12 Family-friendly Activities in Bakersfield

Bakersfield is a charming and enjoyable city.

For a good reason, it is known as “the West Coast’s capital of country music.”

Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, two well-known country music performers, call it home.

The melodies are just one aspect of its history and connection to country music; you can also find it in the adventures you’ll encounter there.

The family will have a good time participating in outdoor sports, boat rafting, museums, and the area’s abundant farmland.

You should stick around for this one if you’re seeking a list of enjoyable activities for families to do in Bakersfield.

  1. California Area Living Museum (CALM)

Founded in 1980, the California Living Museum (CALM) officially welcomed visitors in 1983.

Its objective is to highlight and disseminate information on native Californian animals and plants.

Why We Suggest This Place

Your family can learn from the educational exhibits on plants, animals, and even fossils at the California Area Living Museum.

Right next to this museum is the CALM zoo, which supports injured and abandoned wild animals.

It would encourage your children to respect nature and care for animals.

One of the best family activities in Bakersfield would be a visit to these lovely animals.

The park transforms into a gorgeous night-time display that your family will love.

Activities for Kids

Visit the Central California Children’s Railroad section and take the youngsters on a train trip.

As the train goes through CALM’s property, the foothills of Kern County make a beautiful background.

In the California Coast Room, which has a 10-foot marine tank, enthrall your loved ones.

Everyone may examine the many different sea creatures in the tank.

Prepare for the Reptile House by donning your scales and slithers.

Your group will discover a nice assortment of snakes, lizards, frogs, and invertebrates, and some of them may even allow for interaction.

Bring the kids to the children’s park last.

A rooster, a turkey, bunnies, a donkey, and a pony are some of the domestic and farm animals that live here.

Children are invited to approach the fence and feel the goat’s hair and lamb’s wool.

The best option this weekend, if you want to catch the Animal Keeper conversations, is to go to CALM.

Suitable Ages

This museum is ideal for older children, teenagers, adults, newborns, and toddlers.

  1. Kern County Museum

Since it opened in 1941, the Kern County Museum has been a place where people can learn about things in a unique setting.

More than 56 old buildings on 16 beautifully landscaped acres are there to show off a lot of historical and cultural treasures.

Why We Suggest This Place

At this town-like museum, stroll through history.

Through its distinctive setting from the 19th century, it offers interpretative experiences.

It’s one of the top family attractions.

Through its distinctive exhibitions, it presents engrossing tales about life in Kern County and offers visitors a stimulating learning environment.

Activities for Kids

Bring the kids to a one-room school to see what learning was like in the 19th century.

Then enchant them at the quaint general shop, the prison, and the oil rig.

The seven ancient homes in the town are very enjoyable to gaze at for children and teenagers.

They will view historic Victorian homes that they will never forget.

For the entire experience, don’t forget to visit the renowned Children’s Museum and Oil Museum!

Suitable Ages

This museum town is enjoyable for all ages.

  1. The Big Red Barn at Murray Family Farms

In 2001, The Big Red Barn began modestly as a little fruit business.

To create Murray Family Farms, Steve and Vicki Murray put their love of agriculture into action.

Their berries and cherries are famous for their high quality and luxury and are sold all across California, Nevada, and Japan.

Why We Suggest This Place

The farm offers visitors of all ages the chance to enjoy the wonderful agriculture that makes Kern County famous in the United States.

Picking berries and learning about product processing can bring your family closer together.

Not to mention taking in the picturesque views that the Big Red Barn provides.

Activities for Kids

Your loved ones can enjoy the timeless delights of choosing organic fruit.

It’s a moment “ripe” for recollection!

Taking a stroll through Auntie Annabell’s Animal Garden is one of the things to do in Bakersfield with young children.

It’s a fantastic thing to do if you’re taking a baby on vacation.

Bring them here to admire the lovely flowers and pet the cute, amiable animals!

The Super Slides’ flippin’ fun can appeal to older children and teenagers!

They may satiate their thirst for speed by sliding down the Big Boo.

