teach your students the art of folding and cutting paper to create unique snowflakes. Decorate the classroom windows with their designs.

Day 10: Holiday Scented Playdough

Homemade playdough infused with cinnamon or peppermint scents make for sensory-rich crafting. Students can sculpt holiday figures or scenes.

Day 11: Yarn-Wrapped Ornaments

Wrap yarn around cardboard cutouts in holiday shapes for a cozy ornament texture. Add buttons or beads for added detail.

Day 12: Elf Hats

As a grand finale, construct elf hats out of felt. Students will enjoy parading around in their handmade gear, spreading joy throughout the school.

These crafts are not just entertaining but also great opportunities for developing fine motor skills, following instructions, and fostering creativity among young learners. What’s more heartwarming than seeing your classroom filled with handmade holiday spirit? Happy crafting!


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