Your children can choose to visit The Excellent and Exotic Aviary of Friends and Fowl to see lovely birds.

Take your little explorers to The Bounce Pillow or Mount Murray Slide N Ride for more bouncing and sledding fun.

Suitable Ages

All ages are welcome at this farm.

All of the attractions are family-friendly, but children under nine years old can only ride the Big Boo with an adult present.

  1. Kern County Raceway Park

Mesa Marin Raceway was replaced by Kern County Raceway Park, which debuted in 2013.

Since its debut, it has hosted races for the K&N Pro Series West and events for the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.

Why We Suggest This Place

This location is ideal if your children enjoy the Cars movie, if your spouse is a huge lover of racetracks, or if your teenagers enjoy playing racing car video games.

It’s an exciting encounter that’ll probably make you gasp.

Catch one of their races to quench your appetite for speed!

Activities for Kids

This is the place to look if you’re looking for family-friendly activities in your area.

Bring your kids to a racetrack to watch professional racers, and let them support their favorite drivers.

To top it all off, enjoy some tasty meals while watching the fireworks.

Suitable Ages

This event is appropriate for children of all ages.

  1. Rabobank Arena, Theater & Convention Center

Mechanics Bank Arena, often known as Rabobank Arena, is a multi-use building in Bakersfield that was constructed in 1998.

The Bakersfield Condors, an American Hockey League ice hockey team, play their home games in the arena.

It holds numerous events throughout the year, including family shows, concerts, and community activities.

Why We Suggest This Place

It’s always a great chance to spend time with family to see a sporting event or a concert.

Grab a loved one and watch something you can both yell for loudly—one it’s of the most amazing things you can do today.

Activities for Kids

Bring the kids to a fun live performance by your favorite artist, a hockey or basketball game, or both.

Both room and food are in abundance!

Suitable Ages

All ages are welcome in the arena.

  1. River’s End Rafting

Infinite River Before the summer of 2005, rafting served as an adjunct to Kern River Tours.

Since then, the Rio Bravo section of the river has become the sole focus of this operation, which has since become independent.

Why We Suggest This Place

One of the top family activities in Bakersfield that you should include in your list is paddling alongside a river.

The excitement and satisfaction of navigating the rapids are essential for strengthening family ties.

Activities for Kids

Rafting is one of the few kid-friendly pastimes in Bakersfield, California, that teens and adults can enjoy.

Enjoy a splash while cruising through the river’s modest rapids!

Recommended Ages

Even children as young as four can safely participate in this rafting activity.

It is appropriate for toddlers, older children, teens, and adults.

  1. Wind Wolves Preservation

One of the preserves the Wildlands Conservancy protects is the Wind Wolves Preserve.

Many creatures depend on it as a vital link between the Coast Ranges and the Sierra Nevada.

The whole San Emidio Land Grant, formerly owned by John C. Fremont, is also included.

Why We Suggest This Place

Take your loved ones on a trip to experience one of life’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Sleep under the stars with your partner, or go on a trek to observe the stunning wild antelopes for a warm welcome from nature.

Grab your bags for this one if you’re seeking inexpensive family entertainment!

Activities for Kids

Visit the San Joaquin Valley floor with your children to see the critically endangered San Joaquin kit fox and blunt-nosed leopard lizard.

You and your children might get a peek at these gorgeous creatures as you take in the serene surroundings.

It’s, without a doubt, among Bakersfield’s greatest free family activities.

Suitable Ages

All ages will find the preserve’s activities enjoyable.

  1. Brainy Actz Escape Rooms

There are locations of Brainy Actz Escape Rooms all around California.

In Bakersfield, they recently launched a new location.

It was started in 2015 to make entertaining puzzle rooms that people would love, and it has since become popular.

This group also helps students who need money by giving them scholarships and giving money to other good causes.

Why We Suggest This Place

As you make your way through escape rooms, you can test your gang’s ingenuity and cooperation.

You’re in for much more wild fun since this facility provides more than simply puzzle chambers.

Every time you go, it can be a different experience because there’s always something new to check out.

Activities for Kids

As you attempt to escape the chamber of your choice, bring your kids along for some brain teasers.

They might even choose to figure it out on their own!

The Nerf Wars and Archery Arrow Tag would be a delight for older children and teenagers.

Spend the day as the Hulk and smash it in the Rage Room.

Do you want more?

In the Splatter Paint Room, you can have fun, get crazy, and get messy!

Suitable Ages

For older children, teens, and adults, there are activities.

Toddlers and younger children will require very intensive parental attention.

  1. Flight Adventure Park

Flight Adventure Park is an indoor adventure park with locations around the US and Canada.

Before its founding in 2015, it was known as Flight N Fun.

Reasons for Listing This Beach

Do you have any ideas for family activities in Bakersfield?

Visit this crazy location.

The definition of enjoyment is this structure.

By the time you leave, your group will be laughing and smiling nonstop and will be out of breath.

Activities for Kids

Trampolines can never be rejected.

Add Air Slam basketball to make it even better.

Dodgeball is an option as well.

How about some neon-colored, UV-lit wall climbing in the dark?

It goes further than that.

You also have hamster balls the size of humans.

Even better, you could allow your kids to engage in combat in a Battle Beam.

Here’s something your teenagers and older children would enjoy: an obstacle course like Ninja Warrior.

Is this where the fun ever ends?

Suitable Ages

For toddlers, older children, teenagers, and even adults, all of the activities are ideal.

Parental supervision is necessary for toddlers.

The Ninja Warrior course would be most appealing to older children and teenagers.

  1. Rollerama West

Buzz and his son, Kraig Kerwin, founded Rollerama West in 1995.

It is a part of Rollerama Roller Rinks, which has been a popular skating rink in Bakersfield since 1957.

Why We Suggest This Place

Enjoy yourself at this vintage skating rink.

It’s always great to laugh a lot and create priceless memories with the people you love, whether you’re an expert at it or a flopping fish on land.

Activities for Kids

Everyone can skate on a roller coaster!

Both novices and professional skaters will enjoy this location.

It’s one of the fun locations to take children to Bakersfield.

Suitable Ages

All ages are welcome to participate in this activity.

  1. Buena Vista Museum of Natural History & Science

In 1995, a tiny exhibit at the California Area Living Museum served as the foundation for the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History and Science (CALM).

Over time, it expanded to include more exhibitions.

Today, they keep the displays in a 20,000-square-foot, three-and-a-half-story structure.

Why We Suggest This Place

Your family can find top-notch specimens, exhibits, classrooms, a paleo-laboratory, and secure storage areas at this show.

Why are you holding out?

Visit this museum with your family for a fantastic educational experience!

Activities for Kids

Bring the kids to the Miocene to witness a massive megalodon that lived 15 million years ago.

The “Oh” Zone, where kids are encouraged to sweep away fossils like archeologists, will spark the brains of the young and young at heart.

A few more displays worth seeing are North American Animals, von Zittel Illustrations, Native American Lifeways, Rocks and Minerals, African Animals, and the Paleontology Collection.

Suitable Ages

All ages will enjoy this museum.

  1. Camelot Park

Camelot Park was constructed in 1993 before it started to exhibit indications of deterioration.

The former owner sold it to an expert in Aliso Viejo in 2016 so that it could be renovated.

The park is currently operating at full capacity thanks to its new upgrades and an influx of new visitors.

Why We Suggest This Place

In this park, you may find some entertaining activities to do in Bakersfield with children.

Your young children and older children will have fun on the rides and have a great time in a garden with a huge castle.

Activities for Kids

Go-Karts, bumper boats, and arcade games are a few enjoyable children’s rides and games.

The kiddie rides will be a blast for your toddlers, and the mini-golf area could be a great place for your family to spend some quality time together.

Suitable Ages

All ages are welcome in the park.

To ride their rides, you must be at least 42 inches tall.

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